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Audio Visual Basics for Event Planners

audio visual basic for event planners

Audio Visual Basics for Event Planners

When it comes to the overall appearance of a venue, an audio checklist is extremely important. However, the effectiveness of the event will also depend on this list and even choosing the venue will rely on this very same thing. You might be asking yourself, audio visual is a combination of visual and sound components at an event. In most cases, this refers to the lighting, screens, and sound systems in a particular venue but the scope of these devices and components is different in every instance. Here is a brief rundown of the basics you need to consider for audiovisual at an event:

Basic Components for Audio Visuals at an Event

Choosing the VenueChoosing the venue is an extremely important decision and the event organizer should have a visual representation in mind when it comes to the overall appearance. At the same time, there are certain logistics which need special attention and ample time is needed to ensure everything is done right. For example, electrical outlets are needed for every aspect of audio visuals. Without sufficient outlets, there is likely to be complications with the setup. Furthermore, the venue should be conducive to the components, in a sense that there needs to be structures from which the lighting can be attached and enough space for presentation equipment etc. We can bring everything in to accommodate client’s needs, but it certainly needs to be discussed.

Assessing the EquipmentAs already mentioned, you will need to assess the number of electrical outlets in the venue but you will also require an audio visual checklist before you can know what this entails exactly. That is to say, you need to know the number of cameras, lights, microphones, and computers before you can know the requirements for choosing the right venue.

In some instances, a microphone or speakers may not be needed for an event. However, this is quite uncommon and mostly confined to very small events take place in particularly small rooms. As a rule, if there are more than forty attendees, microphones and speakers are necessary. Similarly, if video is being used during the event, there really should be speakers to amplify this sound. After all, even the best movie directors emphasize that audio is often the most important aspect of filmmaking. Finally, if the speaker intends to walk around during this presentation, a wireless microphone is necessary.

One Screen or More? – Although one screen is sometimes enough at an event, depending on the size of the room, two screens can increase the impact of a presentation. In this sense, the screens can be placed on either side of a stage or in strategic locations to ensure every seat in the house.

Most often, projectors will feature on an audiovisual checklist and while these are rather expensive, a decent projector is a perfect aide for a speaker. Needless to say, you will need a screen on which to project these visuals and you should decide on the placement of this screen when choosing the venue. On the other hand, whiteboards or flip charts also feature prominently during presentations. Naturally, if you do decide to go with this option, you will need to include whiteboard markers on your audiovisual checklist.

Mastering the LightingLighting is one of the most affordable ways to transform a venue and an obvious necessity for audio visual at any event. Lighting dictates the mood and without the right balance, this can be the difference between a clear presentation and one that leaves the audience squinting throughout the presentation. With this in mind, there must also be a facility to dim this lighting in order to accentuate the screen(s) in the room.

Laptops Does the presenter have a laptop which can easily integrate with the existing setup? As you know, this is often where the audio functions or playlist will originate and this must also connect to the speakers. In every instance, this should be tested long in advance of the start of a presentation to ensure there is enough time to organize a backup or alternative solution.

Recording & Streaming the Event – Is this an event you might want to publish on social media or use as a reference in the future? If so, you will need to take the required camera equipment and have this set up prior to the event. Keep in mind, the camera requires a lavalier microphone to get the most out of the occasion.

Technical AssistanceAlthough many of the most common issues or glitches at an event are easily fixed, medium to large events should have a technician onsite. Indeed, you may want to use this as an opportunity to cut costs but the truth is, you need a technician for the times when you least expect to need one.

Internet & Wi-Fi – In a time when the online world is taking over the real one, the internet is usually expected at an event. However, the use of the internet as part of a presentation or audio visuals is just as common. For this reason, the event should have easy access to the internet and an audio visual checklist should always incorporate a mobile hotspot or facility of some kind which can cater for this access.

Audio visual Services at Events

As you can see, this is merely a rundown of the basics for audio visuals and a checklist to help event planners when it comes to reducing any risk of problems on the day of an event. At the same time, every event requires a different approach and in every instance, the success of an event is likely to come down to the amount of care and preparation that is taken to define an audio visual checklist.

Audio Visual Tips to Create Successful Events

Audio Visual Services for Events

In today’s technologically driven world, nothing is complete without visuals and sounds. For every event to become successful, audio setups play an integral role without which the shows become boring and not attractive. So, if you are planning to have a big event whether it’s a concert, seminar, conference or any other particular show then, you definitely need to know the audio tricks so that people can actually enjoy the essence of the event. Don’t know where to start and who to contact? Worry not as we are here to guide you step by step in making a big event just for your benefit!

  1. Find Creativity

The one big game-changing factor for making an event successful is the creativity. No matter how much you are going to pay for all the setup and equipment – if your audiovisual supplier doesn’t have the creative insight, the event is not going to grab the guests right attention.

Projection mapping is one of the latest technology in the field of audio visual which basically makes 3D projections on flat surfaces. Almost all the top-notch companies use this art in their hi-fi presentations, seminars and events. We at Pure AV provides the best quality projection mapping facility with the reliable and efficient tools and projectors.

  1. Design Your Own Theme

Bringing individuality and uniqueness in your event is a must so that it can be differentiated from all the other similar events. Plan out your own theme and design, discuss it with your team and then contact the appropriate audio visual supplier. Make sure to convey your own idea to them so that they can arrange a customizable setup for your event. The crew at Pure AV can help you to translate your ideas into practical suggestions and solutions.

  1. Go Digital

What could be better than making your whole event a digitalized function? Discuss with your audio visual supplier to provide you with all the available digital methods that can enhance the sound quality. Today, everything is possible. You just need the vision and courage to change every situation. A good company can easily transform a ballroom into a conference setting. It just needs all the right technology and gear.

  1. Connect

Making use of all the opportunities is one way to get success. Make use of the fact that almost everyone who is going to come at your event will have a smartphone. So, design a way that will allow the attendees to visualize all the multimedia on their phone screens that will help you in receiving their opinions and polls. A phone application can serve this purpose quite normally if you have an application developer in your team. Pure AV makes sure that the audio quality is superior and every person attending the event can hear the speaker clearly. We have professionals in our team that can make an event worthwhile to attend.

  1. Invest in a Right Manner

Investing in the audio setup for your event will give you meaningful results in the long run. If you are organizing an event, the first factor is always going to be that you expect your audience to see and hear you properly. Spending money on the audiovisuals is important for making your event prime and impactful.

Pure AV is an audio visual company that serves all such companies that are planning to arrange an event from Conference AV to Trade Shows.We have all the latest equipment, technologies and tricks to enhance the quality of the sound system at your event. Starting from simple speakers to hi-tech woofers, we got you covered.

Audio Visual Checklist For Events

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Audio Visual Information for Various Event Types

Planning an event such as a conference or a tradeshow is an exciting endeavor. But the work involved in making it a success is by no means small. One area that demands special attention is the Audio Visual (AV) component. AV is a specialized field, and to get it right takes knowledge, experience, and a lot of equipment. Knowing where to start with planning AV for your event may seem daunting, but this Audio Visual checklist will provide guidance to help you achieve the best results. Following these steps will ensure that the AV at your event runs smoothly and contributes to its overall success.

Determine the Basic AV Requirements

The first things to consider are the overall AV requirements for the event. What is the physical size and location of the event? In what environment will it be held? How many people will be attending? What is required in terms of sound, video, lighting, microphones? Getting a general feel for the AV requirements will help you form a more detailed plan. Planning your AV requirements is like laying the foundations for a house. The more thought and planning you put in now, the better the results will be later.

Obtain Audio Essentials

Once you have established the size and type of AV required for the event, select an appropriate soundboard or mixer. Different options are available depending on the number of microphones and computers you will be using. Speakers are also a vital component of a good AV system. Again, the needs of the occasion will determine the best option for you. For example, if music is a main part of the event, you will need a more advanced system than for speech alone. To ensure your audience will be able to hear the output clearly in all areas, consider the number of speakers and where best to position them.

Different configurations are available when it comes to microphones. Choose between hardwired, handheld, lapel and wireless microphones. Remember, the more microphones you introduce, the more complex the system becomes. So don’t go overboard, keep it as simple as possible. Don’t overlook AV cables. Consider the types of connections you will need for the equipment being used, and ensure you have enough connections. Careful planning is also needed to run the cables safely.

Choose the Right Projection Screen or Video Wall

Another important part of any Audio Visual checklist is choosing screens. For smaller events, you may only need one or two large monitors. These types of flat screens are adequate for an intimate setting. Larger spaces are better suited to screens and projectors. Ensure even the furthest members of the audience can clearly see the screens.

Give screen positioning careful thought. Where will it attract the most attention? Should it be wall mounted or floor standing? Are touch screens required? If so, then where? Consider the aspect ratio of the screens, as presentations will need to be designed in the same format. Size and brightness of the designated space is also a factor in selecting the right projector. A bright space with lots of natural light will require a projector with more lumens.

Decide on Lighting

The right lighting can add great impact to displays or backgrounds. It can compliment company colors and create ambiance. Basic stage wash lighting helps presenters stand out. Additional stage lighting can add drama and energy. Determine what you want to stand out most to the audience, and use lighting to achieve this.

With more complex lighting systems, you need to be able to control and adjust the lights. For this, you will need a light board or control console. This is the brains of the system; it takes input from the operator and sends it to the dimmers. Control consoles vary greatly in size and capability. Manual control or automatic playback are both available.

Equip Your Presenter

Providing suitable technology will enable your presenter to perform at their best. A confidence monitor will help them relax and come across as natural. A confidence monitor is an additional screen facing the presenter which mirrors the content that the audience sees. A remote clicker is also an essential piece of kit that allows the presenter to control their content during the event.

To get the best from your presenter, communication is vital. They may not be familiar with the microphones they have been given. A quick trial will help both of you gauge the right distance to position the microphone and the correct volume to generate.

Consider Hiring an Expert

This Audio Visual checklist covers the essentials for most events. For more complex shows and AV systems, it is wise to consider hiring an AV technician, or an event producer. They will be able to take your event AV to the next level. Perhaps you are considering introducing webcasting, video recording or conference calling with presenters. An event producer will be able to bring these ideas to fruition and help you put together an event that really stands out.

Your Audio Visual provider will also be able to help you select the righ0t equipment for your event. Talk to them about your AV requirements and any problems you are struggling with. They know the products inside out, so who better to ask?

Making Your Event a Success

A successful event will be remembered by all involved, for the right reasons. Most people can recall a show they attended that had a disastrous sound system, a stumbling presenter, or a failed video display. By following this Audio Visual checklist, you can make your event stand out above the rest. Perfect sound, video, and lighting will allow the content of the event to impact your audience, and leave them with something truly memorable.

Booking Pure AV Services

We have also included some details about Pure AV’s audio visual services directly above. If you need more information about this or any services, take a moment to fill out the form below and one of our staff members will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projects – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We promise you will be intrigued!

 How to Plan a Great Conference

Conference audio visual equipment provider

Services from Pure AV

Hosting a conference is a great way to bring your customers together and establish your organization as a leader in your industry. Connecting your clients with industry influencers ensures your name is synonymous with success, which means that a well-run conference is a must. At Pure AV, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients to deliver spectacular conference events. Our project managers and technicians have coordinated a variety of events in conjunction with customer needs– we know how to put on a memorable presentation. We asked our team of experts what it takes to plan a great conference, and here’s a list of what they came up with:

Event Type

There are several different types of events, and each type requires a different format to ensure that attendees get the most of out their experience. The five main event types include:

  • ‘Tribal’ or Community Events
  • Networking Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Educational Events
  • Academic Events

Understanding your event type is important– many first-time conference planners lose sight of that. For each type of event, there is an ideal format, so curate your material accordingly. Not sure whether you’ve got the right agenda format for your event? Do your research well ahead of time.

Detail at a Successful Conference

Details are essential to the success of your conference. Add the right details and your audience will love you. Miss the details and you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to wow your client base. Giveaways are a great example. If you’re hosting a Scrum conference, branded scrum gear will make people very happy. Hosting a business event? Give away free day planners. Offer your audience useful tools to show them feel involved – this positions you well in their minds.

As far as the logistics details, make sure you’ve got everything well-coordinated. From hotel and food to registration, internet, audiovisual, and of course the flow of the event. Tending to these details will ensure a smooth experience for your guests.  It’s not only invaluable to your brand image, it will keep your attendees coming back year after year.

Plan Your Staffing Needs for the Conference

With details comes the need for adequate staff– no matter what your budget, never skimp on people. Running a successful conference is an all-hands-on-deck scenario, and it takes a lot of hands. From curating the program and dealing with speakers to budget and sponsorships, design and content– the list goes on. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough staff on hand to deal with everything efficiently enough to provide a quality experience for attendees.

Speakers and Curation

Depending on what type of event you’re hosting, your program design should adhere to the best format for delivering value to your guests. Source your speakers based on what you’d like to see presented. Be sure to get a rundown on your speakers’ presentations, and make it clear you don’t want any surprises. Dealing with speakers can be tricky, from sourcing great speakers to negotiating price and making sure they’re on the stage at the right time delivering the right material.

In other words, plan carefully. The difference between a well-planned conference and poor planning can affect your firm’s position in the industry. A poorly planned conference is so obvious to all involved. At Pure AV, we provide the best conference AV production solutions for events of all sizes. Our team has provided stunning presentations for organizations at venues all across North America. We’ve built a solid reputation for both collaborative work and technical insight. We only use conference AV equipment of the highest caliber and hire only the most competent and helpful staff.  At Pure AV, we believe that conferences are the ultimate tool for connecting people and developing influence. We’ll help to ensure impeccable execution so you can focus on what matters most– providing the best value for your guests.

Booking Audio Visual Services

Next step: If you need more information about this or any other services, please take a moment to fill out the form below and one of our staff members will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projects – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We promise you will be intrigued!

Latest Audio Visual Trends

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Audio Visual Services from Pure AV

For audiovisual lovers, there is so much to look out for in 2021 with major brands announcing breathtaking inventions that promise to light up the audiovisual industry. Without mincing words, audiovisual technology is evolving at an incredible pace; this means AV specialists, IT managers, marketers, business owners together with event planners need to brace up to enjoy the incredible benefits that come with this intriguing tech.

This year has seen a lot of incredible trends in the audiovisual world, and as a marketer, business owner, and event planner you need to keep up to date with this trend and deliver on the latest audio visual trends that will leave your clients, and target audience overwhelmed. One way to go about it, so you don’t miss out on this trend is always to ask them what they are using. More so, don’t forget to ask them why they chose the top brands they work with, this will help you make an informed decision on which trends to go for.

Without any further ado, here are some mind-blowing AV trends to watch out for in 2021, most of this technology promises to revolutionize the audiovisual industry so make sure you don’t miss out on them.

Projection Mapping

This audio visual trend is a breath of fresh air and is guaranteed to add an extra dimension to your event. Projection mapping goes way beyond your everyday video projection. This trend promises to wow your mind, adding that creative twist to your events.

How does it work? We are glad you asked, read on, and you’ll find out in a bit. This trend involves the use of two or more projectors to extend images across multiple irregular surfaces. Projection mapping easily displays multiple images or videos on irregular flat surfaces like your typical four walls, seamlessly creating a 360 panoramic illusion you’ll be enchanted about. For your advertising campaign, conferences, presentations, trades show or other significant events, this is the technology you can always depend on.

360 advanced video displays is the darling of them all. This audiovisual trend fully utilizes 4k displays and VR systems on the market today to deliver incredible audiovisual experiences. For business owners and marketers whose job requires heavy presentation with graphics, this is one trend you don’t want to miss out on. And because this technology is gaining lots of attention, there are lots of suppliers offering this service, so you wouldn’t have to break the bank for it. Think you want to give it a try for your next event? You wouldn’t go wrong to reach out to us today. As a matter of fact, that’s what we love doing, hooking our clients up with the best trends in the audiovisual world that will help boost their brand.

3d video projection mapping

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality is becoming a buzz word in the audiovisual industry, thanks to tech giants who are inundating us with the possibilities of this technology. And while there is a dividing line between visual reality and augmented reality, you can’t but agree that this technology is simply in the world of its own. Professionals like to think of virtual reality as active while augmented reality as passive. However, both tech can be used and very much made part of our daily lives. Think of them like playing your favorite video games nicely settled on your couch or playing games on your smartphone while in the queue for Starbucks.

VR AV Toronto

Although popular in the gaming world, VR and AR technology are becoming very much part of the entertainment industry and is prepped to deliver unique experiences like never before. You too can be part of this growing trend by making it part of your event. The icing on the cake is that you can deploy VA and AR technology to your conferences, marketing campaigns or important presentations, cool right?

Live Video Streaming

This is becoming the new normal in the audiovisual industry and promises to give other trends a run for their money. And if you aren’t from the Stone Age, we are sure you must have heard about live streaming. Today, social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media Platforms give users a sneak peek of what this technology is about. While this trend has been popular for quite some time now, the best part is that marketers and business owners have begun leveraging this technology to push their businesses to the next level.

Event Live Streaming Toronto

Want to organize a conference from the comfort of your home, or you have a presentation to make, and you’re looking for a smart way to do this without breaking a sweat? You’ll find live steaming impeccable and worth your time. Don’t know how to go about it? Good news is we can put you through every step of the way.

Audio Visual Services Over The Next Decade?

For those who don’t already know, audiovisual is prepped to make a statement that will resound for a long time. And this isn’t surprising given the fact that audiovisual is increasingly becoming a powerful tool you can use to communicate your brand story and share your mind breaking products and services with the world. Make no mistake about it; just as audiovisuals are becoming an integral part of your businesses, they are also becoming a part of everyone’s life, so you either go with the trend or play catch up which we know you wouldn’t want to settle for.

Booking Pure AV Services

As the world continues to enjoy overwhelming digital revolution, it is expected that there would be a massive adoption of these audiovisual trends. Don’t be left behind, make the most of this trend for your business and you’ll be excited you did. If you want further insight on how these trends can completely transform your brand, we will be thrilled to give you all the exciting details you’ll ever need and more. Reach out to us today, let’s put your business where it truly deserves to be.

If you need more information about this or any other production services, please take a moment to fill out the form below and one of our staff members will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projects – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We promise you will be intrigued!

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health

LED Video Wall, Audio Visual, Speakers, Line Array, Truss, Moving Heads, Martin Mac Aura, Staging, Lighting, JBL Vertec, Conference, Summit, AV, Toronto, Product Launch, AV Production, Audio Visual Production

Technological Trends from Pure AV

Technology improving health is not something you hear often, quote often it is the other way around! So an article with a title “8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health” will usually peak some interest – just like it did for us. This particulate blog is worth a read as it shows exactly how growth is making our life better without our realizations. Ultimately, how we communicate, how we commute and how we live – all these facets of life improved drastically with technological growth. Let us look at the positive of this inevitable human progression!

Toronto’s Revival Event Venue Revitalizes

Bar Club Lighting installation

Revival Bar Installation

“Pure AV and SoundSoft Productions equip venue in renovated church building in Little Italy with X1-212/90 loudspeakers and X12-128 dual 18-inch subwoofers.” If you have not heard, we know a thing or two about sound. There have been quite a few posts, about our Revival Bar install, but here is a latest article written by ProSoundWeb. As always, big thank you to Clint Alves for leading the project and doing a magnificent job from the early planning stages right up until the final tuning!
For a full case study, including all lighting and video upgrades,  as well as venue information visit;

10 Things You Should Have In Your Presentation Kit

Event Audio Visual services

Presentation Equipment Rentals

We are often asked how to make a presentation successful. Well look no further than the Tech Republic article directly below. This is a great educational read for up and coming as well as veteran presenters. Even if you find some of the items they discuss are not applicable to you, keep them in mind as your presentations grow and/or alter in size or scope. Even the most reputable companies turn to checklists such as this to ensure everything is place to make client’s presentations/meetings successful.

Conference Success – Use The Right Production Company

Conference equipment rental

Conference Audio Visual Production Services

Your tech conference can’t succeed unless you get production right. That is not to say the whole event rides on your AV provider, but rather to point out how important your production company’s involvement can be. This is also the reason we often say…Pure AV is here to help you every step of the way – ultimately this is the only way to ensure complete satisfaction and event success. Below is a great article that outlines some of these features.