Audio Visual Accessories and Packages

Audio Visual Accessories and Packages : All your big audio visual equipment needs are figured out…awesome! Now it is time to fine tune your event and make everything come together just as you imagined. It is essential to add those finer audio visual accessories that will inevitably bring forward the important aspects of the event. Regardless of whether it is a band spotlight, or an international speaker follow-spot – your keynote guest needs to be the center of attention . That means no eyesores in their vicinity. In any case, Pure AV is always here to remind about the little things with every  audio visual accessories rental.

For example: think about the podium your honorary guest will be using. Would you want him or her standing behind a run down, chipped and tilted stand. Absolutely not! Though this may seem irrelevant when selecting all over AV gear, it will be a focal point of attention for the majority of the night. Not lights, not sound, nor video will take your  guest’s eyes off this unpleasantly looking unit. However, Pure AV will not allow you to overlook such details. That is why you have some to right place. Take a look at the list of audio visual accessories below for more information:

Audio Visual Accessories and packages

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Presentation/Trade Show Audio Visual Accessories

  • Presentation Podium (Acrylic)
  • Timer
  • Wireless Clicker
  • Quartet DuraMax Presentation Easel
  • Paper Pad and Markers
  • Adjustable Stand (Projector Usage, Display Items, etc)
  • …plus other presentation tools

Video Accessories:

  • VGA over CAT5
  • HDMI over CAT5
  • 1IN to 4OUT HDMI Video DAs
  • 1IN to 4OUT VGA Video DAs
  • …plus other video tools

Audio Accessories

  • Speakers Stands
  • Speaker Stand Scrims
  • Tripod Microphone Stands (full size, boom, etc)
  • Microphone Clips
  • Circle Base Microphone Stands
  • …plus other audio tools

Lighting Accessories

  • Manfrotto Stands
  • Tripod Stands with Forks
  • Heavy Duty Cranks/Lifts
  • Trussing
  • …plus other lighting tools

Decor Accessories

  • Truss Valance
  • Velour Drape (Black or White)
  • Tech Drape
  • Pipe & Drape: Crossbars, Uprights, Bases


  • Video Cables (HDMI, DVI, VGA, BNC)
  • Audio Cables (XLR, 1/4, NL4, NL8)
  • Lighting Cables (5Pin)
  • 3 to 5 Pin XLR Converters
  • Signal Terminators

We hope you find these audio visual accessories appealing. If so, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less.

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