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We can’t thank Pure AV enough for the work they did for our community Visioning Night. Staff were under an enormous time crunch yet they made it happen smoothly and seamlessly - and everyone from the company was kind and helpful. I would recommend Pure AV services to anyone!

Nancy Reid Oldridge

Take Your Event Online



Share your vision with Pure AV so we can create an online platform. Step one of bringing your Virtual Event to life.


During the stream, Pure AV employs talented technicians & utilizes top-notch AV gear. Makes it easy for us to guarantee success!


Pure AV develops a strategic plan that guarantees timely online deployment and 100% customer satisfaction.


From sales, to project management and event technicians - we are there for our clients and all their needs.


Live Streaming Your Event

Webcasting, video conferencing and live streaming has revolutionized communication between businesses and their associates. A new idea of “virtual events” has been continuously gaining popularity since the technology first became available.

That should come as no surprise since pandemics happen more and more and travel costs continue go up in price. As a result, many companies are looking at alternatives that will ultimately save them money and allow the business to run smoothly in every circumstance.

From our past experience, the most effective way to deliver a message to a very large group is webcasting. With that said, booking video conferencing or live streaming services with Pure AV is affordable and quick.

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Webcasting and live streaming are exciting tools that allows users to share various types of audio and video in real time. Live event streaming, as well as recorded content hosting can present opportunities that no other service can offer. By webcasting your event on the internet, Pure AV is able to broadcast to thousands of people around the globe publicly; or privately to those who could not attend the event in person. So let us take your meetings to the next level! Our live streaming technicians can help you broadcast your breakout rooms, main plenaries, distribute content and marketing information to your clients, co-workers and employees.

Ask us about an efficient post event wrap up and a quick turnaround to get your content online. This way you can drive immediate traffic to your website and YouTube channel to increase rankings and popularity.

Professional Video Recording

In addition to webcasting, video coverage of your event can also be captured by Pure AV. Our experienced videographers can offer several packages and pricing levels for various budgets and needs. There is no need to get multiple angles and a post production crew if you are only filming/streaming a small conference room gathering. As with all bookings, we advise that you take advantage of our free consultation services well in advance of your event. This way we can ensure a smooth and efficient production.

Booking Webcasting With Pure AV

Given that we are well into the 21st century, webcasting technology drives corporations and organizations of every size and category. We encourage you to utilize webcasting services from Pure AV and explore the power of streaming your events live.

If you looking to get some more information, please fill out the contact form below, email us at info@pureav.ca or call 1-800-929-7089. In the meantime, take a look at Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

We look forward to hearing about your webcasting and live video streaming needs.


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