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Projector rental services are often the first gear item people consider for presentations, seminars and conferences. Generally speaking, projectors are classified as Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Laser. All three projector rental options are important as they offer vibrant and clear images and videos. Depending on individual’s needs, projectors can even be classified in terms of brightness, contrast, connectivity and resolution.

For example, when comparing SD projectors with HD projectors we are able bringing videos, photos and power points to life with breathtaking quality. Therefore, Pure AV is happy to offer HD projector as a part of our inventory including high end brands like NEC, Christie, Barco and Panasonic. These units offer visual quality that is much higher than your traditional projector.

Our team keeps customers the highest service level, offering tripod screens, and fold-able screen ranging from HD 5:9 ft to 13:24 ft and SD 6:8 to 10.5:14ft screens; as well as everything in the middle. Every customer can find the right projector and screen for their event, party or corporate meeting.

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Customers always believe that it is good to purchase projectors, instead of renting, as it helps to cut cost for the long run. However, company staff who purchases these projectors might have to be the ones to maintain them as well. With limited knowledge and experience on projector management, staff might have difficulties. In addition, projectors fail fast without proper maintenance, replacement is extremely expensive. Projector rental help solve such issues completely.

Equipped with trained and experienced engineers, Pure AV ensures all projectors are maintained and arrive in good condition. We always guarantee product quality because all repairs compete before shipping.

If customers purchased projectors, these units may be satisfactory in the near future. Reason being – technology of LCD, DLP and Laser keeps developing. Pure AV helps solve such issues by offering different projector rental packages. Moreover, all customers will get the most up to date technology for every occasion or rental!

Booking A Projector Rental with Pure AV

Pure AV offers more than “production level” options, since such packages are only advised to customers with advanced knowledge. During discussion with customers, we will listen and understand all your requirements. We have well-trained professionals on staff that offer the best services in the audio visual and projector rental industry.

Furthermore, customers will get immediate and professionals feedback from Pure AV. We are even willing to explain every step of projector rental process. With great service and products, Pure AV is the best choice ever in projector rental industry.

Feel free call our customer service 1-800-929-7089 or email for additional information and details. Afterwards, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. We promise you will be intrigued!


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