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Audio Visual Production by Pure AV

At Pure AV, our Barrie audio visual production entails working with equipment used to provide visual and audio components for any private or corporate function. Audio and visuals can be viewed as separate functions or sometimes they can be combined into a single overarching term of AV production.

Audio production as a function involves use of equipment that reproduces and/or records sounds. Mostly, audio production is used in the music industry for recording and producing music. It should be clear though, audio production is widely used concept and includes live music setups and permanent installs. Regardless, quality equipment is needed while setting up for live music shows. With Pure AV the set up is always done professionally and on time.

Barrie Audio Visual Production Leader

Barrie Audio Visual Production services are important and often have enhanced functionality in various presentation and entertainment sectors. Video production is a concept that involves the use of equipment and media to reproduce or capture images. Video production involves expensive and high quality machinery combined with large display screens for quality picture clarity. We can cater to any event, ranging from small banquet hall setups to large concerts.

Quite commonly, corporate AV setups are used to improve the productivity of firms. These services in the corporate sector are used in presentations such as seminars and business meetings. Pure AV’s Barrie Audio Visual Production experts make this possible with the use of speakers, mixers, screens, projectors and other professional equipment. For example: special microphones are used to enhance the speaker’s voices, while keeping their sounds “true”. Providing the best audio for everyone in attendance is Pure AV’s number one objective. Now, lets say you also want to display something during your gathering. Use of projectors and screens can emphasize visual component made by the speaker or simply show a fun video.

Live AV Production

Band setups are becoming more popular by the day, as more and more fans advocate for live music, rather than the traditional playback routine where musicians sing along to their recorded tunes. Live band setups are complex compared to other music setups and include a wide variety of instruments, all of which need to be properly setup and equalized. Failed setups are not rare as many music artists have been failed by sound quality. It is therefore important to ensure that it is done professionally to avoid such incidents.

Booking Barrie Audio Visual Production

The use of Barrie Audio Visual Production has proven to be efficient and helpful for many companies. Pure AV tech experts are guaranteed to provide top of line support with absolutely no mishaps. We are often complimented for providing amazing services at a great price. In order to handle the wide variety of equipment and setup in timely manner, Pure AV production team uses a knowledgable crew for all setups. This is why all of our work is high quality and on time.

Lastly, we hope you find these visuals rental options appealing. If so, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below, emailing or calling 1-800-929-7089. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. But while you are waiting, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn and Youtube. We promise you will be intrigued!


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