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There are a lot of things that make Toronto very special for both first time and returning visitors. Yes, the food is excellent, the people are welcoming, and above all, there are lots of highlight spots that add this touch of awesomeness to an already beautiful city. But that aside, do you also know that Toronto boasts of myriads of beautiful architectural pieces that will leave you awestruck? No wonder why this town enjoys a lot of attention from visitors and tourists who are simply blown away by all of the things Toronto promises.

Talking about architectural masterpieces, the Enercare Centre has been dubbed one of Canada’s largest exhibition and event center and has hitherto hosted some of the biggest events including trade shows, conferences, and other popular functions. For your company’s next event, you may want to give this venue a try, while employing the best Enercare Center audio visual provider company

Enercare Centre Audio Visual Provider

Why Enercare Centre Toronto?

While there are lots of incredible event centers in Toronto, the Enercare Centre has no doubt earned its reputation as one of the finest and most spacious event centers in Toronto. Located at the Exhibition Place, this event centre has played host to some of the most talked about events in Toronto; without mincing words, the Enercare Centre has become a leading destination for trade shows, consumer shows, conferences and other meetings. With 8 connected halls and an arena that can hold well over 8, 200 people, it’s easy to see why the centre is highly sought after.

More interestingly, the centre boasts of a lot of decent food booths, so your visitors have no worries especially when they are looking for a good place they can grab a bite of their favorite meals, snacks or drinks. If you’re ever in need of an event place that will give your event that recognition it deserves while giving your audience an experience they will always relish, you should seriously consider giving this event centre a try. What’s more? We are glad you asked. The Enercare Centre boasts of state of the art facilities designed to give event organizers and their audience the comfort they truly deserve.

Another thing that stands this event centre out from others in Toronto is its parking space. Without a doubt, there are very few event places that have a large and dedicated parking space where visitors can easily park their vehicles without any hassle. And although many of the parking spaces are paid parking space, you and your visitors can have that peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are safe while enjoying your show or event.

Enercare Centre Toronto Audio Visual Services

For a remarkable experience you and your audience will love, you wouldn’t be disappointed to give Enercare Centre a try for your company’s next event. Trust us when we say you’ll be more than pleased. The cool part is that while hosting your events in Enercare Centre, you can spruce up your events with the latest audiovisual services. And with PureAV to the rescue, you have access to the best audiovisual services designed to make your event a blast.  Reach out right away let’s add that touch of class your event needs to stand out and stand tall. Inside & outside the venue we can offer:

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