NCCT (National Council of Canadian Tamils) Gala


February 28, 2015


Delta Chelsea

What was the client asking from you when they first called you?

The client was seeking a sound and lighting setup and wanted to secure a large LED video wall as a stage background. This had to be used to play a wide variety of videos honouring their community members and delivering messages to the audience from a wide range of politicians.

What is some background information on the client and the field they work in?

NCCT is also known as the National Council of Canadian Tamils. It is the largest organization of it’s kind in Canada.

How large was the audience?

Attendance at the event was approximately 600, but the outreach was far wider as the event was live streamed around the world.

What was the client’s intent from this show?

NCCT’s main goal was to honour their council members with annual awards, as well as deliver messages from a wide range of politicians; in person and via the large LED wall backdrop. Hence the reason for the large screen.

How did you come up with recommendations for the services they need?

We recommended a large 7mm LED video wall after reviewing their video content and came to the conclusion that this screen would need to span the full length of the stage.

Quick summary of how you put together the show at the venue/space given.

The challenge with this show was not the actual setup, it was the content development and distribution. Since the client wanted to cover the full stage but only have the screens 10ft high, it meant the LED wall would not have a native 4:3 or 16:9 resolution.

Did you run into any complications/ how did you solve them?

During this project we had to work with the client to develop custom content and make sure nothing was stretched out. It is essential that all logos and symbols remain true to their original form. On too many occasions we see content that is changed on site in order to fill the screens. At Pure AV, we have the foresight to predict these challenges and work with our client’s graphics team to have the necessary file formats and image sizes.

Was the audience engaged/ how did they interact?

Crowd engagement was revolved around the keynote speaker or a congratulatory video played on the LED video wall.


  • 2 x JBL SRX 712 Speaker (Fill)
  • 2 x JBL SRX 725 Speaker
  • 2 x JBL SRX 728 Subwoofer
  • 2 x Lab Gruppen PLM 10000Q Amplifier
  • Soundcraft SI Expression 1 Mixer
  • 4 x Shure ULX D Microphone w/Handheld and Countryman


  • 50 x 7mm LED Video Panel
  • VDWall Processor
  • Arkaos Grand VJ Media Player
  • Barco ImagePro Switcher


  • 2 x 12” Silver Truss 8’
  • 2 x 12” Silver Truss 4’
  • 2 x Truss Ring
  • 2 x 22” Truss Base


  • 4 x Martin MAC 250 Profile
  • 30 x Microh QUAD 12 Parcan
  • 1 x Martin Light Jockey


LED/LCD Video Wall

AV Production

Virtual/Hybrid Events


Projection Mapping

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