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Latest Audio Visual Trends

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For audiovisual lovers, there is so much to look out for in 2021 with major brands announcing breathtaking inventions that promise to light up the audiovisual industry. Without mincing words, audiovisual technology is evolving at an incredible pace; this means AV specialists, IT managers, marketers, business owners together with event planners need to brace up to enjoy the incredible benefits that come with this intriguing tech.

This year has seen a lot of incredible trends in the audiovisual world, and as a marketer, business owner, and event planner you need to keep up to date with this trend and deliver on the latest audio visual trends that will leave your clients, and target audience overwhelmed. One way to go about it, so you don’t miss out on this trend is always to ask them what they are using. More so, don’t forget to ask them why they chose the top brands they work with, this will help you make an informed decision on which trends to go for.

Without any further ado, here are some mind-blowing AV trends to watch out for in 2021, most of this technology promises to revolutionize the audiovisual industry so make sure you don’t miss out on them.

Projection Mapping

This audio visual trend is a breath of fresh air and is guaranteed to add an extra dimension to your event. Projection mapping goes way beyond your everyday video projection. This trend promises to wow your mind, adding that creative twist to your events.

How does it work? We are glad you asked, read on, and you’ll find out in a bit. This trend involves the use of two or more projectors to extend images across multiple irregular surfaces. Projection mapping easily displays multiple images or videos on irregular flat surfaces like your typical four walls, seamlessly creating a 360 panoramic illusion you’ll be enchanted about. For your advertising campaign, conferences, presentations, trades show or other significant events, this is the technology you can always depend on.

360 advanced video displays is the darling of them all. This audiovisual trend fully utilizes 4k displays and VR systems on the market today to deliver incredible audiovisual experiences. For business owners and marketers whose job requires heavy presentation with graphics, this is one trend you don’t want to miss out on. And because this technology is gaining lots of attention, there are lots of suppliers offering this service, so you wouldn’t have to break the bank for it. Think you want to give it a try for your next event? You wouldn’t go wrong to reach out to us today. As a matter of fact, that’s what we love doing, hooking our clients up with the best trends in the audiovisual world that will help boost their brand.

3d video projection mapping

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality is becoming a buzz word in the audiovisual industry, thanks to tech giants who are inundating us with the possibilities of this technology. And while there is a dividing line between visual reality and augmented reality, you can’t but agree that this technology is simply in the world of its own. Professionals like to think of virtual reality as active while augmented reality as passive. However, both tech can be used and very much made part of our daily lives. Think of them like playing your favorite video games nicely settled on your couch or playing games on your smartphone while in the queue for Starbucks.

VR AV Toronto

Although popular in the gaming world, VR and AR technology are becoming very much part of the entertainment industry and is prepped to deliver unique experiences like never before. You too can be part of this growing trend by making it part of your event. The icing on the cake is that you can deploy VA and AR technology to your conferences, marketing campaigns or important presentations, cool right?

Live Video Streaming

This is becoming the new normal in the audiovisual industry and promises to give other trends a run for their money. And if you aren’t from the Stone Age, we are sure you must have heard about live streaming. Today, social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media Platforms give users a sneak peek of what this technology is about. While this trend has been popular for quite some time now, the best part is that marketers and business owners have begun leveraging this technology to push their businesses to the next level.

Event Live Streaming Toronto

Want to organize a conference from the comfort of your home, or you have a presentation to make, and you’re looking for a smart way to do this without breaking a sweat? You’ll find live steaming impeccable and worth your time. Don’t know how to go about it? Good news is we can put you through every step of the way.

Audio Visual Services Over The Next Decade?

For those who don’t already know, audiovisual is prepped to make a statement that will resound for a long time. And this isn’t surprising given the fact that audiovisual is increasingly becoming a powerful tool you can use to communicate your brand story and share your mind breaking products and services with the world. Make no mistake about it; just as audiovisuals are becoming an integral part of your businesses, they are also becoming a part of everyone’s life, so you either go with the trend or play catch up which we know you wouldn’t want to settle for.

Booking Pure AV Services

As the world continues to enjoy overwhelming digital revolution, it is expected that there would be a massive adoption of these audiovisual trends. Don’t be left behind, make the most of this trend for your business and you’ll be excited you did. If you want further insight on how these trends can completely transform your brand, we will be thrilled to give you all the exciting details you’ll ever need and more. Reach out to us today, let’s put your business where it truly deserves to be.

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