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“Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than 2 doubles.” – Steve Jobs

Webcasting and video conferencing has revolutionized communication between businesses and their associates. A new idea of “virtual events” has been continuously gaining popularity since the technology first became available.

That should come as no surprise, because travel costs continue go up in price and as a result, many companies are looking at alternatives that will save them money. From our past experience, the most effective way to deliver a message to a very large group is webcasting. With that said, booking video conferencing with Pure AV is affordable and quick.

Webcasting – 21st Century Conferencing Solution

Webcasting and live streaming is an exciting application that permits users to distribute and share various types of audio and video in real time and on different platforms. Live event streaming, as well as recorded content hosting can present opportunities that no other service can offer. By webcasting your visuals on the internet, Pure AV is able to broadcast all the necessary information to thousands of people around the globe. So let us take your meetings to the next level – broadcast public speeches, distribute content and marketing information to your clients, co-workers and employees. 

Without any doubt, webcasting is efficient communication that is a few steps above phone calls or emails. If your webcasting involves a sales pitch, Pure AV immediately considers your return on investment. Ask us about an efficient event wrap up and a quick turnaround to get your content online. This way you can drive immediate traffic to your website and YouTube channel, increase rankings and popularity.

Professional Video Recording

In addition to webcasting, video coverage of your event can also be captured by Pure AV. Our experienced videographers can offer several pricing packages for various budgets and needs. There is no need to get 10 different angles and a whole post production crew if you are only filming/streaming a small conference room gathering. As with all bookings, we advise you take advantage of our free consultation services well in advance of your event, in order to ensure the smoothest most efficient production.

Booking Webcasting With Pure AV

Given that we are well into the 21st century, webcasting technology drives corporations and organizations of every size and category. We encourage you to utilize web casting services from Pure AV and explore the power of streaming your events live. 

Webcasting and video conferencing is here to stay, but if you are still unsure about the information written above or require a quote, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will help you every step of the way.

Webcasting and Video Conferencing

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