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Samsung Acquires HARMAN, Accelerating Growth in Auto and Connect Technologies

This is a massive transaction that may have gone unnoticed by a lot of people inside & outside the audio visual industry. Truth be told, this is going to change how we use pro gear and integrate it into our day to day life. There is going to be a big movement to include “industry” AV gear into cars, homes and all types of residential venues.  This gear is going to be far more accessible and know on an average commercial level. Read more about it in the link below:

Conference Success – Use The Right Production Company

Your tech conference can’t succeed unless you get production right. That is not to say the whole event rides on your AV provider, but rather to point out how important your production company’s involvement can be. This is also the reason we often say…Pure AV is here to help you every step of the way – ultimately this is the only way to ensure complete satisfaction and event success.

Sound Academy As The Guvernment’s Replacement

Toronto’s Sound Academy to be Reinvented As The Guvernment’s Replacement –
This venue will most likely incorporate the best of the best in ‪#‎audio‬ ‪#‎lighting‬ ‪#‎video‬ and ‪#‎specialeffects‬. Cannot wait to see what the new generation of clubs really means in ‪#‎Toronto‬.

ORBIS Kinetic Lighting System

Kinetic Lighting System ORBIS-FLY. Sergey Kostygin, system designer and TimeLine, Russian system & video design company introduced to you this amazing product. Everyone from Madonna to Drake have implemented this system into their shows. It is certainly a marvel to see for anyone in attendance. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

NBA All-Star Weekend with HARMAN’s JBL VTX Line Arrays and Crown I-Tech HD Amplifiers

NBA All-Star Weekend – This was one of the first major North American audio setups using the latest JBL VTX line array technology. We had a company rep attend a training a few days back, and this new technology blew him away. Starting from the sound, which was immaculate, right down to the way it rigging. Really excited to test this unit further and potentially purchase it in the near future.