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“If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.” – James Goldsmith

Pure AV is your number one source for Toronto audio visual setup. We are dedicated to offering top quality technology to our customers. With fair pricing and impeccable trust, we are known as the best audio visual company in Toronto and through North America. As the leader in audio visual industry, Pure AV is happy to introduce our experienced and knowledgeable team to all customers. Our services range from planning, technological aspects, to audio visual supports for your events. In addition to the traditional audio services, Pure AV is able to offer you lots of other perks. Using audio visual accessories from Pure AV, will ultimately fulfill all your event requirements. Whether a TV production, a conference, a trade show or a corporate function, Pure AV can provide the guidance through the whole process…from consultation until the last cable is wrapped at the event.

Audio and Video Rental

Pure AV is able to offer comprehensive Toronto audio visual setups for any presentation, trade show or corporate event. With access to advanced state ot the art equipment, Pure AV will help amplify any voice, play any video or project any camera feed. Depending on the location, outdoor or indoor, Pure AV can offers tailor-made solutions. When musical compositions and playback are essential, sound systems from Pure AV can offer intimate background music for your dinner receptions. 

Sometimes images are important to captivate a crowd. We offer a lot of aids in visual presentation from flip charts, projection screens to large TVs and even LCD/LED Video Walls. Should you need assistance on the selection of the video rental packages, please feel free to contact our customer service department. Pure AV’s Toronto audio visual setup team will provide the necessary guidance to you and your co workers.

Lighting Rental

Lighting is important to each and every shows. Simply put, lighting helps establish a desired atmosphere and mood for the event. Accumulated years of experience allow Pure AV to offer the right variety of lighting equipment, ranging from spotlights for the keynote speakers to dance lights and uplights for guests to enjoy. Our staff is experienced at installs and operation of lighting gear; therefore, presenters and hosts will always get spotted quickly and be lit up properly. That is our promise.

Staging Rental

In order to offer the perfect setting for presentations, Pure AV is able to provide stationary platforms and mobile stages for any event. We can even offer indoor and outdoor solutions for all clients. Stages are available in different heights. This way we are able to provide audiences with clear sight-lines. Stages are important when customers are arranging musical recitals, lectures and any time of artist performances. We believe that the size and nature of the events from different customers are totally different. Without tailor-made solutions, customer’s requirements cannot not be addressed.

Booking Toronto Audio Visual Setup Services

Pure AV’s Toronto audio visual setup is highly recognized in the corporate world.  This includes: government, authorities, schools and multi-national companies. Pure AV is pleased to offer tailor-made solutions to each and every inquiry. We are sure to help you in any circumstances. Unlike other competitors, Toronto audio visual setup services from Pure AV do not simply offer the equipment to you.

Starting from the consultation, Pure AV will help design the required audio visual equipment, lightening, staging for your function. Call Pure AV or email our customer service department at anytime of day or night. 


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