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Conference Trends 2019

CONFERENCE TREND 2019: Planning a great conference or event your audience would be thrilled about involves many factors including technology. With the perfect technology in place, your conference or event is guaranteed to give your audience an exciting experience that would be on their lips for a long time to come. And with some of the hottest audiovisual trends in 2019, your conferences and other similar events have never been more successful and rewarding. Without a doubt, audiovisuals are very important when it comes to planning a successful event and with these trends continually evolving, it’s crucial to keep abreast of these changes. So, without any further ado, here are some audiovisual conference trends in 2019 that are guaranteed to make your conferences the talk of the town.

Automation and voice control


Voice control in events

Yes, voice control solutions and automation technologies are already taking hold of homes, but you know what, this technology is prepped to take over conferences and other events. With voice control, your voice can now play a bigger role in the control of other technologies in your industry.  And although there are varieties of home automation devices that are already spotting a number of voice control options like Alexa, SIRI or Google home, these technologies are now being integrated into commercial AV systems that will allow you to take control of your conferences just the way you control your homes; how cool can that be?

Sophisticated Mics

Conference Mics

With the current advancement in audio-visual technology, a lot of tech users are beginning to expect so much from their microphones. Good enough, innovative technology like the famous beamforming mics are getting set to replace less sophisticated technologies which are guaranteed to remarkably create a better user experience. Let me put things in retrospect, with voice tracking microphone at your conferences, you no longer have to be conscious of where the mic is, in fact, you can have your back to the mic and still be heard loud and clear. With this audiovisual technology in place, we are one step away from a full-fledged room sensing technology which is generating a lot of buzz at the moment. So, if your goal is to dramatically improve your conferences, this audiovisual trend is guaranteed to give you an experience you’ll be thrilled about.


Cloud-based conferencing are also beginning to change how events and conferences are organized. As a matter of fact, we are now experiencing a shift as audiovisuals are now moving out of conference rooms into a well designed centralized system for data processing. This technology will allow for easy integration of cloud-based and video conferencing. Although the endpoint will remain largely unchanged, this technology is prepped to improve user experience dramatically.

In a nutshell

As technology continues to advance, audiovisual technologies are guaranteed to keep changing. Without mincing words, 2019 is already ramping up to be an interesting year with lots of innovative technologies that will remarkably transform your conferences and other events. Don’t be left behind, make the most of these technologies for your conferences and other similar events and you wouldn’t be disappointed you did.