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Corporate Event Budget Planning

Corporate Event Planning template


When choosing a venue for a corporate event, attention should be given to the location of the venue and how convenient it will be for all attendees. A neutral venue that does not seem to favour or place any of the attending parties at a disadvantage should be an ideal choice in this case. The venue should also be well equipped with specific services, this should be achieved through inquiries. Information on whether the venue offers technical services, catering services, technical support staff among others should be considered as well. For the comfort and smooth running of the event, the venue should be well ventilated or air conditioned and should be of acoustical standard.

Equipment Rental/ Audiovisual services

The success of any corporate event depends largely on the audio visual component. All the equipment that will be used at the event should be secured on time. Audio and visual devices, screens, projectors, speakers, microphones, tablets, and other technical devices should be adequately provided and checked to avoid hitches. PURE AV, a leading company in providing audiovisual services will be your best bet in this situation; they will check out the venue to decide the most suitable services and then provide these efficiently. They will also be on the ground through the event to make sure all goes smoothly. PURE AV will ensure the all-round success of your event as it relates to the audio visual component.

Internet/ WiFi

Depending on the needs of the event, reliable internet access should be provided. Even if it is not a requirement of the event, WiFi should be provided for convenience.

Proposed Budget

A proposed budget contains the estimated costs of all the requirements listed above. This can also be seen as the proposed cost of the event. These can be gathered from surveys and inquiries. It is advisable to give a wide margin in estimation to leave enough room to go for the best affordable option in a range. Even though cost management is important, quality is essential as well. Quotes from all vendors will most likely be revised multiple times before reaching a number that works for everyone.


Corporate events, be it meetings, conferences or training events are serious and usually have a lot weighing on them. Therefore the success of such should be a topmost priority to the one who plans them. The different activities and modules that ensure success should be paid due attention, the role of audio visuals, in particular, cannot be undermined. The above template covers all that is needed to pull off a successful corporate event. Flexibility is always encouraged, but more so is efficiency and accountability.

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