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The Mississauga Convention Centre is not just your regular event center. Trust us when we say these guys are a cut above the rest. And that’s all thanks to the impeccable services they offer their guests. While there is no doubt that this event center will help you organize the events of your dream, what has attracted many to this center is their employees who are known for their attention to detail. Everyone at this venue focuses on offering guests exemplary customer care services. With a blend of exceptional services for both weddings, social events, and corporate functions, Mississauga Convention Centre Audio Visual services has all you’ll ever need to organize a luxurious event. At Mississauga Convention Centre, their goal is to offer guest exceptional services they wouldn’t get from other event places.

Capacity & Location

Securely located on 75 Derry Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3, Canada, this incredible event Centre is designed to make your event pop. From groundbreaking architecture to state of the art facilities, Mississauga Convention Centre has the space, staff, facilities and other services you’ll need to organize a successful event. Regardless of the size of your event or the number of guests you’re expecting, the Mississauga Convention Centre has the space needed to accommodate your wishes and needs. The cool part is that this venue can accommodate up to 2,400 guests depending on how you want the room configured to suit your event. Mississauga Convention Centre is known for their impressive services that have been tailored to suit all your events need. And depending on what you want, you can even get services customized to suit your events.


Mississauga is known to serve their guest some of the best meals on the planet. And while they take their food quite seriously, they recognize that taste varies, that’s why they offer guests different blends of delectable cuisines to choose from. So, if what you want is an exciting Canadian cuisine or you want to grab a taste of meals whipped by some of the best chefs in the world, you wouldn’t go wrong to give their cuisine a try. Interestingly, their catering team is always happy to work with you to choose some of the best meals your guest would savor. Reach out to them, and you’ll be impressed.

Audio Visual Services

Finally, your event isn’t complete without the best audiovisual services that will help spice up your events. Good enough, you have nothing to worry about as Pure AV have you covered on this one. Get in touch with us, let’s show you a blend of exciting audiovisual services, tailored to make your event a success. At the venue we can offer:

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