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12 TOP EVENT VENUES IN TORONTO DOWNTOWN: Whether you’re planning a private dinner or a corporate event party, one thing that should always be top on your to-do list is to find a breathtaking venue that will leave your guest amazed. And guess what, you don’t have to break the bank or spend a fortune to get a venue to impress your guest or audience. The most important details are to ensure that whatever event space you decide to settle for should have the ambiance, amenities, and space to make your event lit and successful. So, if you’re planning a corporate event in Toronto downtown and looking for a space that would make your event a successful one; you’ll want to check out these top 12 event spaces.

event venues in toronto

  1. The One Eighty

Sitting on the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre, this elegant space has all you need to host a successful event. With its quintessential appeal and exciting amenities, you have the perfect space to host your events and threat your guest to an unforgettable time. With this space to the rescue, you can take your team out to grab a drink while enjoying the overwhelming view of Toronto’s skyline. Surprisingly, the price ranges from $40-50 per person, and you know what, the venue can host 225-250 people.

  1. Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery has got to be one of the most popular event places in Toronto downtown. And given its downtown location and the breathtaking view that covers the famous CN Tower, Sports Arenas, and Ripley’s Aquarium; your guests are in for a blast. But that’s not all, the Steam Whistle Brewery is a classic building with well-planned architecture, exposed brick pipe, and top-notch amenities all designed to make your event a successful one. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or large galas, the Steam whistle Brewery is prepped to help you make a statement with your event.

  1. Loft 404

If you’re in Toronto and looking for a perfect place to host an event, you wouldn’t go wrong to give the all exciting Loft 404 a try. Trust us when we say this event place has all it takes to make your event a blast. The setting and design are enough to wow your guest while helping your company to make a statement. This open space concept boast of a private room that is absolutely perfect for hosting corporate events or retreats.

  1. Pursuit

With a capacity to hold 250 people, Pursuit is one space you would want to book for your next event. The exciting thing about this space is that it allows your team and guest to bond easily. Although this may not be your typical event venue but guess what, their indoor obstacle course allows you and your guest to enjoy an awesome time of bonding.

  1. Casa Loma

If you have ever dreamt about hosting an event in a real-life castle, then you wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to host your event to at Casa Loma. Located in the middle of Toronto, this event space is perfect for your black tie event. As a matter of fact, Casa Loma has a lot of highlight spots that adds a touch of creativity to your event.

  1. Artscape Youngplace

Located in West Queen, this breathtaking event place has been dubbed the Mecca for the creative minds. With an abundance of space for rentals, you’ll definitely get the space of your dream to host your company’s grand event. There is a studio space, an enchanting hallway and yes, a shared art room that is intentionally designed to add color to your events.

  1. The Addison

This has got to be one of the most charming event places located on the famous Wellington Avenue. With its captivating view, patio, foosball table and other board games, you have all you need to give your guest a swell time. If you don’t mind mingling with others, this space is the perfect event place to bond with your team and guests.

  1. 99 Sudbury

Are you looking for a trendy and large space to host your private parties or corporate events? Then Sudbury will not fail to impress you and your guest. Its large space makes it absolutely spot-on for hosting big corporate events, galas and other sporting events. If you’re thinking of hosting big events, don’t wait another second, give 99 Sudbury a try and you’ll be thrilled you did.

  1. The Fermenting Cellar

Do you want to be creative with your next event and have all the space you want to design your event the way you want it to be? Then head right away to the Fermenting Cellar. This blank space of a venue gives you the freedom to plan your event to perfection. Its ambiance and quintessential feel is what makes this event place highly sought after.

  1. Blue Mounting Resort

Blue mounting resort is the mother of all event centers in Toronto. And giving the abundance of space, state of the art facilities and other amazing amenities they boast of, it is easy to see why space is highly sought after by individuals and companies looking for the perfect spot to host their events. As a side attraction, Blue Mountain Resort offers breathtaking hiking trails, spas, skiing mountains and a restaurant that serves well-prepared delicacies.

  1. Balzac’s Coffee

Although this exciting event place isn’t a traditional place to host a corporate event, yet still, Balzac’s Coffee is uniquely pitched to host intimate, corporate and other kinds of events. If you’ll want to host an event that is out of the ordinary, this is one space you’ll want to experiment with. Believe us when we say, your event is guaranteed to leave your guest speechless when you invite them to a space that is new to them.

  1. Rosehill Venue Lounge

For companies and individuals who want a rustic feel and atmosphere for their event, you should consider giving Rosehill Venue Lounge a try. This space has been built to perfection with exciting amenities to spice up your events. For a successful event, you’ll be proud of, Rosehill Venue Lounge is absolutely spot-on.

In a nutshell

With these charming event places in Toronto, you’ll be spoilt for choice of which event space best work for you. To make your event the talk of the town, you wouldn’t go wrong to reach out to us for our blends of audiovisual services. Without mincing words, our audiovisual services are not only affordable but are also guaranteed to amplify your event.