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Pure AV turned a warehouse into an immersive space with 50 projectors. The audience was in awe of the whole ‘IN5 Experium’. They could experience the visuals becoming a reality.

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Pure AV Projection Mapping Services

Technology changes at an extraordinary pace and as a result, Pure AV’s audio visual services continue to evolve. A big part of this evolution is the growing popularity of projection mapping. Whether used for a creative marketing campaign, a corporate function or advertisement, this technology is guaranteed to help any organization stand above the competition. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to transforming any surface into anything you can imagine! Without a doubt, the visual impact of projection mapping transcends ordinary video playback to deliver memorable experiences for any audience.

So how does it work? In short, we cast images, videos or other content on almost any flat or irregular surface. This creates dynamic visuals transforming illusions into reality and images of infinite possibilities. This type of technology is ideal for advertising, branding; even conferences, and trade shows . The result is always stunning!

Projection Mapping For Your Event

Picture yourself stepping into an event venue thinking that you will see the typical white fluorescent lights spiced up with long, well thought out and impressive presentations. As you walk through the doors of the convention center, you are instantly welcomed by the sweet sounds of crickets and frog, the feeling of a slight breeze and warmth of the sunshine on your skin. Looking around, you are taken aback to be surrounded by life-like flowers, some shrubs, and a colorful forest. What you were expecting to be a common destination seemingly turns on its head to become a serene escape into the wilderness, more than your typical business-like occasion.

The makeshift natural environment described above is not a forest. Thanks to the help of projection mapping during events, guests can walk through what is an ordinary venue feeling as though they are threading foot in an entirely different environment. The illuminating, colorful and surreal images you are seeing and can almost feel is as a result of projection mapping, a technology used to project imagery onto a surface, from indoor stage effects to complex videos onto buildings and industrial landscapes. The motive for this kind of projection is to provide more engaging experiences for attendees via visual stimulation.

While manipulating light onto varied surface types and giving common objects some interactive feel, including 3D displays, the increasing popularity has made the technology a vehicle for video trends in events. What we as a group now concern ourselves with is making your projection mapping intention for an event, not just a reality, but a remarkably astonishing experience. You really can project anything, especially your sponsor branding content, attention grab video design and even newly unveiled marketing material.

Pure AV – #1 Projection Mapping Service in Toronto

Working with the team at Pure AV, you are able to create an impact that is not just unique and memorable, but one that is also relevant to the event. We do so without having you worry about the need for 3-dimensional visuals, our services will make this process a breeze. It is portable, flexible and has no limits to what you can do with it. Projection mapping helps hosts share a unique experience and gives guests nothing short of utter style and class.

Pure AV achieves this level of superb visuals by using top quality projectors and media servers. As part of our inventory, we carry high-end brands like NECChristieBarco and Panasonic. These projectors offer visual quality that is much higher than your traditional units. In regards to media servers, our staff members have been certified for the best 4 software programs available on the open market – Coolux Pandora’s BoxArkaos Media Master Pro, Dataton Watchout and Resolume Arena. A combination of top quality video, amazing warping/blending ability and unparalleled technical skills results in 3D visual experience unlike any other.

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