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Welcome to our rental page! Here you can research our audio visual rental equipment; as well as discover how we ensure that you secure the right package each and every time. Pure AV’s commitment goes far beyond providing average equipment with a few cables. Our gear is clean, reliable and always in great working order. This is why we have provided short and long term rentals for corporate clients, non for profit organization, private event organizers, churches, schools and many more. From personal entertainment functions, to trade shows, large hotel conferences and concerts; we can provide the right equipment and assist with the selection process. If you happen to need some help with installation, operation or dismantle, our talented audio, video & lighting technicians can assist.

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If you have any questions regarding your next event and potential audio visual equipment rental needs, or you are just unsure of how to achieve the “right vision” for a soiree – don’t hesitate to reach us by email or call us at 1-800-929-7089 or fill out the form below. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projectsFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We hope to answer any questions you might have about any of our rental packages listed below.

Audio Rental Packages

QSC K/KW Series Speaker

The QSC K Series is quite simply The New Standard in lightweight powered loudspeaker systems. Breaking from the traditional loudspeaker paradigm, all full-range, models (K8, K10, K12) are fitted with the identical 1.75″ HF device for unparalleled performance. Extensive DSP processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total output that defy system’s size.Combo XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs accept both MIC and Line Level input while a set of RCA phono inputs allow additional connectivity to portable MP3 players, CD players and line-level mixers. Up to three audio sources can be mixed internally and summed to a balanced output for “daisy-chaining” of multiple units.

On-board switches provide preset EQ settings. The HF setting can be set to VOCAL BOOST for additional presence in the critical mid-frequency area or FLAT for accurate reproduction of the incoming signal. Ergonomic aluminum handles and a highly protective steel grille complete the package for ease of transport and long term durability. This audio rental is extreme versatile and allows you applications ranging from small functions to larger speaking events.

Speaker Rental Toronto

d&b V/Y Series Line Array

The d&b Line Arrays offer consistent, high performance solutions for any size of application, from the smallest theaters and concert venues, to the largest stadiums and outdoor festival environments. From the compact and flexible T-Series, Y-Series and V-Series, including their installation variants, to the large scale J-Series, the d&b line arrays share the same compelling attributes: sonic performance, carefully designed handling, and all the benefits of the d&b suite of applied software technologies.

The V/Y Series covers every eventuality, and delivers extraordinary dynamic range, with impressive power capability and headroom exclusively to where it is targeted. This system really stands above the competition!

d&b B Series Subwoofer

The B Series provides a high performance subwoofer designed for ground stacked applications, housing one or two long excursion 18” driver built into a bass-reflex design. When three or any multiple of three subwoofers are used, they can be positioned in a Cardioid Subwoofer Array with one cabinet physically facing backwards and driven by an amplifier channel with CSA mode selected.

All systems are engineered for the trademark d&b qualities: low weight, constant directivity control down to low frequencies, cardioid subwoofer technology and integrated flying equipment.

B6 Subwoofer

d&b D Series Amplifier

d&b amplifiers incorporate award winning Digital Signal Processing capabilities for comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filter functions, remote capabilities and user-definable controls. The D20 and D80 provide two user-definable 16-band equalizers with parametric, notch, shelving and asymmetric filters and up to 10 seconds of delay, all of which can be applied to each of the four channels.

Sophisticated loudspeaker management capabilities of d&b amplifiers, hand in hand with system design and optimization power of the d&b enabling technologies deliver all the tools needed to achieve the “Democracy for Listeners”. This the term “we” use to describe audio perfection.

D80 Amplifier

JBL Vertec Series Line Array

JBL offers a generation of high-powered differential drive transducers, coupled with our proven line array technology – this is at the core of VERTEC audio line array. Simpy put, this is a direct response to the rental industry’s demand for reduced system size and setup complexity, while delivering highly advanced performance. Rugged, integral array suspension hardware ensures fast, reliable setups and takedowns. This family of line array elements is ready to meet any system format your business operations demand.

VERTEC is designed to deliver high-quality reinforcement of music and speech in a variety of applications, including concert audio and corporate A/V presentations of all types. Features such as differential drive, neodymium magnet, dual voice coil and direct cooled cone transducers are served best for low weight and high output. Waveguide units couple to create precision HF vertical slot aperture. Patented, integrated S.A.F.E. suspension system: premium heat-treated alloys provide high-strength, reliable hanging arrays. So in case your audio rental involves a larger than life application, this box if definitely for you.

JBL SRX/VRX Series Speaker/Sub

For over a decade, JBL SRX and VRX series speakers have represented the best performance, highest quality and most advanced driver technology available to portable PA users. The advanced technology of SRX/VRX Series speakers delivers the power and performance that you would expect from the highest quality, professional rig. At the same time, JBL innovation and design have also reduced system weight. This system is crisp, loud and very mobile!

The SRX712M was designed with one goal – build the lightest, smallest, loudest, clearest stage monitor possible while delivering strikingly professional appearance. Compact and low-profile for minimal obstruction of audience sight-lines. Offers 90°x 50° nominal coverage with Bi-amplified or full-range passive operation. Has dual-angle pole socket for applications requiring tripod mounting. Also, optional yoke available for trussmounted or suspended applications. Neodymium magnet Differential Drive® woofer for high-power capacity and very light-weight

The SRX718 and SRX728S are a high power subwoofer system containing two 2268H neodymium magnet. This 18″ woofers is front-loaded and vent enclosure. The enclosure is designed to present a minimum frontal area. The system offers complete input connection flexibility for compatibility with a variety of cabling schemes. A recessed, external switch allows selection of either contacts +1/-1 or +2/-2. Undoubtedly this is a superb rental solution for most entertainment based functions.


Lab Gruppen Amplifiers

Based on technology in Lab Gruppen’s road-proven FP+ Series, the amplifier platform in the PLM “Q” system incorporates further enhancements for even greater sustained output power. The PLM “Q” series contains four full-featured Lake Processing modules. Each module offers precise settings for gain, delay, crossover slope, equalization and limiting.

The basic output topology remains Lab Gruppen’s patented Class TD. The Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS) is optimized to deliver full power during long low-frequency bursts, as well as maintain stable rail voltages despite fluctuating line voltage. Lake Controller software provides a unified interface for control and monitoring of all functions of the Powered Loudspeaker Management system. In addition to controlling all parameters of standard Lake Processing, all new versions provide control and monitoring of exclusive PLM features: digital input gain and attenuation, and load verification and performance monitoring via LoadSmart and SpeakerSafe. The flexible Lake Controller software environment can control extensive networks of powered loudspeaker management systems from a single computer.

On a smaller scale, – delivering 2 x 1200 W at 4 ohms, IPD 2400 packs reliable power and performance into 1U. At the heart of the IPD platform is a latest-generation DSP engine equipped with up to a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain, input and output delay and both high- and low-pass filters adjustable to any frequency.

Lab Gruppen PLM 10000Q Amplifier

Crown Amplifiers

There’s no debate – when you choose Crown’s i-Tech or XTi 2 Series, you’re choosing one of the most powerful and versatile amplifiers on the market today. These units are absolutely perfect for mid to large size use. That is because the all-new HD and XTi 2 Series amps continue to set the standard for unmatched performance and value, delivering the goods night after night, without breaking a sweat. They also do so without require an abundance of electricity! Above all, this amp has effective on board processing options that are easy to use.

Peakx Plus Limiters provide the ultimate in system performance and protection by allowing full control over threshold, attack, and release. Enhanced Subharmonic Synth section provides user control over frequency, gain and filter type for system-specific tuning. Three user-defined fan mode controls – normal, early and fullspeed – for matching fan performance to a specific application. New system monitoring provides software visibility of AC line voltage and power supply temperature. Lastly, HiQnet System Architect control software lets all user enjoy the benefits of DSP, including world renowned BSS on the iTech HD series.

Crown xti 6002 Amplifier

Shure Microphones

The Shure Professional wireless receiver offers an exceptional value in both performance and price, for both working musicians and sound installers. The GLX, ULX-D/P and Axient systems are a part of the best wireless handheld, headset and lapel options on the market. These microphones allow user to work in settings ranging from private functions, to corporate events, to large arenas and stadiums.

The expanded feature set of the Shure wireless receiver, include Over 1400 selectable frequencies, predictive diversity 5-segment transmitted audio signal strength meter, 5-segment RF meter, 3-segment transmitter battery fuel gauge, advanced multi-function LCD displays group and channel mic/Line switch. Advanced user controls including lockable settings and group scan. This offers a direct path to full, clear audio signals. Other features include a 3-segment transmitter battery fuel gauge so that the sound engineer can monitor the battery’s remaining life. It also has a 5-segment meter for RF strength and one for monitoring the incoming audio signal from the transmitter. The GLX/ULX-D/P and Axient systems have a rugged metal chasis that maximises its durability and comes complete with rack hardware.

Shure ULX D, UHF Microphones

Shure Wireless In Ear Monitoring System

The PSM series from Shure is a professional-quality wireless monitoring system that provides high-quality audio and RF performance in a compact and durable design. System consists of a transmitter, a bodypack receiver, and a pair of in-ear monitors. It also features an enhanced digital stereo encoder that enhances audio detail and clarity; all while offering patented Audio Reference Companding that sounds more like wired audio than competing wireless systems.

Patent-pending CueMode technology lets you monitor different stage mixes, as well as store up to 20 different channels on a single bodypack receiver. A Scan and Sync function creates an IR link between the components for fast and easy syncing. RF muting provides easy setup without creating RF interference. RF scan and automatic gain features provide excellent RF stability and channel availability. They also prevent dropout due to RF overload. MixMode technology lets the receiver balance the levels of 2 audio channels while receiving each signal in both ears simultaneously.

The transmitter has a compact half-rack design with XLR/TRS combo inputs, loop outputs, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring. It also has a backlit LCD display and LED level meters. The receiver has a slim aluminum housing with volume and balance controls and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has an LCD screen for navigating settings and menus, and it operates on a pair of standard AA batteries.

Sennheiser Microphones

Sennheiser MAT 133 SB Push To Talk base and gooseneck offer great technology throughout the microphone, making it ideal for conferences and podium applications.. The feedback-resistant, super-cardioid microphone capsule reproduces vocals prominently and with a smooth response. The powerful gooseneck and push to talk systems set a new standard, guaranteeing the greatest possible sound. This conference system is also equipped with a most effective feedback suppression to void those annoying screeching sounds.

The rugged housing of the functionally and unobtrusively designed MAT 133-S provides a solid ground for XLR-3 gooseneck microphones. A convenient microphone button is featured with a bi color light ring for clear visual feedback. It can be combined with microphones that ensure outstanding speech intelligibility. Of course we suggest the legendary ME 36 for audio quality superiority.

Catchbox Microphone

Catchbox is a soft, cube-shaped microphone, which is designed to be thrown from one participant to another. It works well for conferences, meetings, workshops and lectures – basically any event where the audience can ask questions and give feedback. The Catchbox is great for breaking down barriers and formalities to encourage contribution and make it fun to get involved.

The Catchbox 2.4 (the first release) is a standalone wireless microphone system and works up to a 30m/100ft range, for groups of up to 100 people. The Catchbox Pro, the one we are reviewing here, is different from the original as it has a range of up to 90m/300ft and works with your event audio visual setup. It requires a sound desk and a third-party belt-pack transmitter which is compatible with the 3 major manufacturers (Shure, AKG, Sennheiser).

One of the 10 principles of good design, according to Dieter Rams, is that a product is easily understandable, ideally self-explanatory. Catchbox is certainly a simple concept, easy to comprehend, without needing too much explanation.

catchbox microphone

DiGiCo S/SD Mixer

The DiGiCo S and SD series offer superb live-sound consoles that are well-equipped in all departments, with a well-designed and flexible workflow, great aesthetics and audio performance to match. The first DiGiCo-branded product was the D5 digital mixer system, and the D-Series product line has grown over the years. Shortly afterwards, the SD-Series consoles significantly raised the bar in terms of processing power (eight times the power of the already powerful D5), and currently includes models that many professional engineers require.

SD series consoles include many of our flagship features and benefits, including Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology. It provides a fully-loaded feature set that will cater to any front-of-house or monitor engineer’s needs. The sheer intelligence of the SD means even the most complex of tasks become quick and easy: engineers can recall or save presets on the channel strip; and recall or save snapshots using the master screen or hard wired switches on the console. In addition, special functions can be assigned and accessed instantly via the console’s Smart Key Macros (accessible via four layers of 10 RGB backlit keys) at the push of a button. It really is that simple.

A couple of years back DiGiCo decided to break completely new ground with the release of the S‑Series, using new processing designs to make the famous DiGiCo brand available to a mid-size rental market. Using the same audio algorithms found in the SD consoles, the S21 and S31 use lower-cost FPGA components and a new control processor to deliver all that DiGiCo performance in smaller physical format. The new DiGiCo S App is also the perfect way to control your DiGiCo S-Series console straight from your Apple iPad. Designed to be compatible with DiGiCo’s S21 and S31, it allows remote, wireless control of any DiGiCo S-Series mixing console wherever you are.

Regardless of the model – anyone serious about developing their professional live-sound credentials, this is definitely a digital console worthy of real consideration.

Soundcraft SI Expression Mixer

The Soundcraft Si Expression 1, 2 & 3 provide the newest component technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver the most powerful mid-level digital console. As you would expect from any Soundcraft digital mixer, the facilities are extensive and include legendary audio quality, courtesy of the latest DSP processor. All this power united with reliability, flexibility and usability puts the Si Expression in a class of its own. Each console in the SI range is identical in its feature set so your only choice is how many faders and local mic amps you want. With a range covering the super portable 19″ rack mount Expression 1 to the mighty Si Expression 3 with its 30+2 faders and 32 mic/line inputs there is a model to meet all needs.

The Si Expression 3 features 32 recallable mic pre amps (16 on Si Expression 1 and 24 on Si Expression 2) plus 4 line inputs, 4 internal stereo FX returns, AES in, and a 64×64 expansion slot offering more than enough scope to use every one of the 66 input processing channels. Every input processing channel has dedicated processing for high pass filter, input delay, gate, compressor and four band EQ. All Si Expression consoles have busses, output processing and connectivity to match the versatility of the inputs. The 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes, 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes or almost anything in between. The 4 matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed. The bus and matrix mixes are complemented with four more mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors all in addition to the left, right and center busses.

Midas M32(R) Mixer

The Goal for M32 and M32R is to combine the best of classic British console designs with advanced modern technology to completely redefine what a rack mountable digital desktop mixing console can offer. These groundbreaking consoles combine legendary MIDAS sound quality with advanced digital technology, future-proof 96 kHz capable open architecture design and industry-leading 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters, creating a revolutionary mid-format live console. M32 features ultra-sleek styling, offering you a truly luxurious mixing experience.

High-end construction materials including carbon fibre provide unparalleled durability and strength, plus substantially lower weight than comparable consoles. The M32 series utilizes award-winning MIDAS PRO Series microphone pre-amps and the custom-designed MIDAS PRO motorized faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles-three times more than other leading consoles. The MIDAS M series is a future-forward console that completely raises the bar for live mixing.

Behringer X32 Mixer

X32 is your mind-to-sound interface. It is the intersection of creativity and production. Whether you’re accustomed to digital mixers or not, X32’s intuitive user interface offers a fluid mixing experience that instantly feels like home. It also includes 16 new FX “Plug-Ins” which are based on True Physical Modeling of famous classic audio hardware. This is the total solution you have been waiting for.

Then there is the X32’s latest version 2.0 firmware. We’ve added new scene management features and EQ functions, including a 100-band Real Time Analyzer, flexible library import/export capability and faster FX editing. This high-performance iQ Series also includes authentic acoustic modeling of some of the world’s most famous speakers – all remote controllable from your X32.

QSC Touchmix Mixer

TouchMix™ is quite simply the most powerful, small-format digital mixer series ever created. From the highly compact TouchMix-8 to the flagship TouchMix-30 Pro, the TouchMix Series offers the unique features, capabilities and sound quality of the world’s most esteemed large-format consoles in a refined and portable package that’s small enough to be carry-on luggage.


Dynacord CMS Mixer

Two CMS models offer six and twelve mono channels, as well as the four stereo channels. Both units have delighted users not only with their high quality, but also with their versatility and the fact that the consoles are superbly equipped. The merits of the CMS systems include high-quality channel strips as well as a master section that offers seven-band equalizers for the main L/R mix or monitor outs.

Two independent effects blocks, each with 99 presets optimized for live performance, round off the feature set, removing the need in many contexts for an additional side rack laden with external processors. The advantages are obvious: rapid setting-up times, a huge saving in space on the stage or front of house, and the elimination of potential errors, such as those resulting from the faulty or erroneous connection of external devices.

Dynacord CMS 1000

Soundcraft EPM/EFX/MFX Mixer

The emphasis with the Soundcraft EPM/EXF/MFX is very firmly on quality build and audio performance, with an easy to understand control surface uncluttered by unnecessary facilities. Soundcraft brought new technologies and ideas to this very cost-effective range of mixers. The fact that it is user friendly, robust and great sounding surely makes it one of the best mid-level analog mixers.

Surface mount technology is used throughout, using close-tolerance components for high accuracy and repeatable settings for EQ and gain controls. The highly-transparent GB30 Mic amp (designed by Graham Blyth for the company’s 30th anniversary, and also used on the larger LX7ii and GB Series consoles) features high-resolution adjustment over a wide gain range of 55dB, and provides a stunning +22dB headroom through the console. True professional 48-volt phantom power caters for condenser microphones of all types. It has all the essentials of a mid size analog board.

Q SYS Core 110f

The QSC Q-SYS Core 110f is a powerful and popular audio DSP. It is part of the Q-SYS Core family, providing a software-based audio dsp solution for small, single room projects up to the largest Enterprise scale deployments.

Q SYS Core 110f

dBX Drive Rack

DriveRack 260 and PA+ provide equalization control and loudspeaker management. Used and appreciated in every kind of venue, from houses of worship to big-name world tours, the DriveRack series are the most popular loudspeaker management systems. The 260 capitalizes on the road tested and contractor approved nature of the other products in the DriveRack line.

The 260 provides full bandpass and crossover configurations as well as independent output processing and a full time RTA for live sound applications. Contractors will appreciate its control inputs for wall-panel logic control and Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) tools.

Although the DriveRack PA+ is loaded with functions and features, it is easy to set-up and use. The dbx exclusive Set Up Wizards walk you through system set up with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Just pick your speakers and amps from the built-in list on the PA+ and then let the Auto Level Wizard fine tune the level settings of each speaker. You can then let the Auto EQ Wizard help you further optimize the sound.

dBX EQ 2231

Hearing is believing. That is why dBX started out by building the finest EQ possible, something with the heritage and performance to rival the best on the market. In this specific case, it’s amazing what the 2231 can do. One little button, some faders, but they have so much effect. With a 31 band EQ, low cut and other amazing features, this 2U rack will make your mixing very enjoyable. Sometimes under rated units, these dbx racks can transform your sound output from average to extra ordinary.

With a threshold range of 0 to +20dbu, the PeakPlus limiter is designed to tame your program material from the subtlest nuances to the rowdiest hits. Also, the four stage LED ladder gives you a great visual indication as to what the limiter is doing. Revolutionary instant encode/decode Type III Noise Reduction in-circuit at the push of a button. Increases S/N ratio by up to 20dB Patent-pending PeakPlus Limiter threshold range from 0dBu to +24dBu (off) can transparently tame the wildest hits or the subtlest nuances of any signal. This is as simple and effective as it gets.

Smaart Audio Analyzer

Put simply, Smaart is an analyzer – A dual-channel, FFT-based software platform we use in our work as audio engineers to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems. Because Smaart is a software product, it provides the power of extremely powerful hardware-based analyzers in a package that is affordable by an average audio professional. The name Smaart was derived from System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool, but that bit of trivia has been mostly consigned to the island-of-obscure-acronyms.

Much like medical instrumentation for doctors, this tool helps us examine our sound systems in detail and diagnose and solve problems. As mix engineers, we use Smaart to identify tones/frequencies of interest and help us with tasks like feedback suppression and channel equalization. As system engineers, it assists us in the process of setting up and aligning our speaker systems in our performance environment.

Video Rental Packages

2mm LED Video Panel - Curvable

Pure AV’s 2mm LED panels always make a big impact. Our broad range of bright, efficient and reliable indoor LED tiles are sure to create an impact on anyone that chooses to view them. They come together to create a stunning, high-definition video wall that will transform any conference, trade show or corporate function. Offering fast setup time, minimal wiring, easy serviceability, and straight forward programming, this rental kit makes Pure AV’s LED panels an ideal product.

Our 2mm LED wall is a unique because of its unmatched video processing platform, mechanical design and front access capability. With SMD RGB Black LED type, brightness of 1200 nits, LED lifetime of 100,000 hrs, 16bit color Processing and 281 trillion colours of output – this product is meant to wow the audience. With such high quality specs, 2mm panels are also ideal solution for hospitality, TV, trade show and control room environments.

3mm LED Video Panel

The Black OnyX from ROE Visual is an award-winning, high-density, indoor LED screen incorporating professional industrial design. Featuring a HD pixel pitch and outstanding colour processing, the product also promises high-end performance in TV studios and lecture halls. These modular panels feature black anti-glare LEDs for 5000:1 contrast.

Revolutionary magesium alloy construction makes them light and easy to stack or hang either curved or flat. The intelligent modules store calibrating and operating parameters separately. The innovative and friendly design supports simple installation for both flown and ground-supported setups. They are well suited to the needs of large events, concerts and exhibitions, also making them ideal for cross-rental, staging as well as fixed installations.

4mm LED Video Panel

Pure AV’s 4mm tight pixel provides exceptional display performance and perfect embodiment of Ultra HD LED technology. Clear image quality is achieved by eliminating ghost line, blurring through Novastar processing. When it comes to brightness, this product is superior to anything in it’s class with an output of 4000 nits. Smooth display image is realized with 3840HZ refresh rate even under 1/2000 camera shutter shooting; fully meeting the demand of live capture and IMAG.

Patented connectors allow us to adjust seam, making seamless connection. Installation and dismantle time is only 1/4 of traditional panel. As for re-calibration, it is not required in the event of module failure because new module can load data stored in receiving card or other modules. When you are replacing a unit, front-access module and modular design of power supply boost maintenance speed.

5mm LED Video Panel - Curvable

Breaking through the traditional LED concepts, Pure AV’s curvable 5mm panel uses patent technology and modular design, which can be bent in concave and convex forms. It is applicable to various installation environments that seek flat or curved surface displays. Given the tight pitch, this product is also perfect for indoor functions such as conferences, trade shows and galas.

Flex display adopts the unique LED embedded strip structure and the modularized power and signal integrated structure, easy in maintenance (2 minutes available for replacement of single LED bar, 5 minutes available for replacement of power box). The unit also has edgeless sides which allows for easy removal of any panel even after the full wall has been set up. So there is no need to bring down the wall anymore to replace one defective panel. Featuring standard Powercon input and output for AC Power and Ethercon input and output for Data connection. This makes it easy for set up and on the road as most current suppliers use these type of connectors.

7mm LED Video Panel

LED walls with 7mm pitch are a the current outdoor standard for video presentation and live eye feeds. Pure AV’s LED displays have high-brightness modules and seamless edges. This unit is also IP65 rated, which makes it perfect for any type of weather. The design of these LED panels gives project engineers and lighting designers the flexibility of various looks and setup options.

Each panel is capable of full brightness and color temperature calibration. This allows the users to calibrate each panel so all LED’s will match from batch to batch. Panels are light weight, easy to use and includes handles for easy lifting. Pure AV’s 7mm LED video panels are ideal for any size event; big or small, indoor or outdoor.

22``-90`` LED TV

Pure AV offers superb LED TVs that delivers legendary picture quality, with 240 refresh rate and 4 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio for precision clarity during fast-motion scenes. Our 1080P and new 4K units offer advanced pixel structure, which gives you crystal clear picture, brilliant color and captivating detail.

Most of the units have the “Smart TV” platform, which helps you access all the best apps, search across all your content sources, get recommendations and easily navigate from a single remote control or your smart mobile device. Its features includes: Display type: Edge-lit LED Resolution. A 1920 x 1080 Full HD or 4K resolution. An aspect ratio of 16:9. Dynamic Contrast Ratio that is 4,000,000:1.

TV Rental

NEC LCD Video Wall

Our 46″ and 55″ NEC video walls take video display impact to a new level. Its ultra-narrow bezel allows for a screen-to-screen distance between two neighboring displays of only 7.3mm. This display is ideal for digital signage and broadcast applications. It can be deployed as small as 2×2 or as big as 10×10, creating a total surface area of 100 screens. When it comes to digital content, it is quite possibly the best image you can witness with your eyes.

EdgeComp technology provides for more even brightness distribution from center to edge during video wall configurations. NEC adheres to Simple Network Management Protocol, professional-grade LCD panel tools and its components. These screens have a 1080P resolution in true 16:9 aspect ratio. A maximum brightness of 700 cd/m² and typical contrast ratio of 3000:1 can be output on a regular basis. Also, these screens possesses built-in expansion slot, optional display wall calibrator, network control and communication options. All of these features amount to fast setups, great calibration and general ease of use.

22``-86`` Touchscreen TVs

Pure AV touchscreens and overlay not only boasts a finger-width frame size, they also incorporates amazing quality and superb interaction possibilities. With its incredible coin thickness and near-flush surface design, our screens offer an elegant and accurate touch experience. Latest technology touts a sample rate of up to 200 fps. High refresh rate and short response time ensure smooth drawing and accurate touch gestures.

This new patented ultra-smooth Mighty Glass presents the icy-sleek touch experience. As tested, Mighty Glass is 2 times smoother than the new iPad and 12 times smoother than ordinary touch-screen products. Once you start touching the new surface, you will never want to go back to ordinary touch screen glass again.

Christie/Panasonic Laser Projectors

As video technology leader, Pure AV puts itself at the forefront of laser projection by offering the latest technological products. We have brightness options ranging from 6,000 up to 31,000 lumens. Our laser projection gear provide up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free output. Laser projectors turn on and off instantly, delivering vivid images with no warm-up or cool-down period needed. Moreover, the sound of the cooling fan is hardly noticeable. This helps enhance a variety of viewing applications. What may seem like a small feature, actually works great in intimate atmospheres as it does not interrupt meetings or presentations. It helps the audience keep all of their attention on the speech when someone is giving a presentation or on the screen during quiet scenes.

Want to know more? Laser phosphor is a lampless projection illumination platform that uses blue laser diodes as the primary light source. To generate the three primary colors – red, blue, green – the blue light from the laser diodes shines onto a spinning wheel that is coated in a phosphor compound. The blue light excites the phosphor, emitting yellow light. The yellow light is then segmented using dichroic coatings to create red and green light while the blue light component directly passes through a diffusion segment in the phosphor wheel.  Without any doubt, laser phosphor projection is the ideal choice for corporate spaces, educational institutions, retail environments, government facilities and small-mid size theatres where long life, minimal maintenance and a low cost of operation are paramount.

Christie Laser Projector

HD Projectors

Creating visually compelling displays is paramount to the success of your event. As a result we bring forward a wide array of top quality products from Christie and Epson. Ideal for all venues – building displays, churches, concerts, conference rooms, live events, tradeshows and more. Fly, rig, stack and ship it – Pure AV’s 4.5K to 20K lumen projectors will performs flawlessly regardless of the application.

Big or small, our HD projections units are very powerful machines that will show the best images in HD 16:9 ratio. For example: Christie Roadster units are fitted with the broadest range of high-quality lenses – all with Intelligent Lens System capabilities. Zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical offset settings allow for very easy adjustments. These projectors couple the benefits of extremely bright levels of illumination – for the most natural color accuracy and stability – with the next level of technology, performance and flexibility. The additional standard features, an expanded lens suite and world-renowned output, ensure the Christie Roadster provides high performance and more lumens per watt in the smallest chassis in its class. Each unit offers HD resolution (1920 x 1080) with a range of 8,000 to 20,000 center lumens. Variable contrast ratio of 1600-2000:1 full field and 650:1 ANSI for crisp detailed images allows for a wide variety of applications. Weighing in at 160 lb (72.5 kg) (for the 20K lumen projector, less for smaller units), these models are not overly heavy and have the smallest chassis in their class. Great for a wide variety of installations on truss, and in tight upstage spaces.

Interactive Projectors

Bright and user-friendly, the BrightLink Pro 1460Ui interactive display connects people, technology and ideas into one seamless digital experience, facilitating better communication by turning any surface into an interactive area. Featuring Full HD WUXGA resolution, a clearly readable display up to 100″, plus 4,400 lumens of colour brightness and 4,400 lumens of white brightness, this touch-enabled solution enables impactful presentations. Turn it on and write or annotate content using a touch or gesture. Collaborate with local or remote participants. Then capture, save, print or email — even from mobile devices. Or, stream HD content from Android devices using Miracast.

Epson Pro 1460Ui

HD Projection Screens

In response to corporate and private clientele’s needs, our HD screens bring a new concept in projection displays. It is designed to be flown or to be used with frames and legs, when applicable. Many sizes are available for those looking to rent HD screens from Pure AV, ranging from 100″ tripods to 13.5’x24′ fast fold units. You can change the format to HDTV or 16:10 ratio at minimal cost. This is easily accomplished by exchanging or removing a few frame sections (separate viewing surface required). Either way, it is the best looking, strongest and most rigid screen available for rent.

For easy onsite setup, all screens are all built from a combinations of the same 8 standard color-coded frame sections. In other words, the truss system holding everything together is completely modular. As for the display, a clean black border gives these HD screens great contrast while making the setup look clean. The return on investment becomes immediately evident when comparing the cost of several sizes of folding truss screens. This type of versatility becomes crucial when renting for a long stretch and using the screen at multiple events. Inquire with our staff for more information and pricing.

AV Stumpfl HD Screen

SD Projection Screens

Lightweight and portable, SD foldable screens are simple to set-up and take-down without assembly tools. These AV industry standard screens will be on par with most competitive models in open market. All Pure AV screens come with front or rear surface projection options. Upon request, velour dress kits are available for a finished, professional appearance. With a wide range of sizes, from 6:8 to 10.5:14 ft, and everything in between, our clients can choose the option that suit them best.

Lightweight 1” (2.5cm) square anodized aluminum folding frames and legs allow for easy transportation and carrying. Most of the frames are colour-coded for easy assembly. Frame height is also adjustable in 6” (15cm) increments. For transportation, screens pack into rugged black poly case with wheels. For outdoor or heavy duty applications, braced and heavy-duty truss legs are available. If necessary, we provide additional tools and rental items to ensure the stability and safety of these screens.

Projector Screen Rental

Tripod Screens

Pure AV’s tripod screen combine simplicity of design, rugged components and careful workmanship. They come in many sizes ranging from 78″ to 120”. There is also a wide variety of viewing surfaces available with these model. They are: Matt White, Contrast Grey, Contrast White, Pearl White. Exclusive bell leg lock protects the sturdy gabled aluminum legs during storage and transportation. With a setup time under 3 minutes, this is the most mobile friendly screen on the market.

Eliminate all risk of bent or broken legs with Pure AV’s screens. Just release and get the setup started. For fast and easy applications this is the best solution and it now comes with reinforced roller and steel end caps to handle the rigors and abuse of shipping and rental applications! Also, optional skirts to dress-up your presentation are available for rent. With this package, you can setup a breakout room and organize a presentation in no time.

Custom Screens

If you are looking to go outside of the standard 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, we can help! We have projection screens in non-standard sizes, with specialized materials designed to enhance video quality for trade shows, boardrooms, auditoriums or video mapping purposes. We also offer an innovative new projection screen which has curve capabilities that can only be achieved with a specialized flexible material. By choosing to work with Pure AV, you get to select a standard screen size or order a custom projector screen to fit your needs.

Delivering unmatched edge-blend capability, zero hotspot, almost infinite viewing angles and the ability to be rolled on a 2’ core to significantly reduce freight and job site handling issues, this screen is an ideal choice for multiple-projector, edge blending and short throw projector applications. Undoubtedly this screen is fulfilling a very real need in the marketplace. Choose from fixed, wall-mounted or rigged styles that are made for front projection or rear projection applications.

Custom Projection Screen Rental

Barco S3-4K Switcher

Featuring 12 input channels, 4 PROGRAM outputs, 4 AUX outputs and 2 dedicated Multiviewer outputs, the S3-4K is the E2 image processor’s more compact sidekick. Under the hood, however, it boasts the same processing performance, image quality, flexibility and rugged durability. In short: all the tools you need to create a stunning live experience, in a single compact and roadworthy housing.

Powerful features, easy operation

  • Modular card-based design
  • Interlinking of S3-4K chassis allows expansion of inputs, outputs or layers
  • Easy set-up with the cross-platform Event Master Toolset, providing a step-by-step approach to system configuration
  • Using the same modular cards as the E2, the S3-4K is serviceable in the field and ready for future signal interfaces
  • Dual, redundant power supplies for maximum peace of mind
  • Widescreen blending support
Barco S3-4K Switcher

Barco ImagePRO Series

ImagePRO is an advanced high-performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher, and transcoder converting most input signal formats to most output formats. ImagePRO supports Analog, dual link DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and 3G SDI signal formats. It also supports higher resolutions, higher frame rates, higher quality de-interlacing with advanced Motion Adaptive processing, faster source acquisition, better color depth and native support for all the latest computer formats.

As formats and interface requirements frequently change, the Athena scaler is built to be adaptable providing superior signal clarity, while maintaining a low processing latency of only one frame. Incorporating the 5th generation of the Athena – Barco’s custom-designed image processing technology can do anything you desire. Loop-through outputs are provided for the Analog, DVI and SDI input and gen-lock signals. With features like 4K scaling, HDCP and EDID management, USB back-up and restore, extremely low latency converting modes, still store capture/import/export, ImagePRO is the industry-leading 4K scaler, converter, and switcher.

Roland V Series Switchers

Through the development and support of video and audio products, we improve workflow and maximize creative possibilities in a variety of markets. As a result, Pure AV’s video mixing systems from Roland, Tricaster and Blackmagic design are a powerful production solution built on reliability and productivity. Everything from switchers, mixers to CAT5 transmitters and receivers, this group of gear has the answers to all your video needs. There is no such thing as “too complex” for Pure AV video department.

For example: The V-40HD and VR50-HD Live Video Switchers are ideal for any live event or installation that requires the freedom to connect a variety of sources whether they be digital or analog, computer or video format. It is particularly positioned to support configurations using popular HDMI cameras as well as computers.

Roland V800HD

Blackmagic HD Video Switchers

Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro HD creates stunning multi camera live production with the world’s most advanced production switchers! ATEM switches between SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards so you can form exciting live production with a wide range of video sources such as cameras, disk recorders and slide shows or animation from computers.

You get powerful features such as chroma key, creative transitions, media pool, downstream keyers, audio mixer, multi view and more! The more advanced models include features such as up to 20 SDI inputs, SuperSource multi-layer engine, full motion DVE, stinger transitions, larger media pool with full motion clips and up to an incredible 6 auxiliary outputs!

Blackmagic ATEM Swticher

Blackmagic ATEM 2ME Production Studio 4K

The new ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K includes 20 independent SD, HD or Ultra HD 4K video inputs with each input featuring a full frame synchronizer. ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K also includes all the features expected from a professional switcher, including chroma key, transitions, DVE, media pool, downstream keyers, audio mixer, two multi view outputs and 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K video connections.

ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K supports 6G-SDI so it can be switched between most SD, HD and Ultra HD video formats instantly. Ultra HD is four times the resolution of regular high definition video for a massive 3840 x 2160 frame size. The new 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K video connections effortlessly handle Ultra HD and customers can connect all cameras using a single cable. There is also a high definition down converted HD-SDI program output for when the switcher is operating in Ultra HD formats, but a regular HD program feed is required.

Video Switcher for Rent

Blackmagic Smart Videohub 40x40 12G

The Smart Videohub family of professional SDI video routers are the world’s first Ultra HD mixed format routers to include built in large 5 inch high resolution video monitoring and spin knob router control. The Smart Videohub 40 x 40 includes 6G-SDI technology so customers can simultaneously connect and route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD video all on the same router at the same time. Even if a customer has 40 different television formats connected to the router inputs, Smart Videohub 40 x 40 would route any of them to any combination of the outputs, all simultaneously.

Smart Videohub 40 x 40 also includes an elegant machined metal front panel with full router control as well as built in LCD monitoring. Using the front panel, customers can perform direct entry of router cross points using buttons, or they can use the spin knob control. Blackmagic Design’s unique, revolutionary Visual Routing combines the spin knob and button entry with easy to read custom router labels over live video from the inputs onto the LCD. When any input or output is selected, the video is displayed live on the LCD. This allows customers to see their router connections as video on the LCD as they scroll the knob to select routing. This unique feature means customers can route video simply by looking at it!

Video Matrix for Rent

Roland XS Series Matrix/Switchers

The Roland XS Series – the new line of Multi-Format Matrix Switchers designed for high-quality integrated video and audio conversion and switching. This is a single unit solution for total control of video and audio that is flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of classrooms, conference rooms, live presentations and events. The new line of Multi-Format Matrix Switchers from Roland are designed for fixed installations and mobile applications requiring high-quality integrated video and audio conversion and matrixing.

The XS-84H is adaptable, supporting eight HDMI, RGB/Component/S-video/Composite inputs and up to 4 HDMI or HDBaseT outputs with scalers to support picture-in-picture, resizing, rotating, and flipping. Audio can be embedded into outputs via 8 stereo audio inputs (2 mic) and/or HDMI audio as well as de-embedded HDMI audio on output. Additional features include iPad control, EDID emulation and HDCP management.

The XS-62S is also suitable for live streaming and web conferencing systems. In this type of application, you could be using multiple PTZ cameras and PCs. With the XS-62S this can easily be operated by a small team or even a single person. PTZ camera control eliminates the need for individual camera operators, since everything can be controlled from the XS-62S while video is being switched by the same operator. The XS-62S’s audio capabilities make it easy to connect 4 microphones, mixing audio from computers and other video sources.

Disguise D3 Server

The Disguise 4x4pro is the flagship of the pro range and sets the industry benchmark for power, flexibility and convenience. Designed for the largest video surfaces in the world, the 4×4 pro is capable of driving up to 16 HD projectors or LED processors from a single server unit.

Disguise D3 Server

Pandoras Box Media Server

Coolux Media Systems is the producer of the award winning Pandoras Box visuals rental media and show control systems. The award winning Pandoras Box Server system offers the best high performance link between projection and digital image composition. Whether you are looking for cost effective software only solutions or state of the art media servers, Pandoras Box is setting a new standard in the area of creative real-time media control.

A turnkey solution that perfectly unites state of the art rendering technology with intuitive media- and show control. All Pandoras Box Server are based on server grade components and feature a redundant hard-disc raid systems. A high-quality server featuring the most powerful render-engine offers real-time compositing in 3D and allows for projection onto any shape and any surface. Arrange videos and images freely, change colour, form and position. Pandoras Box synchronizes all video & audio sources. On-site 3D rendering, composition and editing make Pandoras Box the perfect choice for any live event or multi-media show.

Dataton Watchout Media Server

Watchout multi-display software is your fast track to creating spectacular shows. Use the program to compose and manage all the different media elements in your show – video, still images, animations, graphics, live feeds, sound – and then play it back on multiple displays. Perfectly synchronized, high resolution and right-on-cue. Watchout is easily integrated and controls external units or devices. It has no limitations on displays, channels or resolutions. With over 15 years of unrivaled performance and reliability, Watchout is the choice of professional show creators worldwide. You can create any kind of resolution in any kind of aspect ratio. If you want to move beyond 4K, 8K or 16K – no problem.

Watchout is also used in live events, mapping, broadcast, digital signage, museums, planetariums, show rooms, visitor attractions and experience centers. In other words – virtually any market or application where you want multiple display devices and maximum impact. You can create projection mapping shows on any shape, structure or building. Import your 3D model and use the 3D projection feature to visualize your show! With this software you can capture multiple content streams through low latency capture cards, USB cards, network streams, VNC or live IP workflow using Network Device Interface. NDI support allows multiple video streams on a shared connection, enabling high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video over local area networks and reducing costs plus deployment time.

Resolume Arena Media Server

From Your Local Club to Main Stage You can play on any amount of screens in any configuration. Without a doubt, live video mixing with Resolume Arena puts the VJ in charge. You can play your videos when you want, how you want. Forwards, backwards, scratch and adjust tempo to the beat. Mix and match your visuals quickly and easily and play Resolume like an instrument. Intuitive Interface Whatever your style is, Resolume offers you an easy interface to rock it. Use it as little or as many videos and effects as you like. The only limit is your computer’s raw power and your imagination. As long as your computer can recognise it as an output, Resolume will let you use it.

Projection Mapping with Arena Project video on any type of surface. Complex geometrical structures or whole buildings. Resolume does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on the important part: being creative. Blend Projectors with Arena With edge blending you can seamlessly project one beautiful widescreen image with two or more projectors. It can even wrap around for a full 360 degree experience. Project on cars, buildings or fruits. With Arena you can take on any size mapping project.

Resolume Arena

Arkaos Media Master Pro Server

Built with ArKaos’ latest technology, MediaMaster’s multi-threaded engine delivers blistering performance, by taking advantage of multi-core machines. MediaMaster comes with improved frame blending support allowing extremely smooth playback even at slow speeds. A straightforward interface displaying all layer’s parameters, as well as previews, gives lighting designers improved visibility of their shows and the best ergonomics possible.

MediaMaster’ Theater Mode interface allows you to prepare your visual show in the software itself and then simply take control of your visual presets using a few channels on your lighting desk or notes on a MIDI controller. On top of the Theater Mode, MediaMaster Pro adds a fixture-based operation mode and support for MSEX allowing thumbnails preview and live output to the console screens. MediaMaster Pro comes with the new Video Mapper extension which allows easy mapping of video onto irregularly shaped surfaces and through multiple outputs. Designed to let you setup mapping projects in very short times, it makes it incredibly simple to flow visuals around complex objects with just a few clicks. MediaMaster also includes the intuitive LED Mapper extension, the flexible software solution from ArKaos to drive LED panels. While editing the mapping configuration, you can view the result of your configuration in real time as it is sent over ArtNet to your LCD panels.

Playback Pro

Professional, nonlinear media playback on your Mac. Create custom playlists, load clips, resize videos and playback content easily and efficiently. All the power of PlaybackPro + a mixer for crossfades and direct cuts, + still images, + remote control over Ethernet. Professional audio playback for Macs with instant clip recall, organization and layering. Use anywhere music, voice over announcements and sound effects are needed.

Mac software to keep live events and speakers on schedule by providing a highly readable and customizable digital timer. Professional Mac utility for recording video and multitrack audio. Ingest content directly from a camera or record live events.

Pro Presenter

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) worship and presentation software for live events. It seamlessly displays lyrics and media specifically to make high-quality live productions easy – including worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, or studio broadcasts.

Pro Presenter 6

Sony PXW 320 XD Camera

Sony’s PXW-X320 XDCAM Solid State Memory Camcorder with Fujinon 16x Servo Zoom Lens supersedes and improves on many of the features of the PMW-320K. Designed for the professional market, this ENG/EFP-style camera incorporates three 1/2″-type Full HD EXMOR CMOS sensors, solid state SxS workflow, advanced features, and shoulder-mount ergonomics. The PXW-X320 can record 10-bit video and 24-bit audio using the XAVC codec, and it provides the options of XAVC Intra, XAVC Long, MPEG HD422, MPEG HD, MPEG IMX, and DVCAM for those requiring in-camera SD video recording.

The camera records a variety of frame rates from 23.98 native up to 59.94p. It features both genlock and timecode and fits into an XDCAM EX workflow. It features a viewfinder with 960 x 540 resolution, 3D noise reduction for improved image quality, flash band reduction, a customizable user menu, and two SDI outputs. The camera records to two SxS media card slots and can support a variety of media using optional adapters (SD card recording via adapter is not guaranteed). You can also record proxy files in HD using MPEG HD420 and SD using DVCAM to an SD media card slot. The included 16x zoom lens features a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 35.4 to 503mm, and it can be operated as either a servo or manual lens.

HD Camera

PTZ Optics PT20X-SDI Camera

The PTZ Optics 20X-SDI is a 1080p camera with 20X optical zoom for capturing HD video at long distances. With support for HDMI, 3G-SDI and IP Streaming (H.264 & H.265) this camera is ideal for broadcasting high definition video signals for broadcast or video conferencing applications.

PTZOptics 20X SDI

PTZ Optics IP Joystick Controller

Easy pan, tilt & zoom controls for your PTZOptics camera! Controls pan & tilt with variable speeds that now match every option inside PTZOptics cameras. Use 2 & 3-dimensional joystick with “twist” control of focus and zoom!


Atomos Shogun

The Shogun itself features a 7″ IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It features a single drive slot that support single drive or raided recording. It supports 4K over its HDMI and 12G-SDI inputs, with SDI loop output. The Shogun can internally down convert a UHD 4K signal to an HD signal while preserving the input frame rate. The Shogun supports 3D LUTs, and accepts 3D-LUTs in the .cube format. Included monitoring tools included waveform monitor, RGB parade, luma overlay, vectorscope and a test pattern generator.

Shogun 4K HDMI

Robe MegaPointe Moving Head

Our all-new MegaPointe elevates the original all-in-one fixture to a whole new level. Unleash your creativity using the bright sharp parallel beams, excellent gobo projection, precise movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming plus a multitude of beam splitting, wash and shaping effects.

The Robe R&D team worked with Osram to provide a 470W lamp that aligns perfectly with the cutting edge optical system. This design provides a brilliant, crystal clear, razor-edged beam, adjustable from a punchy 1.8 out to a wide 42 degree zoom. Both static and rotating (glass) gobos produce precision in-air effects or projected images with a sharp, high-contrast, flat field.

The newly designed effects engine can produce 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects. The beam can also be shaped using innovative shutter emulation, further creating a whole new blend of content & creativity.

Robe Megapointe

Robe Spikie Wash

Spikie, a small, super fast LED WashBeam, which utilises a single 60W RGBW light source with a specially designed 110mm wide front lens producing a solid beam. The fixture quickly zooms from a soft wide 28° wash to a tight sharp-edged 4° beam or one of two new stunning air effects.

The new innovative Flower Effect creates sharp multicoloured spikes of light, rotating in both directions at variable speed. Additionally, a unique Beam Effect Engine transforms the output into a dynamic ray of three narrow beams, creating another new visual effect to the show. Continuous rotation of pan and tilt gives new dynamic elements across the stage. Spikie is a very compact 7.3 kg fixture, which can be hung in any position.

Robe Spikie

Robe Spiider LED Wash

Spiider, a superbright next generation of LED WashBeam luminaires, using 18 x 40 Watt and 1 x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12,5 :1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 50° Wash, makes the product in its class the most powerful LED fixture on the market. Now equipped with Robe’s innovative lens coating technology which brings benefits such as bright and clear lenses, no scratches or marks, higher light output and longer intervals between cleaning. Beautiful convergence of hard edge in-air effects, punchy beams and smooth homogenized wash is all encapsulated in the unique Spiider.

Rich colors of 19 powerfull RGBW LEDs can create charming wash light with velvety smooth transitions thanks to internal 18bit LED dimming system.Dynamic video effects are easily achieved by mapping individual pixels and controlled by DMX desk or media servers via sACN with internal HTP merging, DMX or by Kling-Net protocol. Unique central piece with Robe exclusive Flower Effect is driven by 60W RGBW LED multichip for new innovative sharp multicoloured spikes of light, rotating in both directions at variable speed, adding another new visual effect to the show.

Robe Spiider

Clay Paky Scenius Spot/Profile Moving Head

Scenius is the new moving head spotlight at the top of the Clay Paky range. Its advanced optical unit and the new 1400W OSRAM discharge lamp provide a much higher light output than with previous generation 1500W lamps. Thanks to its wide 8°-48° zoom, Scenius is perfect for every use. A modern focus tracking system concentrates maximum luminous efficiency precisely on the effect you wish to project, and the focus may be set to be fully automatic.

With Scenius you have a light in your hands whose white light and color reproduction fidelity will completely amaze you. The fixture produces a 6500 K output color temperature that does not vary over time; also, Scenius can count on a very high CRI, which is extremely unusual for a metal halide light source. The colors cover a broad spectrum, even including pastel shades, thanks to a CMY system, a 7-color wheel and a linear CTO filter. The special effects are of course top-ranking: 2 rotating gobo wheels, each with 6 interchangeable gobos, a rotating prism and an interchangeable graphics wheel for spectacular new effects, a highly precise iris. The fixture can also be used in wash mode by inserting a new design of frost filter. It can be run at 1400W or in energy saving mode at 1200W.

Clay Paky Moving Head

Martin MAC ``Profile`` Series

The MAC Series is a brilliant, feature rich profile with two gobo wheels, a color wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus. Superior optics and an extremely user-friendly construction make it ideal for the rigors of today’s rental market. Starting at the 575-watt range, going up to 700, followed by 1200 and up to the market-leading profiles in the 2000-watt fixture.

At the top end, MAC Viper Profile is a new breed of high-output profile luminary with an exceptional feature set, superior light quality, and a highly efficient optical system. The Viper Profile is not only brighter, it is also a faster and more compact solution. With its 1000-watt HID source, the Viper consumes less power, making it over 50% more efficient than its 1200-watt rivals. Besides the varying colour wheel and advanced options, the intangibles are similar from the Viper right down to the MAC 575.

Martin MAC ``Wash`` Series

The MAC Aura and Aura XB are the first compact LED moving head wash light with zoom that offers never-before-seen, eye-candy aura effects yet also functions as a highly capable single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed color. It is also an award-winning wash light that lighting designers have turned to the world over due to its versatility as a powerful beam and wash luminaire of the highest caliber.

A ground-breaking optical system combines strong output and extremely crisp colours. The result of out-of-the-box creative thinking is the first LED moving head wash light to combine multicolor beam LEDs with a backlight LED array that takes the synthetic look out of LED wash lights. Some of the other features include uniform shades, built-in FX engine, 11 to 58° zoom, 3850 Lumens output and very rapid movement. This is hands down the industry standard for LED wash lights.

LED Wash Moving Head

Martin RUSH ``Beam`` Series

The RUSH Beam is a powerful light source moving head that blasts an intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. It houses a fixed gobo wheel and color wheel with a multitude of effects possible from a dimmer, strobe effect, facet prism, and focus.

Color wheel: 14 colors plus open, rotation with variable direction and speed. Static gobo wheel: 17 gobos plus open, wheel rotation and shake Pre-programmed effects: 31 pan and tilt macros, adjustable speed. Shutter: Strobe effect, pulse effects, instant open and blackout Prism: 8-facet, indexing and rotation with variable direction and speed. Frost: Fade in/out Zoom: Motorized Focus: Motorized Dimmer: 0 – 100%, four dimming curve options Pan: 540° Tilt: 220° Pan and tilt speed: Adjustable via onboard control panel and DMX

Martin Atomic 3000

The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful and rugged, 3000 W high-impact strobe. The Atomic is dimmable from 0-100%. Flash duration is controllable and for ultimate flexibility and variety of effect, variable adjustment of flash rate (20ms to 2 seconds) and flash intensity is possible. The Atomic 3000 DMX is both intense and intelligent. DMX controllable, it employs a smart, integrated heat control that eliminates the need for cool down time.

It features a 3000 W long-life Xenon lamp included, continuous blinder effect with auto fade and quiet temperature-controlled fan cooling. Furthermore, smart integrated heat control eliminates cool down time. It has an auto-ranging power supply (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz)  and it can work via DMX, stand-alone, master/slave or detonator remote control.

Strobe Light Rental

SGM X-5 Strobe

The SGM X-5 is a High Powered, 3000 x White LED Strobe Fixture. The SGM X-5 features a 120 degree fixed lens, 1 to 7 DMX channels, and an OLED 5 button display. The X-5 is a robust, state of the art LED fixture providing an alternative to traditional, expensive and fragile Xenon lamps.

Elation CuePix WW2/4

The new CUEPIX Blinder WW4™ features (4) long life 100W Warm White 3,200K COB LEDs, a 62° beam angle, RDM (Remote Device Management), individual control of each COB module, manual pan focus, variable and selectable dimming curves, strobe effects, flicker free operation for TV and Film, 3pin and 5pin DMX and powerCon in/out connections, LCD menu display with 4 button control panel, integrated yoke and side mounting brackets, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-250v).

Chauvet Ovation Leko

The Ovation E-160/260WW leko from Chauvet is a high-powered LED-based fixture that makes it possible to retrofit lamp-based ellipsoidals without losing your investment in a dimming system. The Ovation ED-160/260WW is equally efficient running on constant power and DMX (as LED fixtures typically do) as it is when connected directly to a dimming power source. Advanced onboard electronics automatically detect what type of power and data the fixture receives and directs the light to respond accordingly. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting without being held back by previous investments made in major dimming systems.

Ovation unit accepts industry standard tubes of 19, 26, 36° lenses or optional 15-30° and 25-50° zoom lenses. Superior low-end dimming using dimmers or constant power is ideal for the retrofit market as it allows users to utilize existing fixture infrastructure. The 16-bit dimming resolution allows for smooth fades and it includes standard pattern slot for glass or steel patterns and soft focus diffuser. Above all, the fixture is virtually silent and can operate in any situation.

Conventional Leko

Chauvet Colorado Panel Q40

COLORado Panel Q40 is a powerful IP65-rated rectangular wash light that features 40 15 W RGBW LEDs capable of flawless edge-to-edge color mixing. This rugged indoor/outdoor unit can be manipulated through adjustable beam angles and includes a magnetic flood filter to produce a wider, but still even area wash. Its outdoor rated power and data connectors allow for easy connections without propriety cabling. Control it as you see fit with W-DMX and RDM.

LED light for rent

Chauvet Ovation Fresnel

Ovation Fresnel wash utilizing data and power sensors that make it possible to run on both dimming power systems and constant power rigs. Even when the fixture is used on a dimming system, our proprietary motorized zoom is still easily accessed by the rotary knob on the back of the fixture. The fixture also has a 32° – 87° field angle which allows you to add a beautifully soft field of light where needed.

The phenomenal dimming and the smooth, even field of light produced by the original Ovation Fresnel are still present but are now made accessible to operators who otherwise hesitated to make the switch to LED lights due to costly investment in dimming systems.

Stage lighting rental

ETC Source Four PAR

Source Four PARs stand out of the luminaire crowd with their rugged die-cast aluminum construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology. Superior brightness and energy savings. Source Four PARs deliver a smooth even field, and at 575 watts are comparable to 1000W PAR64s — while saving 40% on energy. This is the standard for PARs.

Source Four PAR comes with a set of four snap-in lenses that mount in a cool, rotating ring. That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets. And when you need a new lamp, just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps). Their compact design means more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck. Combined with reductions in power and cable requirements, Source Four PARs are perfect for touring.

Conventional Parcan Rental

Chroma-Q Color Force II

Chroma-Q calibration means: superior fixture-to-fixture consistency. The Color Force II is a truly multi-purpose LED fixture that is suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines. With four powerful homogenized cells per foot/305mm, these units can be grouped and controlled to release your creativity. Unsightly color shadowing is eliminated with this innovative optical system that gives power enough to light nearly 12m of cyclorama. Perfect for a wide range of cyclorama, flood and wall washing applications where a powerful throw is needed. Available in 6 ft / 1.8m, 4 ft / 1.2m, 1 ft / 0.3m versions, these fixtures are specifically designed to fit in flight cases used with the original Color Force.

Key Features are: over 18,000 hot lumens will easily wash a 12m / 39 ft. cyc; Homogenized RGBA colour mixing; Pixel control to 76mm/3in increments; High CRI of 92; Theatrical grade dimming; Rugged extruded aluminium body; Built-in power supply; Touchscreen user interface, among many other features.

chroma q rental

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex

Freedom Par Hex-4 is powerful, bright and, truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery and a built-in D-Fi transceiver. Freedom Par Hex-4 has 4 x 10 watt RGBAW-UV color mixing LEDs for that extra richness and variety. It can be operated with the control panel, the included IRC-6 remote, or from any mobile phone or tablet running the FlareCON mobile app.

Freedom Par Hex-4 fits perfectly inside all 12” box truss and travels safely and stylishly in gear bags. Alternatively, we can offer a Freedom Charge 9 road case.

Microh LED Slim 12 QUAD Parcan

Microh LED Slim 12 QUAD parcans are a powerful high output colour-changing fixture. Designed for medium to large stage use, this unit will provide bright, saturated colours on stage. The QUAD’s have multiple run modes: DMX512 connection, stand alone or sound active. It also features a built-in mic as well as a digital LED display.

Here are a few more features: R,G,B colour LEDs, 3pin DMX on P64 and 3 or 5pin DMX on Slim 12 QUAD parcans. Dimensions are 12x11x9 and they weight between 7 to 9lbs, depending on the unit.

LED Parcan for Rent

Elation Versabar 270 LED

The Alkalite, VBAR 270 is a versatile, compact and light weight, LED color wash for any indoor application. This fixture features 270, 5mm LEDs with RGB color mixing allowing the user to achieve a vast array of colors. The VBAR 270 operates via DMX-512, Master/Slave or Auto Chase mode with 19 built-in color chase programs. The unit has a 15-degree beam angle, has a variable strobes function and may be electronically dimmed (0-100%). It is also great for flicker-free operation for television and film (520Hz)

With lower power draw (30W), low heat emission and flicker-free operation the VBAR 270 is the perfect light tool to any stage setting. Electronic switching power supply consumes between 90-260V, 50/60Hz.

LED Parcan for Rent

GrandMA 2/3 Lighting Console

Founded on the legacy of the previous MA consoles, grandMA 2 and 3 represents a radical re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The elegant new system-architecture incorporates new fixture, feature and effects-handling at its very heart. The system features ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries, presented within a refined user interface, and is designed to make practical tasks more intuitive. The physical design detail of the grandMA range is extraordinary and focused on delivering the best possible user experience, now and into the future. The grandMA console full-size and light models feature huge multi-touch screen surface area; All dedicated encoder and playback information is accessed directly on the letterbox screens allowing the larger screens to be fully-configured to suit user needs.

GrandMA 2 and especially, V3 breaks the limitations of Local Area Networks (LAN) with the ability to access Wide Area Networks (WAN). Software updates, technical support, online help and fixture downloads are all features to be supported within the WAN framework. Using the advanced MA-Net protocol, grandMA systems can output up to 250,000 parameters. There are three sizes of grandMA processing units to expand the console parameter count. The grandMA control software utilizes a flexible new fixture concept, developed to replicate the real-world physical components of the most complex fixtures. Fixture information is now generic and allows simpler sharing of programmed data between fixtures.  The MVR (My Virtual Rig) format is a file format that is used to share data for a scene between a lighting console, a visualizer, a CAD program or similar tools and is based on GDTF.

Chamsys MagicQ PC Wing

The MagicQ PC Wing Compact is an extremely powerful USB control wing for connecting to your PC or Mac to control lighting, video and LED with the MagicQ PC software. MagicQ PC software runs under Windows, Linux or OSX.

Elation Onyx M Series Lighting Controller

M1 HD continues the tradition of the M1, being one of the most ergonomic lighting consoles on the market. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 HD is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk. With more processing power than ever, the M1 HD sets again a new standard as the most powerful and affordable full-featured lighting console of its category on the market. All-in-One Solution with integrated processing includes folding capacitive Multi-Touchscreen with 4 Encoders 34 Playbacks + 8 Encoders for Fast User Access.

M-Touch is a powerful yet simple control surface for the Elation ONYX Software, the most affordable professional lighting solutions on the market. Fully compatible with all ONYX software, M-Touch is a plug-and-play solution with an innovative control surface like no other lighting console. Having 14 touch faders allows control of playbacks and fixture parameters while 20 velocity-controlled pads allow for new types of effects. Additional programming buttons such as Record, Edit, Update, Load and Clear are accessible directly from the M-Touch control panel. The most powerful controller of its class with a full 512 DMX channels, expandable to 65,000 channels.

Martin M1 HD Lighting Console

Martin Light Jockey 1/2

LightJockey 1/2  is a flexible, easy-to-use Windows-based controller package that includes a Martin™ M-DMX USB Interface Box. This is one of the industry’s most popular PC-based controllers for well over a decade, LightJockey 2™ offers lighting designers greater flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package. LightJockey software can be downloaded here.

Feature: Control of up to 100 fixtures, 2048 DMX channels. Large fixture library and user-configurable editor. Martin M-DMX interface with 2 x 512 channels DMX In/Out.

Martin Light Jockey Rental

Special Effects Rental Packages

Ice Jet CO2

The Ice-Jet III is an atmospheric effect that creates bursts of white dense plumes that resembles fog. It is operational using both high pressure and low pressure liquid co2.

ice jet II

Sparkular (Indoor Pyrotechnics)

The Sparkular system produces a fantastic non-hazardous effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics. ​The effect is simply created using a Sparkular machine and a granulated alloys, removing the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques. The duration, height and density of the effect can be varied throughout a display, with sequences of ‘dancing’ sparks created to entertain audiences. The advantages of using the system as opposed to traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics are as follows:

No Flame!
No Smoke!
No bad smell!


Chauvet Vesuvio II Fog Machine

Vesuvio II illuminates bursts of fog with advanced RGBA+UV LED color mixing, providing ferocious effects for events and performances. Featuring an impressive 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, it boasts a best in class 40 seconds of full burst output.

The Vesuvio II is built for efficiency, consuming only 80ml/min of QDL fluid. This highly versatile unit can run in three different positions: vertically, horizontally or from overhead with mounting brackets.


Ultratec Radiance Hazer

Ultratec Special Effects Radiance Haze Machine is a major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology. Once again, Ultratec Special Effects is setting new standards that all other Haze Machines will be measured against. Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan.


AV Accessories Rental

Acrylic Presentation Podium

Our acrylic lecterns offer contemporary elegance combined with dependable durability. Their generous reading surface gives you plenty of room to be confident with your presentation details, and their timeless beauty projects your image so your audience will listen and remember.

They feature a sturdy base made of tough ¾” acrylic material and column and reading surface made of ½” acrylic. Some models also include acrylic and wood lecterns or anodized aluminum, customize any lectern with your logo.

Acrylic Podium for rent

DSAN Perfect Cue Clicker

The D’San PerfectCue Signaling System is a light and sound signaling system that allows you as a presenter to signal the projectionist via a wireless hand-held actuator. You can also remotely control presentation software via dual programmable USB ports.

Intelligent design elements support integration with belt-pack headsets and include 4-pin input / output XLR jacks that allow the cue light to mediate between the belt-pack and headsets. Interference-free, two-way communication is facilitated by the signaling system with only the cue light sound being added to the reception.

Presentation Clicker Rental

DSAN Presentation Timer

The D’San Limitimer PRO-2000 is an automated speaker timer system that provides an ideal time-keeping solution during presentations. With 4 programmable time modes that provide total time, remaining time, sum-up time, and beep / blink settings, the timer provides versatile cue options via beep, blink, or beep-blink combinations.

Global timer options include count-up or count-down, stop-clock or continuous count, minutes : seconds or hours : minutes, and ring / buzz / chime-based audible cues. You can connect two Limitimer consoles to one or more signal lights and configure them to allow start and stop control.

The Limitimer PRO-2000 system includes the timer console, PSL20V remote signal light, 50’ (15.24m) CAT-5 cable, and a 110/220V external power supply.

Presentation timer for rent

Quartet DuraMax Flipchart

Lightweight and durable, this dual-purpose easel is great for any meeting space. DuraMax® easel is made of damage-resistant plastic and foldable for quick, easy storage and stacking. A custom sized attachable whiteboard (sold separately) or flipchart can be attached for an instant writing surface.

Features include:

  • Best-selling 72″ lightweight easel with durable plastic construction resists damage
  • Suitable for heavy use and perfect for office or meeting rooms
  • Spring-loaded flipchart retainer securely holds large flipchart pads in place
  • Pedestal base collapses into easel body for easy stacking and storing
  • Molded handgrips make transport virtually effortless. Carrying case (100EC) sold separately.
  • Accessory compartment and storage tray are built-in
  • Combine with 27″W x 34″H Quartet® Total Erase® Whiteboard Accessory (210TEA) for an instant, durable writing surface that resists staining and ghosting
flipchart rental

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