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Audio Visual Needs for Trade Shows

Audio Visual Needs for Trade Shows

There’s nothing as killjoy in a tradeshow as seeing crowds continually walking past your booth without casting a glance at your selling point. In spite of all the hard efforts invested in creating an eye-catching display, it’s as though your stand is only at the event to fill up space. However, technology has a way of spicing things up.

One of the best ways to make your tradeshow booth as irresistible and exquisite as possible is by bringing in some instructiveness by way of audiovisuals. This provision does not just help you stand out from the rest but gives you more power to reap the spoils of the occasion. With a bit of assistance from experts, you will be able to create an enhanced, eye-catching, and attention-holding booth. So, what are the audiovisual needs for a tradeshow?

Personalized Interactive Displays

An essential factor is your success in creating a customer experience for your visitors. A good number of companies will side with interactive kiosks, social media walls, mobile connectivity, and even virtual reality to create such an experience. By way of interactive displays, your attendees will be able to connect easily with your brand and establish a connection that improves their experience with your booth. The audience wants to feel as involved as possible and would go for a touchscreen before a face-to-face talk. When you allow them to manipulate these interactions, you give them information fast and convince them of time well spent participating.


How about taking your interactive display up a notch? Then consider projection mapping, a display that uses conventional projectors to map light onto any surface using regular objects to achieve a 3D interactive design. If you do not want to use a projector screen, this is a great alternative. With projection mapping, you will be able to display beautiful images and videos onto any surface, even on your booth. In lieu of a regular white projection screen, it can be used to portray something dramatic enough to lure in attendees to your booth. If you have speakers, performers, and general booth sessions, 3D projection mapping will pour out great visuals without needing a real screen.

Motion Incorporation

In case you only have a simple tabletop display to work with, you can still be in the spotlight by using motion to attract visitors. In the league of attention grabbers, this one makes it to the top ranks, so there’s every need to get your hands on LED signage, and a few flat screen stands. Looking for an idea? Well, you can create marquees that program messages to blink, flash or crawl across the screen, to catch the attention of visitors and to get your messages to read. Another way to do this is simply using a laptop and a PowerPoint presentation – easier, isn’t it? When you incorporate the element of motion into your tradeshow display, your booth will, at the very least, be impressive – capturing attention and attracting more visitors.

It doesn’t end there. You can use tabletop kiosks, social media walls, and other AV tools experts like us will introduce you to. As some of the best hands in the audiovisual industry in Toronto, we are eager to help turn your booth to the talk of the tradeshow itself.