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2021 Virtual Event Trends

Adopting to Life with Virtual Events

It happened so fast… Within days event organizers and audio visual providers across Canada were forced to learn new ways to adapt and move quickly, including Pure AV. As we enter another year, we’re reflecting on last year’s upriser in virtual platform usage and hybrid event studio bookings. Below we will also anticipate how they 2021 virtual event trends may play out. Here are a couple of points our team wants to share with yours.

Hybrid & 2021 Virtual Event Trends

Pure AV Broadcast Studio Rental

Pure AV Studio Rental

What’s top-of-mind for the year ahead? To no surprise, in 2020 the number of companies planning virtual functions doubled, as many events were forced to shift to the web. Undoubtedly, virtual events hold a myriad of benefits to both businesses and consumers — they can reduce production costs resulting in higher ROI and increase accessibility for people who no longer have to factor in travel expenses and further fill already packed schedules. However, the levelling of the digital playing field has meant that consumers are oversaturated with virtual events and gatherings — there is fatigue.

In 2021, event organizers must ensure virtual events are driving value for their audience. Compelling content, great AV production and notable keynote speakers are a must-have to keep audiences engaged. That is why streaming/recording in a professional virtual or hybrid event studio continues to gather traction. For those looking to take it a step further, seeking out new formats like extended or augmented reality would “spice up” any soiree. In addition to advanced XR and AR levels of engagement, virtual platform often allow for tactics that make events more interactive, with quizzes, surveys, contests and more. This is typically known as gamification.

Can Pure AV help figure out the right product for YOU?

Virtual Platform for Corporate Events

Virtual Platform for Events

At Pure AV, we want to make sure you remain confident in your decision to booking a studio, or secure a virtual platform. That is why we provide versatility in this ever-changing technologically innovative marketplace.  Our team always take the time to explain the benefits of using the untapped potential of such products and services. From 24/7 support to seamless marketing/social media integration – there is a lot to discover.

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We look for forward to helping you with any virtual or hybrid event needs in the near future!