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Pure AV was amazing to work with. They were very quick to respond and were able to accommodate all of our requests. Their service exceeded our expectations, and their professional ability to decorate the venue made all the difference. I would highly recommend Pure AV to anyone who has an event coming up and requires audio visual services.

Eunji Lee

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Corporate, Private & Online Event Production Lighting

Most event goers (and online viewers) can agree on one simple thing –  lighting can be extremely effective when used correctly. At Pure AV we are happy to work with customers  to create a perfectly lit event, may it be in person, or online. Our commitment adds dazzling colours to inadequate presentation spaces. Pure AV offers various event lighting rental options, including:

  • Dance Lighting
  • Stage/Podium Lighting
  • Projected Monograms and Logos
  • Décor Lighting
  • Dance Lighting
  • Spot Lighting

Dance Lighting

Pure AV offers moving head dance fixtures. A list of inventory offers fixtures from some of the most reputable brands such as MartinChauvetClay Paky and Vari Lite. These are the biggest brands for moving head dance lighting. Pure AV also employs exceptional lighting designers, who can make any room come alive. With their support, customers will provide extraordinary experiences for meetings. In addition, controlling dance lights is complicated. Consequently, without the help of great lighting designers, customers might not maximize the potential of the lighting rental.

Stage & Camera Lighting

In addition to dance lights, we are pleased to offer staging and stage products to spotlight the presenters and make everyone look good on camera. Inviting guest speakers to present under stage lighting can help highlight the importance of the keynote speaker. Participants will always naturally focus on a keynote guest. Pure AV offers lighting rental options that other companies cannot. If customers have any particular requirements, please feel free to contact our customer service specialists.

Décor Uplighting

Decor lighting can be used to decorate event venues and highlight certain features of every room. Pure AV is the market leader in the use of LED uplighting technologies, which guarantee to recreate elegant atmospheres and vibrant room colours. When guests arrive, meeting venues with stylish set lighting design and selective wall uplighting has everyone impressed. Pinspots on tables and coloured wall washes help to complete transformation of any atmosphere. Uplighting is usually referred to an effect that is created by pointing LED parcans upwards onto physical surfaces. The purpose of uplighting is to create dramatic effect and highlight focal points in an event space. Some uplighting can be also regarded as accent lighting, which provides a softer indirect light. The interesting element of uplighting is its various effects. For example, uplighting with fixtures near a wall can display subtle effects. Participants in meeting venue can see the object which is softly highlighted. On the contrary, uplighting can also be placed behind objects in order to create a silhouette.

Projection Mapping & Lighting

In addition to traditional audio and video services, Pure AV is a trusted event lighting rental and audio visual production services partner that empowers your advertising. Investing into state-of-the-art technology, Pure AV is able to offer solutions to the most unique challenges that event organizers face. Our trained technicians can project any desired logo or brand name on floors and ceilings of any venue. If your company would like to have logos or brand name displayed on walls using the traditional method, you will need staff to decorate, print graphics, which is time-consuming. Moreover, the innovative options offered from Pure AV helps save time and money.

The innovative options help to create professional brand recognition among event attendees. Traditional way only allowed customers to put the company logo on walls with printed banners. With our advanced technology, Pure AV is able to offer many projection options to our valued customers. For example, a company logo can be displayed with changing colours, sizes and even dimensions. Those are the great ways to attract customers.

Booking Professional Event Lighting Rentals

Furthermore, we specialize in all kinds of audio visual services. Pure AV is able to help out with most requests, including: conferences, meetings, conventions, special events, festivals, concerts, and online events etc. We hope a combination of lighting information and additional AV rental options has gained your interest. If so, please fill out the form below and get in touch with our sales staff at your earliest convenience. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. Lastly we ask that you slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. We promise you will be intrigued by our event lighting rental pacakges!


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