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Beanfield Centre is one of the most stunning event venues in Toronto, Canada. It is perfectly suited for hosting private events, company dinners, trade shows and conferences. From floor plans to building specifications, Beanfield Centre boasts some of the best facility features in North America. These features are designed to ensure your event is a complete success. So, if you’re in Toronto, Canada and on the lookout for an event place that will be able to host your private or corporate event, you’ll want to give the Beanfield Centre a try. Let’s take you on a guided tour through this enchanting event hub and all Beanfield Centre Audio Visual possibilities.


Located on 105 Princes Boulevard, Toronto, the famous Beanfield Centre has become home to some of the world’s biggest events. From small events to large conferences, this event center has always lived up to all its promises, never disappointing event hosts who dare to give it a try.  For visitors who have ever visited this event center, there is so much to look forward to when visiting the Beanfield Centre.


Whether you’re hosting a small event for just 50 people or an event that will attract 2000 or more delegates, Beanfield Centre has the capacity to ensure your event is a success. Amazingly, Beanfield Centre boasts of state of the art meeting rooms and yes, one of Toronto’s largest ballrooms. Because your event matters most, their 160,000 square foot facility can be exquisitely customized to meet your needs. To make your event further convenient, this place is directly connected to the famous Enercare Centre, hence making Beanfield Centre the perfect place to host your next convention.

State-of-the-art meeting rooms and ballroom

This stunning event center is increasingly become famous, thanks to its collections of superb meeting rooms. As a matter of fact, Beanfield Centre boasts of 20 second-floor meeting rooms all designed to accommodate between 50 and 1,500 delegates. Majority of the meeting rooms offer natural lighting and breathtaking views of the city through its large windows. That’s not all, each of their meeting rooms features stylish design including some of the world’s most environmentally responsible technologies.

Furthermore, their meeting rooms boast of ergonomically designed furniture, multi-level lighting, automated AV systems and excellent Wi-Fi internet connection. If you think their meeting rooms are one of their exciting selling points, wait till you see their ballroom that can comfortably accommodate 500-2,200 guests. The ballroom is surrounded by refined design pallet and modern amenities, all put in place to ensure your event makes the kind of statement that will impress your guests. Lastly, if you think your event is too important to host anywhere else, Beanfield will not fail to impress you.

Exquisite AV Services

From top-notch exquisite services to culinary delicacies, their ever impressive caterer will whip meals your guest will no doubt fall in love with. With these guys at your service, your guest can finally get to enjoy thoughtfully prepared menus which boast of locally and regionally sourced food and beverages.

From state of the art facilities to ample meeting space and ballroom, Beanfield Centre has earned its place as the most exquisite event centers in Toronto Canada. This state of the art venue needs the same level of Audiovisual services provide by Pure AV; which further makes this event place the ideal location to host your next event. Inside the venue we can offer:

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