Social Media Wall For Events


Social Media Walls For Events

If you’re an event marketer, it is your mandate to design and amalgamate all the elements that will bring forth amazement to your event. You spend countless hours trying to make good on every detail, so on the big day everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

With a lot at stake, bringing out the “WOW” factor from your guests is not easy. But, there’s something that can continuously keep the attendees engaged to the function called a social media media wall rental

What’s The Wall About?

A social wall is a live feed that entails posts from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Commonly called Instagram feed or Twitter Wall, it is a giant LED or LCD display used to post content. Thanks to social media software/tools which collects all data resulting from particular hashtags or handles we can display this dynamic content on these screens.

The wall is more of an “Always On” content generator, as new feeds will continuously get pulled in during the event. There are multiple reasons an event marketer should add a social wall to the function. Of all, the most persuasive is that it increases engagement during the event.

Truth be told, people love to be recognized for what they do; and in this case, what they type. What better way to do that than to have their picture or their tweet on a massive screen for everyone else to see? Not only does this provision help you appreciate guest efforts, but also makes them more involved during the event.

Social Media Post Generator and Filters

Like everything else, all social media platforms are not made equally. A host or event marketer would want to ensure ample filtration and moderation of content that gets displayed on the screen. You do not want to expose what social media trolls have to say or any inappropriate pictures and language; hence, you would want to double down on ensuring your filters are perfect. Competitor content and things your organization internally frowns on is not something you want to put up for your guests to stare at.

Your social media, while providing instant content updates to make your feed continuous throughout the event, should be able to sift irrelevant posts and display only feeds in line with your social wall goals. Social networks limit access to the content on their network to a trusted provider, so it is essential to collaborate with an established company.

Social Media Wall Rental

With our experience, top of the line equipment and commitment to quality, PureAV assures you of the best results from your social media walls. Moreover, PureAV aims to increase interactivity, while intensifying social network activity, creating branding experiences and boosting engagement. 

Reach out today to find out how our team can help you with the integration of social media walls.


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