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Working with Walter and the Pure AV team has been nothing short of amazing. They are incredibly efficient and know more about A/V than most companies I have worked within this industry. There is no problem too big for them and every time I use them, I think to myself “how could I have ever done this without them?".

Raphaela Schneider-Friedman




Pure AV’s audio rental is designed for each specific venue, audience and application.


On site, Pure AV employs talented technicians & utilizes top-notch AV gear. Makes it easy for us to guarantee success!


Pure AV develops a strategic plan that guarantees timely on site execution and 100% satisfaction.


From sales, to project management and event technicians - we are there for our clients and all their needs.


Audio Gear Rental Company in Toronto

If you are looking for audio equipment Toronto (of GTA area), Pure AV can certainly help. With various audio gear makes and models, we are confident that you will feel comfortable with our services and products. Pure AV rentals include; analog and digital mixers, sound modules, microphones, amps, DSPs, speakers and even DJ gear. With our inventory, you will find the necessary gear for any event, such as; corporate functions, festivals, trade showsconferences and more.

In addition to the rental services, they will help to install and monitor the performance of the system. However, if you have other audio gear that is not listed, please feel free to contact us – we will do our best to help! We will consider purchasing it and offering it to you. That is our commitment to each and every customers. With a modern gear options & superb technical skills, we can help support your event in full.

Wireless Microphone Rental

Wireless microphones are important for most audio equipment Toronto bookings, especially when you are organizing events outdoors. When customers would like to organize outdoor activities, such as festivals, award ceremonies or even rallies, having wired microphones can be inconvenient. In addition, having a wireless microphone can add flexibility to your event. Shure microphones from Pure AV are a strong wireless tool that maintains excellence during public speaking. Furthermore, Audio Reference Companding is a patented technology from Shure, which offers wireless clarity and auto frequency scan. Audio equipment Toronto packages includes WL185 lavalieres, ULX or Axient handheld or body pack transmitter, as well as ULX, or Axient receiver.

Very basic audio equipment Toronto packages from our company include one wireless microphone, and two speaker on stands. With our support, such sounding audio gear package can be helpful for any small event or meeting, including personal celebrations and intimate business meetings. Flexibility is one of our advantages in this package. Customers can easily connect these speakers to CDs, iPads, iPods and even laptops.

Speaker and Line Array Rental

Pure AV offers a wide variety of speakers, such as QSCJBLd&b and L Acoustics. among many others. Accessories, such as the cranks, speaker stands, rigging gear and trussing are also available for our valued customers. Starting with light weight, QSC K Series has better performance than traditional speakers. With excellent DSP processing, QSC K Series is able to offer high power output and sonic clarity. It is made of advanced construction processes and premium grade materials. Although QSC K Series is small and light, it can receive input on Line Level or MIC. QSC K Series offers extension to accept portable CD players, MP3 players and line-level mixers. Depending on user preference, they can customize the configuration of QSC K Series easily. At the critical mid-frequency range, users can set the HF setting into VOCAL BOOST. On the other hand, users can also set HF setting into FLAT for incoming signal reproduction. The handles are made of aluminum, which are convenient for users.

As for d&b, it takes business responsibilities seriously. At the heart of that commitment is the conscientious creation of products that make listening more enjoyable and life a little easier. Beyond the technical components, line array and speaker systems manifest as a service and support structure in every d&b solution. Delivered by expert, sometimes quirky professionals, this practical setup includes education and training (renowned for its aha moments), service, application assistance, technical information, custom solutions and financing, not to mention a knowledgeable sales and distribution network. All carefully and thoughtfully conceived; to continuously elevate the quality of sound systems, not just for listeners, but for users, owners and business.

Booking Audio Equipment Toronto

In addition to the mentioned audio gear, if you need some audio accessories, such as the cables, distribution amps, connectors, etc., please feel free to contact us. Our audio visual department has a lot to offer. To get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below, emailing or calling 1-800-929-7089. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less. But while you are waiting, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We promise you will be intrigued!


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