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Pure AV was amazing to work with. They were very quick to respond and were able to accommodate all of our requests. Their service exceeded our expectations, and their professional ability to decorate the venue made all the difference. I would highly recommend Pure AV to anyone who has an event coming up and requires audio visual services.

Eunji Lee

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Interactive TVs and Video Walls

Pure AV’s digital touch systems are revolutionizing trade show and expo booths at conferences and conventions throughout Toronto and GTA. Not only is this technology defining the sector, but also changing the way exhibit spaces are being presented to guests. It is all about improving the interactivity of the events, keeping guests engaged, and applying world-class innovation to make every minute of the event count. Interactive display rental Toronto services provide a new way to share and deliver event information.

If you want to attract your guests with cool content, record their individual data or allow them to rate their experience, doing it with interactive technology does not only make it interesting, but equally efficient. Event organizers can also use display screens to play organization-related details. Whether it is a tabletop format or a video wall display, these interactive units allow attendees to have a closer look at the workings of the company in a more entertaining manner.

Video Walls & Interactive Social Media

What better way to utilize an interactive video wall than using a social media platform? Like everything else, all platforms are not made equally. A host or event marketer would want to ensure ample filtration and moderation of content that gets displayed on the screen. You do not want to expose what social media trolls have to say or any inappropriate pictures and language; hence, you would want to double down on ensuring your filters are perfect. 

Moreover, while Pure AV social media platform provides instant updates, it also sift irrelevant posts and display only feeds in line with your social wall goals. Our social networks limit access to the content that is not appropriate. A small but critical tool. This is why it is essential to collaborate with an established company like Pure AV on important products like interactive screens.

Data Analytics for Events

There are many upsides to using interactive display screens at events, however, the biggest benefit could be understand the spectators behavior. This unsung advantage gives organizers data to learn about the habits of the audience, thanks to the availability of analytics. With data obtained from the system, companies are able to better understand the needs of their customers. Whether it is improved buying experience, better desirable offers or more targeted advertising; the information gathered from these touchscreen displays is a great way to improve on audience engagement and customer retention.

Additionally, when used for registration, the technology can serve as an archive for guest identities, their interests, preferences, and of course, dissatisfaction. You are, at the least, able to know which part of the event or trade show booth they loved the most and which sessions could be improved. When used correctly, such information will help organizers draw larger crowds and record more substantial ROIs.

Booking Interactive Display Rental Toronto Services

Ultimately, Pure AV offers fully functional, cutting-edge, and reliable interactive display services from the start of your event to the end. Moreover, we help you harness data to improve on your planning. Our sales team also understands how tedious it can be to look for, book, receive, and setup this equipment. That is why, we as event professionals, simplify the process and make sure the touchscreens arrive at your event on time and in an orderly fashion. We also help you set up and display your content for attendees to see. Because of our top notch services, you can comfortably rely on Pure AV’s interactive display rental Toronto services. Reach out today and lets get started. But while you are waiting for our (fast) reply, visit Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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