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Our experience and quality service help our valued customers improve productivity, cut cost and solve challenges. As a trusted partner in conference equipment rental services, we provided reliability and security for every client. Pure AV understands that our customers have challenges, such as the increasing operating cost and event event organization issues. Therefore, we offer a trusted conference equipment solution to their enterprises. With our services and equipment, customers avoid risks and cut down the expenses.

Conference Equipment Rental Company

Pure AV’s conference equipment rental focuses on big and small meeting rooms alike. If customers would like to arrange a meeting in larger rooms with more participants, Pure AV is happy to assist you in providing more audio speakers with microphones, cameras, projection screens, LCD and LED video walls, etc. If clients have sufficient budget, Pure AV encourages them to consider a system for video conference.

When picking the right system, keep in min that there are many factors that can affect the performance. These include: IT routing, infrastructure layout, poor connection points and even firewall settings. The charges depend on the types of the services, which Pure AV is happy to provide the guidance.

Audio Visual, Speakers, Line Array, Truss, Moving Heads, Martin Mac Aura, Staging, Lighting, JBL Vertec, Conference, Summit, AV, Toronto, Product Launch, AV Production, Audio Visual ProductionConference Equipment – Projectors

Conference projectors are some of the most popular conference equipment rental services from Pure AV. These units help feed from media servers, laptops and even cameras onto large screens. There are two important parameters of conference projectors – brightness and resolutions. So whenever customers decide to rent projectors, a few details must be considered.

Since projectors cannot produce sounds, customers should consider sound equipment. For more details on how to select the right projectors and audio devices to enhance presentation, please feel free to contact our conference equipment rental team.

Conference Equipment – Projector Screens

Projector screens are very common conference equipment rental options. Pure AV is delighted to offer a wide range of sizes and styles, which are suitable for most venues and events. Keep in mind, selecting the screen is not difficult, however, there are some precautions. For example: in order to select a larger screen, a brighter projector is often recommended. In addition, before customers select projector screens, Pure AV suggests customers to check the height of the meeting room or venue. Otherwise, there might be a risk that the projector screens will fitting in the venue. You can also schedule a site check and our staff will gladly do so for you!

Audio Conference Equipment

Inventory at Pure AV has a wide range of power amplifiers and speakers from the leading manufacturers and suppliers. Furthermore, conference equipment rental from PureAV also offer different types of wireless microphones, ranging from lapels to handhelds and headsets. Above all, our wireless microphones are in ULX and UHF frequency, which is a secured signal without interference from atmosphere and surrounding environment.

Conference Staging

Staging is essential as a raised surface for product display and keynote speaking. At time sturdy staging is a must. Pure AV’s decks are highly rated and suitable for anyone, including multiple band members or special performers. Most importantly, staging is crucial for enterprises, including presentation, award ceremony, etc. Our stage deck section come in 4×8 ft as well as 4x4ft sections. With the truss support, the surface sections can rise for 2-7ft in height.

Booking Conference Equipment

Lastly, Pure AV conference equipment rental department has a wide variety of video, audio and staging for customers to select from. Pure AV is here to offer advice to the most and least experiences clients. We simply want to help.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below, emailing or calling 1-800-929-7089. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. But while you are waiting, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.


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