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2021 Virtual Event Trends

virtual and hybrid event streaming company

Adopting to Life with Virtual Events

It happened so fast… Within days event organizers and audio visual providers across Canada were forced to learn new ways to adapt and move quickly, including Pure AV. As we enter another year, we’re reflecting on last year’s upriser in virtual platform usage and hybrid event studio bookings. Below we will also anticipate how they 2021 virtual event trends may play out. Here are a couple of points our team wants to share with yours.

Hybrid & 2021 Virtual Event Trends

Pure AV Broadcast Studio Rental

Pure AV Studio Rental

What’s top-of-mind for the year ahead? To no surprise, in 2020 the number of companies planning virtual functions doubled, as many events were forced to shift to the web. Undoubtedly, virtual events hold a myriad of benefits to both businesses and consumers — they can reduce production costs resulting in higher ROI and increase accessibility for people who no longer have to factor in travel expenses and further fill already packed schedules. However, the levelling of the digital playing field has meant that consumers are oversaturated with virtual events and gatherings — there is fatigue.

In 2021, event organizers must ensure virtual events are driving value for their audience. Compelling content, great AV production and notable keynote speakers are a must-have to keep audiences engaged. That is why streaming/recording in a professional virtual or hybrid event studio continues to gather traction. For those looking to take it a step further, seeking out new formats like extended or augmented reality would “spice up” any soiree. In addition to advanced XR and AR levels of engagement, virtual platform often allow for tactics that make events more interactive, with quizzes, surveys, contests and more. This is typically known as gamification.

Can Pure AV help figure out the right product for YOU?

Virtual Platform for Corporate Events

Virtual Platform for Events

At Pure AV, we want to make sure you remain confident in your decision to booking a studio, or secure a virtual platform. That is why we provide versatility in this ever-changing technologically innovative marketplace.  Our team always take the time to explain the benefits of using the untapped potential of such products and services. From 24/7 support to seamless marketing/social media integration – there is a lot to discover.

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by emailing or calling 1-800-929-7089. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. But while you are waiting, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

We look for forward to helping you with any virtual or hybrid event needs in the near future!

Audio Visual Needs for Trade Shows

LED Video Wall, Trade Show, LED Panels, AV Production, Audio Visual Company

Audio Visual Needs for Trade Shows

There’s nothing as killjoy in a tradeshow as seeing crowds continually walking past your booth without casting a glance at your selling point. In spite of all the hard efforts invested in creating an eye-catching display, it’s as though your stand is only at the event to fill up space. However, technology has a way of spicing things up.

One of the best ways to make your tradeshow booth as irresistible and exquisite as possible is by bringing in some instructiveness by way of audiovisuals. This provision does not just help you stand out from the rest but gives you more power to reap the spoils of the occasion. With a bit of assistance from experts, you will be able to create an enhanced, eye-catching, and attention-holding booth. So, what are the audiovisual needs for a tradeshow?

Personalized Interactive Displays

An essential factor is your success in creating a customer experience for your visitors. A good number of companies will side with interactive kiosks, social media walls, mobile connectivity, and even virtual reality to create such an experience. By way of interactive displays, your attendees will be able to connect easily with your brand and establish a connection that improves their experience with your booth. The audience wants to feel as involved as possible and would go for a touchscreen before a face-to-face talk. When you allow them to manipulate these interactions, you give them information fast and convince them of time well spent participating.


How about taking your interactive display up a notch? Then consider projection mapping, a display that uses conventional projectors to map light onto any surface using regular objects to achieve a 3D interactive design. If you do not want to use a projector screen, this is a great alternative. With projection mapping, you will be able to display beautiful images and videos onto any surface, even on your booth. In lieu of a regular white projection screen, it can be used to portray something dramatic enough to lure in attendees to your booth. If you have speakers, performers, and general booth sessions, 3D projection mapping will pour out great visuals without needing a real screen.

Motion Incorporation

In case you only have a simple tabletop display to work with, you can still be in the spotlight by using motion to attract visitors. In the league of attention grabbers, this one makes it to the top ranks, so there’s every need to get your hands on LED signage, and a few flat screen stands. Looking for an idea? Well, you can create marquees that program messages to blink, flash or crawl across the screen, to catch the attention of visitors and to get your messages to read. Another way to do this is simply using a laptop and a PowerPoint presentation – easier, isn’t it? When you incorporate the element of motion into your tradeshow display, your booth will, at the very least, be impressive – capturing attention and attracting more visitors.

It doesn’t end there. You can use tabletop kiosks, social media walls, and other AV tools experts like us will introduce you to. As some of the best hands in the audiovisual industry in Toronto, we are eager to help turn your booth to the talk of the tradeshow itself.

Creative Designs For Event Stages

Toronto Lighting Installation Company

Rendering to Reality

What separates a regular corporate from an extraordinary one? The attention given to the smallest details and prominent consideration for Creative Designs for Event Stages . Since that is where the audience will be looking most of the time – it needs to be spot on. Pure AV can help you take advantage of every inch of stage area available to give you a unique appeal for your event. A combination of different types of media screens with different truss structures can play a huge role in how your stage can look different. Small details like arranging stage decks and positioning speakers can also add to this design. Think outside the box for your next event!

Digital Banners And Widescreens

Everyone wants that wow factor for their event. A simple way to make it all fantastic is simply incorporating digital stage banner and widescreen in the stage design. A stage set traditionally comprises the elevated platform affixed below a large screen. With the said banners, you can creatively position them to cross the stage and present any multimedia content in the most stylish way.

The widescreens – can be very effective when it comes to displaying from a large stage. You can use projection blending for larger surface areas for highly immersive imagery. Digital banners and wide screens mostly are the medium through which event planners can invest in exciting themes and designs.

Event Backdrops

A visually striking and flexible branding tool, an event backdrop is necessary for your event. It is basically a high-tech frame that is illuminated and wrapped in photographic-quality printed nylon. This simple yet effective solution is an excellent way event planners can quickly deliver messages about the event, promote any product, and generally enhance the theme of the event or build recognition for the recurring brand.

These backdrops come in various sizes, catering to anything from small room meetings to large ballroom events. When possible, an organizer can place a small stage in front of preexisting video walls or other elements that are visually rich within the event space. This does not only save on cost but increases overall production value.


Ample and well-tailored lighting makes the stage come alive. When the time comes to make some dramatic change, professional illumination has what it takes to transform a blank canvas into an entirely new environment. Lighting does many things, from controlling the mood of the stage to building up the energy when needed. Not just that, but it also creates an event atmosphere that is eye-catching just so it can be unforgettable.

The lightweight LED alternatives will assist in creating an immense impact in small spaces taking away the wary of heavy lighting fixtures. Since they weigh a lot less than the regular luminaries, such installations allow for more options and flexibility for a setup. Lightweight lighting can easily be rigged to points in the venue rather than having to worry about overload trusses.

Booking Creative Designs for Event Stages from Pure AV

Pure AV will help you use your space, lighting, and visuals properly to make it become its own key part of the event experience. With our unique blend of talent and innovation, we offer plenty of options to help boost your event’s themes and add a whole new element to audience engagement.

Give us a try; you won’t regret it! To get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below, emailing or calling 1-800-929-7089. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. But while you are waiting, head over to the Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We promise you will be intrigued!

Corporate Event Budget Planning

Corporate Event Planning template


When choosing a venue for a corporate event, attention should be given to the location of the venue and how convenient it will be for all attendees. A neutral venue that does not seem to favour or place any of the attending parties at a disadvantage should be an ideal choice in this case. The venue should also be well equipped with specific services, this should be achieved through inquiries. Information on whether the venue offers technical services, catering services, technical support staff among others should be considered as well. For the comfort and smooth running of the event, the venue should be well ventilated or air conditioned and should be of acoustical standard.

Equipment Rental/ Audiovisual services

The success of any corporate event depends largely on the audio visual component. All the equipment that will be used at the event should be secured on time. Audio and visual devices, screens, projectors, speakers, microphones, tablets, and other technical devices should be adequately provided and checked to avoid hitches. PURE AV, a leading company in providing audiovisual services will be your best bet in this situation; they will check out the venue to decide the most suitable services and then provide these efficiently. They will also be on the ground through the event to make sure all goes smoothly. PURE AV will ensure the all-round success of your event as it relates to the audio visual component.

Internet/ WiFi

Depending on the needs of the event, reliable internet access should be provided. Even if it is not a requirement of the event, WiFi should be provided for convenience.

Proposed Budget

A proposed budget contains the estimated costs of all the requirements listed above. This can also be seen as the proposed cost of the event. These can be gathered from surveys and inquiries. It is advisable to give a wide margin in estimation to leave enough room to go for the best affordable option in a range. Even though cost management is important, quality is essential as well. Quotes from all vendors will most likely be revised multiple times before reaching a number that works for everyone.


Corporate events, be it meetings, conferences or training events are serious and usually have a lot weighing on them. Therefore the success of such should be a topmost priority to the one who plans them. The different activities and modules that ensure success should be paid due attention, the role of audio visuals, in particular, cannot be undermined. The above template covers all that is needed to pull off a successful corporate event. Flexibility is always encouraged, but more so is efficiency and accountability.

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If you are looking for an Audio Visual Company, please take a moment to fill out the contact us form and our staff will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projects – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We hope to hear all about your upcoming conference!

Top 10 Conferences in Toronto

Top 10 Conference Toronto 2019

Top 10 Conferences in Toronto

Every eventful year bring about conferences and in Toronto, we host to a number of these. These conferences cover a variety of areas like Agriculture and Forestry, Medicine and Pharmacy, Information Technology, Education and Training, Building and Construction among others. Every new year promises to be an eventful one, so anyone interested in conference execution will discover some amazing training opportunities at these upcoming conferences.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Conferences in Toronto & GTA.

  1. Southwest Agricultural conference  – January (Agricultural and forestry)
  2. International conference on environmental, cultural,  economic and social sustainability – January (Agriculture and forestry)
  3. Global conference on business management and economics – January (Education and training)
  4. The Canadian Mechanical & Plumbing Expo – March (Technical)
  5. International conference on medical, biological and pharmaceutical sciences – May (Medicine and pharmacy)
  6. Canadian international conference on advances in Education, teaching and technology – July (Education and training)
  7. International conference on computer science networks and information technology – August (IT / Technology)
  8. International conference on structural Civil and Architectural Engineering – August (Building and construction)
  9. Canadian Greenhouse Conference – October (Agriculture and Forestry)
  10. Canada Premier Information Technology security conference – October (Computer and Gadget)

These events will play host to seasoned speakers and experienced professionals. As a result, they offer excellent opportunities for self-improvement and development.

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If you are planning to host a conference in Toronto and Looking for a reliable Conference audio visual provider then look no further. If this got your interest, please take a moment to fill out the form below and our staff will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterward, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projects – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We hope to hear all about your upcoming conference!

Music Playlist For Business Events/Conference

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Music Playlist For Business Events/Conference

Business events are gatherings where commercial enterprises are discussed and deliberated upon by professionals. It’s a gathering that could be marked by a presentation of ideas, research proposals on various topics, and brainstorming sessions. Business conferences can have people coming from as far as all over the world, to just people from within a locality. The atmosphere of such occasions is serious as matters concerning finance and growth are discussed, with this in mind, a music playlist for such an occasion should be selected with care, it should be stretched as far as possible to cover the taste of a majority of the group.

Under this guise, popular songs are highly recommended as there is a high probability that most people in attendance must have heard and enjoyed such songs, even if they have not, the chances that they will enjoy them are encouraging. The Music playlist should be chosen with consideration to the age demographic of the meeting, some old time hits may be perfect to make old timers nostalgic and put them in a good mood as trending songs will also help youngsters to relax and open up more. While at a business forum, an individual from any category or generation will tend to be apprehensive, expectant, or even straight up jittery as no one can actually really predict the end of these meetings, so it is important for the group in charge of the music to be as sensitive as possible.

Using the right AV for Musicians to Sound Their Best

Cultural and religious sensitivity is also a keynote point to consider, it would prevent a lot of awkwardness if the list of attendees is thoroughly checked to understand the diversity that would be present, vulgar lyrics, discriminatory wording, and suggestive lines could be embarrassing and straight up insulting to the personalities.

Conclusively, the music playlist should have songs that would put people at ease, have a relaxing effect on them and make them more open and welcoming to ideas and situations, loud and clingy music is not recommended unless it particularly suits the demography to the tee, we would not want our attendees tense and jumpy. Music at a business meeting cannot be overemphasized and as such, careful attention should be given to it.

Renting a Touchscreen for Your Event

Interactive Display Options

Earlier, meetings were done on dusty files and rusty offices; at best, there were unique offices and chandeliers that spoke of class. But today, not only has the taste changed, the channels have, and the methods have advanced technological models. In this article, you’ll see the diversity and distinctiveness of touch screens in events and how it has advanced our corporate and even personal life.

Touch Screens devices are technologically designed to simplify presentations and encourage the passage of messages with easy flips and slides. This innovative kind of board has become a newer and better way to communicate and pass ideas corporately. A report has it that touch screens have become more rampant in use with the numbers expected to increase as the years go by. In fact, as at 1940, pieces of evidence suggested that there would be no feasible use for touch screens but later in the 1980s, the invasion was recorded, and today, we all know the rest is history.

Using Touch Screens to Enhance Conferences and Presentations

This is perhaps what we find most important here at Touch screens can be used to photograph, picture, and represent ideas in major conferences or gatherings. Unlike the old methods, however, there won’t be need to wipe objects off the blackboard, it could all be done with the speed of light.

Benefits of Touch Screens in Events

  1. It aids presentation by visual representation

It is not enough to say and direct your audience to a page in your presentation. It is equally important to express what is said visually. With visual aid, the message is sent faster, clearer and with less misconstruction. More so, while it is easier to forget what is read or heard, what is seen is hardly misunderstood. Touch screens enhance presentations by representation. We must, however, include that it is when this is combined with apt audiovisual services that the best can be actualized.

  1. Touch screens are fast and easy to peruse through

Touch screens can be manipulated by simple flips and deals. It is quite fast in representation, and pre-installed portions can be brought to light with ease. This is perhaps another intriguing facet of touch screen in events.

  1. Touch screens leave a clear view and sound width

Clear and acute is what canvases for and if we say touch screens make your conferences better, we mean it. Touch screens, be it by way of tabs and phones, or by way of hubs and large digital boards, is the sure way to go. Your audience would see clearly, and they would feel less left out. Furthermore, some facts are better related visually than any other means. Think of stats, think of audio researches, think of graphs and charts, and we will mention touch screens.

Booking the Right Touchscreen

We must say at this juncture that you can only expect maximum impact when you are putting in maximum efforts. Touch screens make excellent conference additions only when combined with the right audio visual skill. With amateur audiovisual service, you will have a skirmish sound, a terrible representation, and an unclear view. These will surely destroy rather than enhance a much-desired presentation.

What we are trying to say is this: get the best audiovisuals or forget about touch screens on a larger scale. Of course, this is where we come in. At Pure AV, we are experts in audiovisual services, and we make bold moves to assure you the best and quality service.

Audio Visual Needs For A Conference

What services are needed for a Conference?

Are you planning a big or moderate conference and looking for high-quality audiovisual trends that will not just shine a light on your conference but also make it the success it deserves to be? Then this post has all you’re looking for. The truth is, when dealing with audiovisual needs for an event or conference, you’ll have to be consistent with your choice. And by consistency, I mean going for reliable and high-quality sound and audio visual services that helps you emphasize your message while driving home your point to your audience.

Remember, that a glitch or slip can throw off the momentum and ruin your whole presentation. So when you are considering the audiovisual needs for a conference, you’ll need to go for certain technology to enjoy clarity during communication. Here are just a few that matters greatly.

Impeccable Visual Display

Whether for video conferencing or presentation that will drive home your message to your audience, you’ll definitely need some kind of display screen. The type of screen you may need depend on the scale of your conference. Regardless of that, a quality HDTV screen can work for a smaller conference while you can leverage a combination of screen and projector for a much larger conference. If you need something that would blow your audience away, you wouldn’t go wrong to consider a Hi-Res LED video wall technology.

Audio Systems

Just like your visual display needs, the audio system you’ll need for your conference depends on the scale. For smaller conferences, a clear audio from a computer or camera should do. For larger conferences, on the other hand, you’ll have to go for audio systems like premium quality microphones, speakers and a host of other equipment.


When it comes to organizing a successful conference, lighting is very important, especially for a big conference that will attract lots of audience. With that said, you’ll want to go for a lighting that is uniquely designed to not just boost illumination but also ensure that your audience are focused and absorbing the message you droll out to them. Although, lighting may not take the center stage during your conferences, but then you should make sure, it is never ignored.

Booking the best Audio Visual Company

When it comes to offering quality audio visual services, Pure AV has earned their place as one of the best on the market currently. As a full-service audiovisual company, Pure AV has all the latest audio-visual technology that will make your conferences magical while helping you to drive home your message to your audience in style. Reach out right away, let’s show you how we can make your conference a success.

Top Event Venues in Toronto Downtown

event venues in toronto

Discover Top Event Venues in Toronto Downtown Area

Whether you’re planning a private dinner or a corporate event party, one thing that should always be top on your to-do list is to find a breathtaking venue that will leave your guest amazed. And guess what, you don’t have to break the bank or spend a fortune to get a venue to impress your guest or audience. The most important details are to ensure that the event space you decide to settle for should have the ambiance, amenities, and space to make your event lit and successful. So, if you’re planning a corporate event in Toronto and looking for a space that would make your event a successful one; you’ll want to check out these top event spaces.

1. The One Eighty

Sitting on the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre, this elegant space has all you need to host a successful event. With its quintessential appeal and exciting amenities, you have the perfect space to host your events and threat your guest to an unforgettable time. With this space to the rescue, you can take your team out to grab a drink while enjoying the overwhelming view of Toronto’s skyline. Surprisingly, the price ranges from $40-50 per person, and you know what, the venue can host 225-250 people.

2. Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle Brewery has got to be one of the most popular event places in Toronto downtown. And given its downtown location and the breathtaking view that covers the famous CN Tower, Sports Arenas, and Ripley’s Aquarium; your guests are in for a blast. But that’s not all, the Steam Whistle Brewery is a classic building with well-planned architecture, exposed brick pipe, and top-notch amenities all designed to make your event a successful one. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or large galas, the Steam whistle Brewery is prepped to help you make a statement with your event.

3. Loft 404

If you’re in Toronto and looking for a perfect place to host an event, you wouldn’t go wrong to give the all exciting Loft 404 a try. Trust us when we say this event place has all it takes to make your event a blast. The setting and design are enough to wow your guest while helping your company to make a statement. This open space concept boast of a private room that is absolutely perfect for hosting corporate events or retreats.

4. Casa Loma

If you have ever dreamt about hosting an event in a real-life castle, then you wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to host your event to at Casa Loma. Located in the middle of Toronto, this event space is perfect for your black tie event. As a matter of fact, Casa Loma has a lot of highlight spots that adds a touch of creativity to your event.

5. Artscape

Located in West Queen, this breathtaking event place has been dubbed the Mecca for the creative minds. With an abundance of space for rentals, you’ll definitely get the space of your dream to host your company’s grand event. There is a studio space, an enchanting hallway and yes, a shared art room that is intentionally designed to add color to your events.

6. The Fermenting Cellar

Do you want to be creative with your next event and have all the space you want to design your event the way you want it to be? Then head right away to the Fermenting Cellar. This blank space of a venue gives you the freedom to plan your event to perfection. Its ambiance and quintessential feel is what makes this event place highly sought after.

7. Balzac’s Coffee

Although this exciting event place isn’t a traditional place to host a corporate event, yet still, Balzac’s Coffee is uniquely pitched to host intimate, corporate and other kinds of events. If you’ll want to host an event that is out of the ordinary, this is one space you’ll want to experiment with. Believe us when we say, your event is guaranteed to leave your guest speechless when you invite them to a space that is new to them.

8. Rosehill Venue Lounge

For companies and individuals who want a rustic feel and atmosphere for their event, you should consider giving Rosehill Venue Lounge a try. This space has been built to perfection with exciting amenities to spice up your events. For a successful event, you’ll be proud of, Rosehill Venue Lounge is absolutely spot-on.

Booking Corporate Event Space & AV Services

To discover more space, check out our Venues Serviced page. Furthermore, to make your event the talk of the town, you can’t go wrong to reach out to Pure AV for our blends of audiovisual services. Without mincing words, our audiovisual services are guaranteed to amplify your event. If this got your interest, please take a moment to fill out the form below and our staff will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projectsFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We hope to hear all about your upcoming conference!


Modern Conference Trends

Conference production planners

Conference AV Services

Planning a great conference or event that thrills an audience involves many factors including technology. With the perfect technology in place, your conference or event is guaranteed to give your audience an exciting experience that would be on their lips for a long time to come. And with some of the hottest audiovisual trends, your conferences and other similar events have never been more successful and rewarding. Without a doubt, audiovisuals are very important when it comes to planning a successful event and with these trends continually evolving, it’s crucial to keep abreast of these changes. So, without any further ado, here are some audiovisual conference trends that are guaranteed to make your conferences the talk of the town.

Sophisticated Audio

With the current advancement in audio-visual technology, a lot of tech users are beginning to expect so much from their microphones. Good enough, innovative technology like the famous beamforming mics are getting set to replace less sophisticated technologies which are guaranteed to remarkably create a better user experience. Let me put things in retrospect, with voice tracking microphone at your conferences, you no longer have to be conscious of where the mic is, in fact, you can have your back to the mic and still be heard loud and clear. With this audiovisual technology in place, we are one step away from a full-fledged room sensing technology which is generating a lot of buzz at the moment. So, if your goal is to dramatically improve your conferences, this audiovisual trend is guaranteed to give you an experience you’ll be thrilled about.

Virtual Conferencing

Cloud-based conferencing are also beginning to change how events and conferences are organized. As a matter of fact, we are now experiencing a shift as audiovisuals are now moving out of conference rooms into a well designed centralized system for data processing. This technology will allow for easy integration of cloud-based and video conferencing. Although the endpoint will remain largely unchanged, this technology is prepped to improve user experience dramatically.

Booking Conference Services

As technology continues to advance, audiovisual technologies are guaranteed to keep changing. Without mincing words, is already ramping up to be an interesting year with lots of innovative technologies that will remarkably transform your conferences and other events. Don’t be left behind, make the most of these technologies for your conferences and other similar events and you wouldn’t be disappointed you did.

If you need more information about this or any other rental gear, take a moment to fill out the form below and one of our staff members will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Afterwards, we encourage you to check out Pure AV’s social handles and view our past projects – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We promise you will be intrigued!