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Working with Walter and the Pure AV team has been nothing short of amazing. They are incredibly efficient and know more about A/V than most companies I have worked within this industry. There is no problem too big for them and every time I use them, I think to myself “how could I have ever done this without them?".

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Custom Video Development Toronto: When professionally done, custom video content is compelling, relevant and effective. Now more than ever, the capacity to engage, interact and retain customers is critical to the success of any enterprise. If you are on the lookout for a creative way to enter the spotlight and separate yourself from the rest, you should be giving your audience the best possible content. Our custom content packages can accommodate every event for any industry, with understanding, relevance and creativity.

Content Development for Conference

In order to deliver a message effectively during an event, you need quality media content. Whether it’s countdowns for start times/breaks or if it’s titles and graphics while a speaker is presenting, these features make a huge difference. If you’re a conference producer, presenter, sponsor or attendee, good content will improve the overall look and success of the conference. This is ultimately benefiting everyone as each person’s reputation is tied into the event. We can even make pre-conference marketing content that focuses on generating excitement and sales. With our services you can incorporate certain content into a live broadcast or recording and add effects/features to users viewing the conference from a different location. Many conferences do not share this content publicly because they make it into paid products or send a copy of presentations to attendees after the event as a feature included in the price of their ticket. Whatever your plans are for conference presentations and post conference video editing, we are here to help!

Content Development for Trade Shows

About 70% of retail brands said they notice orders increase significantly when users watch just one video of their product in action. With limited time to dig deep into product benefits with each visitor at a trade show, why not have a video playing alongside or behind the product? A quality LED video wall along with some touch screen tvs can grab people’s attention and set you apart from the booths next to you. We can create custom media content for both!

If you are looking for a custom media creation company, Pure AV is your best bet. We can do 2D and 3D graphics packages using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects along with side plugins, Adobe Photoshop, Mocha, Cinema 4D including Arnold, Octane, Redshift renders and Krakatoa, X-Particles, Turbulence FD plugins.

Content Development for Projection-Mapping

Want to blow people’s minds? Whether for a marketing activation or special event, projection mapping is the newest technology that can help you do just that. You can project anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface! Projection mapping onto a non-traditional or flat surface is possible with Pure AV’s laser projectors. In some cases they can even detect and interact with body movement. Keep in mind a 3-dimensional projection will require top-notch media content, especially if it’s interactive. Consider your budget and how ample the venue space is before beginning to brainstorm your ideas as the technology will not place limits on your imagination but other factors might. Working with a trusted and experienced AV company will make things easier and more effective. Trust Pure AV to provide the right gear and develop all the necessary content.

Content Development for Concerts

The present day concert happens to be more than just gathering an audience and doing on-stage performances. Almost every show requires a large amount of audio visual gear such as lighting, speakers and video walls all contributing in their own way to the overall production. You need to develop quality visuals that will keep the audience engaged and guide people’s mood/energy to the music throughout the event. Using large LED screens, you can deliver live or pre-made content to create an impressive visual show. The need for such content increases when you are organizing electronic music festivals. We know what your audience wants to see, we surprise them with visual content that’s even better.

Content Creation for Presentations

No one wants to suffer death by PowerPoint. The software can be an excellent tool for small in-office presentations, but not much can be achieved with old themes, distracting transitions and corny animation tricks for bigger events. If your performance is text-heavy, your audience would rather read their notes. But if you incorporate videos into your presentations, they will improve the overall audience experience. First, your audience’s attentiveness and eagerness will increase. Secondly, as a presenter it will make the keynote more exciting. Consider our services to create custom video content for any presentation.

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