Under Armour Activation


August 6, 13, 20, 2016


Le Carrefour Laval; Upper Canada Mall Toronto, Sherway Gardens Toronto

What was the client asking from you when they first called you?

Under Armour was looking to put together 3 events focusing on ages 4-19 and their needs for performance footwear. A 100 ft by 100 ft outdoor setup would encompass 4 obstacle courses that each participant had to complete. On the audio visual level, we had to monitor their performance with custom tracking bracelets; the results of which would be displayed on a large LED wall. To put up marketing and provide some coverage from the sun, we also built 2 truss cubes. Their main purpose was to display Under Armour gear, however, it also worked as an awning to keep the competitors away from the hot summer sun.

What is some background information on the client and the field they work in?

Under Armour is an active wear brand known for its apparel, shoes & accessories designed for sport & fitness. They are also in partnership with lots of celebrities and athletes including Steph Curry, The Rock and Lindsey Vonn.

How large was the audience?

Audiences ranged from the 100 to 300 people at a time. Given that the event went from morning to night, our daily attendance easily surpassed 3000 visitors.

What was the client’s intent from this show?

Under Armour is more than just a fashionable workout/athletic gear company. With this project, they specifically wanted to reach out to a different demographic. Besides promoting their shoes, socks and t shirts, Under Armour wanted to encourage kids and teens to be more active. They definitely achieved all of their goals by creating a fun obstacle course, having free gear giveaways, and generating a large attendance. In order to keep things entertaining throughout the day, we also had a DJ with an MC hyping up the crowd.

How did you come up with recommendations for the services they need?

Our number one goal was to develop a way to track each competitor’s performance. A bracelet with wireless communication was the best option. In order to display each competitor’s score, we suggested generating a custom scoreboard layout. This layout would be shown on a large LED video wall. As this is an outdoor event, having anything other than IP65 rated screens was not an option, and that is exactly what we provided using our 7mm LED product.

Quick summary of how you put together the show at the venue/space given.

Our team worked in groups of 4 as they built the top square of each truss structure on the ground. Afterwards the pre-built structure would be lifted onto ST25 cranks and raised to height. As the cube went up, we would add leg supports and properly wedge each base to make sure only one of  the two uprights were not holding all of the weight.

Did you run into any complications/ how did you solve them?

The slight complication was trying to get electrical power to our locations. All three shows were in the middle of parking lots. Needless to say, putting on a full-fledged production requires more than a few car charging stations. The goal was not only to secure a generator, but to keep it far enough so it does not make any noise and/or serve as a safety hazard to the children/teens visiting the booth. Moreover, the unit had to be located close to grass for proper grounding. Once we identified these issues, our project leads were able to conduct a site check, find good locations for the generators and safe camlock runs using 5 channel cable mats.

Was the audience engaged/ how did they interact?

The show was largely focused on creating interaction between the children and the Under Armour brand. But with the additions of a custom LED wall, a DJ and an entertaining MC, we were able to gather attention from those passing by our footprint as well as keep the attention of the parents watching their kids competing inside of it. With the ability to monitor everyone’s performance, audience engagement lasted from day until night, as parents returned with their children to see their overall ranking.


  • 2 x JBL SRX 712 Speaker
  • 2 x JBL VRX918S Subwoofer
  • 2 x QSC K12 Monitor
  • 2 x Crown xTi 6002 Amplifier
  • 2 x Shure ULX-D Microphone
  • 1 x Pioneer DJM900 Nexus
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus


  • 27 x 7mm LED Video Panel
  • 1 x VD Wall Processor
  • 1 x Kramer VP729 Switcher
  • 1 x Custom Tracking Software


  • 24 x 12” Black Truss 8’
  • 2 x 12” Black Truss 6’
  • 2 x 12” Black Truss 4’
  • 16 x 12” Black Truss 2’
  • 16 x 12″ Black Truss Corner 6-Way


LED/LCD Video Wall

AV Production

Virtual/Hybrid Events


Projection Mapping

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