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Event Planning for Dummies

Event Planning for Dummies, Regardless of Function Type:

With special events come the need for special attention. It is perfectly normal for you to want to get it right, especially if it is an public event, a speech or a presentation that you want to execute perfectly.

However, you just may be stuck or clueless as to how to go about perfecting your plan. Perhaps you have been asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I get the stage and front of the house ready (note: the front of the house is the space in the room where the lightings and visuals will be set.)?
  • How can I procure the right visual gear?
  • How can I achieve audio accuracy? Should I go ahead without the necessarily gigantic woofers?
  • When should I start planning my event and what should my checklist contain?

We could go on to identify a thousand problems, but rather, let us discuss the solutions.

The Nitty Gritty of Event Planning

To plan properly and adequately, you should follow these steps:

When it comes to audiovisuals, the earliest the better. Consider a large banqueting table where dignitaries would be present. You should start your core planning few weeks before, even if you can handle all the aspects alone (which you shouldn’t if you desire perfection).

There are too many areas to cover. You need to talk about the sound, lighting, get the decors up and even the audience needs to be incorporated in the best ways possible so starting late and expecting to make an excellent work out of it is out of the question.

Update your checklist

Next, you should know what you need for a start. You should for instance:

  • Sort out the audio essentials by selecting the appropriate soundboard/mixers, and pick your microphones. (These are very important except where your audience is less than the thresh hold number of 40 when you can forfeit them).
  • Speakers and AV cables should also be set.
  • For a large crowd, you can enhance proximity by using projectors at your event. As such, you should get equipments needed to install them.
  • Visuals are also equally important, settle your lighting and sounds before everything else!

For full information on the checklist for the AV of your event, Click here

Clear  front of the house as much as possible

Clear your front of house as much as possible and assign capable hands to take charge of the lights, the audio, the video etc. As an essential part of this, you should ensure that your front house is well handled and not crowded. Also, you may do better if that portion does not in any way, obstruct your stage.

Get a professional for the audios

Leave the audios for the professionals! You cannot become a DJ or expert audio professional all of a sudden. You need to procure the help of a sound manager for the event. This will ensure everyone can hear the speech or performance on stage.

Stage décor must be lit:

Lastly, your stage décor must be lit. Illumination is powerful, and it helps your audience to focus on the presenter. In whatever you do, you should ensure that there are adequate lighting for your stage decoration. You can choose to use big light cables or go with simple drape lighting depending on your budget.

How to Plan It Perfectly?

Procure the services of an expert audiovisuals group, relate what you want, get a quote that suits the job and get your full audiovisuals handled. You wouldn’t have to worry about the instruments or the onstage light switching. So the ultimate solution is to get expert hands on deck, especially if it is a special event for you.

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