Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs Awards Gala


March 25, 2017


Westin Harbour Castle

What was the client asking from you when they first called you?

Initially, the client was looking for media playback help. We quoted a Pandora’s Box server along with a variety of other software tools and content mixers. Upon further discussion the scope of this project changed – and that is perfectly fine by us. We ended up developing a full-fledged production with audio, lighting, video, and camera recording.

What is some background information on the client and the field they work in?

The Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACCE), is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1994. In 1995, the association signed a letter of co-operation with the Centre of Entrepreneurship of Centennial College to foster entrepreneurship training. Their mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and to strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese Canadian business in the global market. It is also their objective to assist Chinese Canadians in developing new businesses by sharing their expertise through quality training and mutual support. As for the 2017 ACCE Chinese Canadian Entrepreneur Awards, this Gala takes place once a year to recognize the most notable contributors to the urban community and to overall business development.

How large was the audience?

This event had two areas – pre show VIP event and main dinner session. During the VIP event, we provided AV services for approximately 200 people. Once the gala kicked off, Pure AV was in charge of providing audio, video, lighting and live content to 1500+ guests.

What was the client’s intent from this show?

A lot of preparation and planning goes into a ceremony/show like this. The lighting and media content has to correspond accordingly and the execution has to be flawless. The client really wanted to create an environment that went with the occasion and leave a lasting impression.

How did you come up with recommendations for the services they need?

We focused on keeping the setup simple, but modern and glamorous. In order to achieve this, we really wanted to incorporate as much LED product as possible. Hence the reason for having Martin LED Aura’s, Chauvet Ovation LED Leko, Microh QUAD LED and 2.9mm LED video wall.

Quick summary of how you put together the show at the venue/space given.

The event space did not pose any major problems in regards to rigging. It has many points which gave us the freedom to put up gear at places where the client wanted to see it. The only challenge was to ensure that in a space this big, lines of site were great for all guests.

Did you run into any complications/ how did you solve them?

The LED wall was quite a challenge since our client’s visual display needs were rather complex. However, this is the reason we use world renowned Pandora’s Box software and ensure the content is always displayed without any problems, latency or glitches. We had to virtually “cut up” the wall into a variety of looks that involved Live Eye, video content and power point presentation.

Was the audience engaged/ how did they interact?

Throughout the night, the audience was definitely engaged and was enjoying the show. A professional AV production is necessary for important events like these as it captures the audience’s attention and excites the senses.


  • 4 x QSC K12 Speaker
  • 1 x Soundcraft EFX 12 Channel Mixer
  • 1 x dbx 2231 EQ
  • 8 x JBL Vertec 4887 Line Array
  • 4 x JBL SRX 712 Speaker
  • 4 x JBL SRX 728 Subwoofer
  • 4 x Lab Gruppen PLM10000Q Amplifier
  • 1 x Soundcraft SI1 Expression 16 Channel Mixer
  • 1 x Soundcraft MSB32R Stagebox
  • 2 x Sennheiser MEG 14-40 Gooseneck
  • 2 x Shure ULX D SM58 Handheld
  • 1 x Shure ULX D – Bodypack
  • 4 x Shure ULX P SM58 Handheld
  • 2 x Shure ULX P – Bodypack
  • 2 x Shure Lapel w/Tie Clip
  • 2 x Line 6 Countryman E6 Double Headset
  • 1 x Shure UA844 Distribution System
  • 2 x Shure UA874 Directional Antenna


  • 2 x Christie Roadster HD14K-M
  • 2 x Christie Digital WK10-M Projector
  • 200 x 2.9mm LED Video Panels
  • 4 x 9’x16′ AV Stumpfl Fast Fold Screen
  • 2 x Theatrixx xVision 4:1 SDI DA
  • 1 x Roland V800 HD Mixer/Switcher
  • 1 x 22″ LG LCD TV w/Remote and Table Stand
  • 1 x Pro Presenter 6
  • 1 x 15″ Dell PB Manager Laptop
  • 1 x Coolux Pandora’s Box Manager Lt Dongle
  • 2 x 19” Media Server
  • 4 x Coolux Pandora’s Player Pro Server Dongle


  • 2 x Clearcom HME BS200 Base Station
  • 6 x Clearcom HME BP200 Beltpack
  • 6 x Clearcom HS15 Single Muff Headset


  • 12 x Martin MAC Aura LED Wash
  • 4 x ETC Source 4 Leko
  • 3 x 4 Channel Dimmer Pack
  • 4 x Chauvet Ovation E-160WW Leko
  • 1 x Martin Light Jockey
  • 1 x Martin Fingers
  • 30 x Microh LED Quad 12
  • 2 Chauvet Data Stream 4 DMX Opto


  • 5 x 16″ Black Truss 8′
  • 15 x 12″ Black Truss 8′


LED/LCD Video Wall

AV Production

Virtual/Hybrid Events


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