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“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.” – Napoleon Hill

Stage lighting Toronto team at Pure AV provides lighting that is widely used in production of trade shows, theater, performance arts and opera. In theory, stage lighting is different from basic lighting. Our modern stage lighting Toronto team can even have special effects, such as fog machines, flood lights and spotlights to make your event extra special. Pure AV is pleased to offer equipment for Stage Lighting, which have the following features:

Stage Lighting Toronto Setups

Since most traditional setups are similar, your guests might find conferences slightly redundant. In order to make your event unique or impressive, stage lighting is one of the options to consider. When organization would like to motivate participants in meeting, they can select stronger lighting for the stage. Since the venue is full of light, participants are motivated to actively get involved in the meeting. On the other hand, if organization would like to create a comfortable mood, they can select lavender light, which is soft. Having the lavender light for your meeting will allow your participants to feel comfortable and act without pressure.


As mentioned above, the meeting venues are often the same in their setup nature. Therefore, if customers would like to decorate the venue with their company logo or brands, they might want to consider this great technology. Pure AV’s stage lighting Toronto department has alternative solutions for you, which help project company logos or brands easily on walls. This way, stage lighting rental from PURE AV is not static. Our projection can move around the walls, making an animation effect at meeting venues.

Focus Lighting

Stage lighting Toronto services by Pure AV help direct the attention of audience to the specific area in meeting. For example, stage lighting Toronto team can provide spots to the seat of guest speakers, emphasizing the importance of their presence. Pure AV is happy to offer stage wash or podium light rental package, which helps to emphasize the importance of guest speakers in the meeting venues, because when guest speakers are seated within a group of audience, public cannot easily identify their presence. During live recording, light intensity is important to ensure perfect image. Pure AV is able to offer smooth stage washes. With the help of our professional stage lighting Toronto team, your guest speakers will always be the centre of attention.

Stage Lighting Designer

Pure AV is exclusively equipped with lighting designer, who are familiar with the nature and use of various lighting instruments in the industry. During preparation of events, our lighting designers meet with customers in order to understand their requirements and needs. In order to achieve the customer’s expectation, lighting designer proposes solutions with a complete list of stage lighting equipment. In addition, lighting designer works on light plot, which is a view of the event with all luminaires marked.

At this time, it is important to specify the lighting direction and focus. Our lighting designers are trained and experienced enough to satisfy the needs of all customers. Experience is required; because they must understand the effective use of colors from different lighting instruments. For Pure AV, we always treat stage lighting as an important element of the event. Since basic lightning in the meeting venues is not enough, stage lighting is able to provide additional illumination. When customers would like to use stage lighting in a big conference, your event will be different from the traditional gatherings.

Pure AV provides one-stop service, starting from installation, operating and logistics. All we do is to ensure the smoothness of events. Pure AV focuses on stage lighting solutions in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, transportation of stage lighting needs special precaution, as they are easily damaged. We take care of everything!

Booking Stage Lighting Toronto Services

Pure AV is passionate about making your event memorable and exuberant. Regardless of the size, we provide excellent services, which always exceed your expectations. With our rich experience, Pure AV is able to organize various types of events, such as Dinner Galas, Auctions, Holidays Parties, outdoor and indoor tastings, festivals and much more. At your event, PURE AV provides a comprehensive list of equipment, and an onsite team to support necessary video, sound, lighting and even staging equipment. Contact our stage lighting Toronto department today to get a quote for your gathering.

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