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Audio, Video, Lighting & Rigging Solutions in Hamilton

Pure AV is your local audio visual service and rental source, with offices throughout Ontario. Renting from our Hamilton AV solutions teams means more than just renting great audio visual equipment, you are getting amazing customer service and technical knowledge. Pure AV provides all the support and services you need to ensure a successful corporate meeting, trade show, festival or personal function. Many of our smaller visuals rental packages such as SD projectors, tripod projectors, screens and audio speakers can be picked up from one of our convenient locations. Every rental can include setup demonstration and 24/7 support team. Select Pure AV’s full-service option for worry free event success, with onsite technical support provided by friendly, professional AV technicians.

Hamilton AV Solutions For All Events

Pure AV has extensive experience managing audio visual equipment and providing services from small to large corporate meetings, industry trade shows and academic conferences. Our AV services support can scale from 10 person meetings to large ballroom sessions. We can provide services such as rear-projection screens, a teleprompter, sound reinforcement, polished switching between video cameras and other video sources, all while being webcast to viewers around the country. In any instance, we look forward to working closely with you to ensure a highly professional, yet affordable Hamilton AV solutions.

The basics AV requirements of any meeting are pretty clear, you need a high quality sound system plus display equipment of appropriate quality and size for your venue and audience size. Your Hamilton AV solutions company should be able to make recommendations for suitable PA systems and display options that meet your budget. Beyond a sound system and projection gear though, what other meeting gear should you consider? Lets us know by filling out the contact us form below.

Stage and Backdrop Rental

The first tip is to put your presenter on a stage. This might seem obvious, but it is commonly overlooked. It does not have to be a large stage. Simply raising up the presenter above ground level makes them easier to see and gives the event a focal point. Even for a one hour meeting in a lobby with one presenter, renting a simple 4×4 riser with a podium will be helpful. For a more involved event, an actual stage set may be something to consider. Creative seating for panel members, show and tell items, signage or props are a good starting point.

Custom designed backdrops are expensive, but simply blocking off the background with an appropriate color pipe and drape creates a great stage. It is typical to dim the lights of a meeting room to display the best projected images. All too often, the audience is forced to turn all of their attention to the presentation material as the speaker is literally left in the dark. Adding a few stage lights is not very expensive and keeps the audience engaged with both the speaker and the displayed content.

Podium Rental

Rent clear acrylic podium from our Hamilton AV solutions team. Do not make the beginners mistake of putting an important presenter behind a wreck of a podium. Make sure that the podium provided by your venue or Hamilton AV solutions company has a professional look and feels appropriate for your event. A clear acrylic podium is a sleek, contemporary option of choice for many companies. Clear podiums have a friendlier feel since the speaker is not separated from the audience. If your speaker is shorter or taller than average, you might consider raising the podium or providing a step for your shorter presenters. The presenter should look comfortable and confident behind the podium, and a few quick measurements will avoid an awkward situation when they step up to make their opening remarks.

Video Display Rental

The goal of the presenter is to connect with the audience and in order to keep audiences engaged, consider multiple screens with large scale messaging. LED/LCD Video walls and HD projectors with screens are commonly put behind or on either side of the stage. The larger the screen(s) carrying specific detailed content, powerpoint presentations, videos… the easier it will be to keep your client’s attention. Inquire without Hamilton AV solutions team for more info.

Another important aspect to make sure the keynote speaker is connecting with the audience is to install a confidence monitor. Another option is to have the presentation laptop on the podium. However, the laptop screen blocks the speaker and the presenter is often looking down at their presentation instead of out at the audience. The professional AV solution for this situation is to add one or two large flat screen confidence monitors at the edge of the stage and have the laptop controlled by the presenter remotely with a handheld clicker. The presenter sees exactly what is on the projection screens as they look out into the audience. Your speaker will be thankful for these useful tools and your audience will get a great presentation.

Booking Hamilton AV Solutions

Pure AV can provide all of these meeting elements and more to make your next event a great success. With that in mind, we hope you find these Hamilton AV solutions options appealing. If so, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below, emailing info@pureav.ca or calling 1-800-929-7089. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. But while you are waiting, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. We promise you will be intrigued!


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