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Who We Are

Pure AV is one of a kind North American audio visual provider.

Our team designs and develops meaningful brand and customer experiences using digital AV equipment.

We take every client’s project/concept/idea and work with them to make it a reality.

Above all, our staff keeps things simple, friendly and memorable.

You can count on us to get the job done!

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What We Do

Pure AV takes on and conquers every challenge. We do so in collaboration with our clients.

As an expert trade show, conference, festival and corporate event production company, our team can comfortably execute any show throughout North America.

What makes us different? Pure AV combines business needs and design concepts, then pairs them with creative in person or hybrid AV services.

We share knowledge, ideas and ambitions openly – none of us alone are as wise as all of us together.

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What We Believe

In today’s connected world, the status quo is constantly challenged.

A new generation of consumers goes online to find the best audio, video and lighting solution.

To prove our value, Pure AV focuses on being smart, relevant and most of all, straightforward.

Pure AV’s goal is to always recommend skilled technicians and to use the best gear for the task at hand.

Try us out – you might like it!

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    I am in need of a virtual/hybrid event services to organize an online event - can Pure AV help?

    Without a question you have come to the right place!  Pure AV’s extraordinary virtual services can produce and record events all while streaming them online – to any platform of your choice. Visit our Live Streaming section to discover more.

    The venue I am using has an in-house AV company. Is there a way I can use Pure AV instead?

    Yes, you can still use our services! Even if the venue pushes you in the direction of their “exclusive” or “preferred” in house AV company, you can push back and request an outside vendor of your choice. Even if they make you pay an outside vendor fee, Pure AV’s pricing is still much more competitive! This is because we do not have to pay fees back to the venue for advertising our services.

    I don't have an exact location for my event yet. Can I still get a quote?

    Yes. We will put together the most accurate quote based on the information or concepts you share. Once the venue is confirmed, there may be a few small variables and your exact specs maybe changed. Most often the price will not be drastically impacted.

    Do you only provide rentals or installations as well?

    We can do both! If you need a permanent AV installation for your office, event space, church, or any other venue, we can help. We have a team of talented technicians (CLICK TO SEE VIDEO) that are versed in everything from IT to audio, video and lighting.

    Do you only rent equipment or could you operate the show as well?

    We can provide you with both. If it’s a straightforward TV rental, we are happy to save you some cash and let you operate it yourself. If you need lighting, audio, and video technicians for a bigger event, we can provide you with our highly skilled staff to execute the show from start to finish. The same applies for transportation. For smaller shows, we can help you with most requests at our warehouse, our team will even get you all loaded up and on the road. For bigger productions, Pure AV Event Technicians will always deliver and pick up.

    What information do I need to provide you with to get a quote?

    The more information you provide us with, the more accurate your quote will be. Some of the most important things we need to know are location, type of event, audience size, date of event, time of event, and any other audio, video or lighting gear details you could share. Alternatively, if you have an AV equipment list or an RFP for us to quote, we can do that as well.

    Do you provide renderings? Do you do site checks?

    Yes and yes. We can always provide you with a corporate or conference room 3D rendering. We will also gladly come on site and explain/show how it will look in the designated room.

    Could you create custom media content for my event?

    Yes. Content is king when it comes to playback on projection screens, TVs or video walls. We can help you create the best possible custom media content for your event designed with your theme in mind,
    and formatted to the pixel pitch of the screen to make it look even better. We work with the client to make sure their vision is executed how they imagined.

    My event is in the US do you have a location there?

    Yes. We have locations in Toronto and Las Vegas, which allows us to easily service both East and West coast clientele.