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I had the pleasure of working with this company for the first time. The first impression is everything to me. Not knowing much about AV equipment, Max and his team were incredible to work with. Purchased projector, screen, and multiple tvs. They came in and installed with no problems. All communications with this company were professional and they were very accommodating to our needs and timelines.

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Quality AV Upgrade For Your Conference Room



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Conference Room AV Installation

In the 21st century, technology moves at a fast pace. Even the day-to-day businesses requirements keep changing with global restrictions and travel modifications. In order to have timely communication with your co-workers and provide value-added services to your customers – a superb AV Installation for conference room is a must. You need seamless communication and endless information to make informed decisions. Quality service and latest conference room gear available can help you a lot in achieving this objective. No matter how you slice it and dice it – if you host remote calls/meetings in your office, you require conference room audio-visual services. Such technologically advanced systems have gained huge popularity in recent years as AV installation and integration have become integral for many workplaces. Technology is indeed the most efficient way to communicate in the present day.

Conference/ Meeting Room AV Services

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A good service provider will give you a complete installation package. The conference room AV installation services includes:

  • Room Layout device, 3D rendering and custom design as a part of pre-production.
  • Various accessories such as camera, display screens, microphones and speakers, control panels, Smart TVs, Large Format projection screens, etc.
  • Additional services and cabling necessary for the successful completion and connection of all gear aspects.
  • On-site assistance and training to help educate your staff using the equipment day to day.

There are certain aspects that are critical while installing a conference room.

  • TV/Projection Screen/Video Wall Display – visuals are a big part of conference room setups. They are also most important in helping you to see the colleagues sitting on other side of the city (or the world).
  • Microphones and Speakers – A right mix of microphones and speakers is another important addition to every AV installation. It is based on the kind the room size and number of communication points you require.
  • Camera – If you require to make video calls, having a camera is a must. You can choose a camera for your huddle space or pan-tilt-zoom camera for the large conference room.
  • Control Panel – A control panel is an important tool for the success of the AV installation. It must be easy to use which ensures a successful conference with a single touch.
  • Connectivity – Every tool that is equipped in your conference room requires connectivity. You can choose wired connectivity, wireless connectivity or a combination of both.
  • Interactive Whiteboards/Touchscreens – The interactive whiteboards allow you writing directly in the whiteboard during the call. These whiteboards can create a more engaging experience for the attendees.

Equipment mentioned above is essential for a “well dressed” audio visual conference room installation.

Booking Audio Visual Installations

If you are planning to get your conference room equipped with quality audio, video, lighting or streaming gear, our team encourages you to consider the equipment, as well as the workmanship quality.  You need to hire a AV Pure AV’s Installation for Conference Room professionals for a flawless experience. In case you need additional information, fill out the contact form below or email us at info@pureav.ca or call 1-800-929-7089. Afterwards, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Youtube. We look ahead to working with you and providing the perfect audio visual installation.


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