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As technology changes at an extraordinary pace, audio visual services continue to evolve as well. A big part of this evolution is the growing popularity of projection mapping.

Whether used for a creative marketing campaign, a corporate function or advertisement, this technology is guaranteed to stand out. For entertainment at large events, projection mapping will definitely leave a lasting impression with any audience. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to surface transformation! Without a doubt, the visual impact of projection mapping transcends ordinary video playback to deliver memorable experiences for any audience.

So how does it work? In short, we cast images, videos or other content on almost any flat or irregular surface. This creates dynamic visuals, transforming reality into illusions and images of infinite possibilities. This type of technology is ideal for advertising, branding, entertainment, conferences, and trade show presentations. The result are quite stunning!

Furthermore, Pure AV achieves this level of superb visuals by using top quality projectors and media servers. As part of our inventory we carry high end brands like NEC, ChristieBarco and Panasonic. These projectors offer visual quality that is much higher than your traditional units. In regards to media servers, our staff members have been certified for the top 3 devices available on the open market – Coolux Pandora’s BoxArkaos Media Master Pro and Resolume Arena. A combination of top quality video, amazing warping/blending ability and unparalleled technical skills results in a visual experience unlike any other.

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