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“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.” – Norman Schwarzkopf

Today’s exhibits have become visual phenomenons with lots of moving parts, live interactions and multimedia platforms. In order to create the right environment, lots of cutting-edge trade show technology is used in unique and innovative ways. This also means that your venture has to keep pushing the creativity boundaries and keep up with the trends that best engage audiences. Having said that, most conventions provide event planners with a multitude of troubles; and quite often technology encompasses most of them.

In addition to the standard audio, visual, lighting and staging needs, providing full exhibit booths requires both an experienced audio visual provider and an extensive inventory. Pure AV is well equipped to handle such demands and offers special pricing to all your convention clients. We do so because our staff has a clear understanding of how much work goes into each and every display.

Impress With Your Trade Show Booth

As experts in the audio visual field, we take great pride in keeping up with the trends and bringing exciting technology to trade show events for your future customers. Typical trade show systems include flat panel displays, projectors with screens, spot lighting, multimedia devices, and wireless microphones with digital sound systems. Our entire inventory is made available to exhibit planners. So if you really want to put on a big show, we provide everything from LCD and LED Monitors to Laptops, Tablets, Wireless Internet, Projectors, LED Lighting, Moving Heads, Monograms, Sound Systems and custom projection mapping.

Pure AV Expertise At Trade Shows

Pure AV understands that you may need us to set up a day earlier or tear down a day later. Moreover, we can always make onsite changes to suit your last minute needs. For such instances, our staff brings more than necessary and always has spare parts/gear. Every location provides new challenges, and this is the only way we know how to prepare for them. It’s something to keep in mind when looking for a perfect trade show audio visual solution. Consider the company’s reputation as well as their customer service before you finalize the booking. For example: we can deal with the client from our office or directly from the events location, and do so without complicated forms and calls to off-site offices.

Booking Our Trade Show Services

Pure AV does not nickel and dime you on things like extension cords, power strips and network cable. If we have it handy and you are in need, then we’re just happy to help out. This goes beyond just cables or speakers, our staff is always told to help clients every step of the way. Together we can make all trade show projects come alive. Undoubtedly our contribution will entice people to visit your exhibit and eventually increase the bottom line. Once you experience our top of the line technology and unrelenting customer service, we know you will come back to Pure AV for all your audio visual needs. Get in touch today and lets get started on building the perfect trade show for your company!

Put Together A Trade Show

Using Only The Best In Audio Visual Gear



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