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“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” – Peter F. Drucker

If you are in charge of organizing a stage production, holiday party, corporate gala or just an entertainment component in a small program, great lighting rental quickly becomes utmost important to your overall success. As one of the top production companies, we provide a wide range of lighting gear and décor fixtures to help make your occasion visually appealing and unforgettable. Our programmable moving lights, LED parcans and digital gobos will make your room “come alive” and create a visual palette that everyone can enjoy.

At Pure AV, we preach the importance of working together to generate the biggest “WOW” for your money. Often, the existing lights are completely inadequate, yet lighting is usually the first feature guests notice.  Something as small as periodically changing the lighting scenes can hold your audience’s interest for an extended period of time. Whether it’s a big festival or a small holiday party, great lighting can really set your event apart from the rest.

All Pure AV lighting rental services come with the necessary control equipment to make sure your show runs smoothly. Our staff test all the gear on a regular basis to make sure it is in full working condition.

Moving Head:

  • Martin MAC “Profile” Series
  • Martin MAC “Wash” Series
  • Martin RUSH “Beam” Series
  • Chauvet “Rogue” Series

LED Parcan/Bar:

  • Microh LED Bar Series
  • Microh LED Parcan Series
  • Chauvet LED FreedomPar Series (Wireless/IP)


  • ETC Source 4 Parcan
  • Bar of 6 Parcans
  • Dimmer/Switch Pack


  • Chauvet Ovation Series
  • ETC Leko Series
  • 19/26/50 Degree Lens
  • Leko – B Gobo Holder

Special FX:

  • American DJ UV LED Bar 
  • Martin Atomic 3000 Series
  • Microh Laser Titan Series
  • Ultratec Radiance Hazer
  • Ultratec IceJet Series
  • Chauvet Funfetti Shot

Lighting Console:

  • Martin Light Jockey Series
  • Martin Fingers
  • Martin M1 HD Console
  • Grand MA2 Light Console

Podium/Stage Lighting Rental

You can help keep all the eyes focused on the speaker with a simple podium lighting rental package or stage wash. Stage washes keep the speakers lit as they walk around the stage. Follow spots are great for providing additional lighting on the main figure or picking up award winners from the crowd. Above all, this ensure that your presenters are lit without distracting facial shadows. If you use IMAG or are live recording, we will ensure a smooth stage wash, so your images look great on camera too. Lastly, our team will work with you to finalize an exact scheduled – this reduce down time and ensure continuous on stage coverage. 

Dance Lighting Rental

Pure AV takes great pride in providing customers with nothing but the best rental gear on the market. When it comes to our lighting, things are no different. Our inventory is comprised of only the top brands like Martin, Chauvet and Vari Lite. As moving lights and special effects begin to be more common place, what makes your event special is the employment of real Lighting Designers (LD). Our event lighting technicians pull all the gear together to deliver that extraordinary experience that brings forth emotion with color, texture and movement. Every lighting rental is complicated, but ultimately, we are here to help you every step of the way. But in order to do so, our LDs might ask a lot of questions, we hope you do not mind.

In addition to our traditional stage and party lighting rental, we are proud to offer cutting edge LED lights. LED can deliver some truly stunning visual effects; they also use less electricity and give off less heat than traditional lighting. Pure AV’s event lighting installation production is unmatched. We deliver stunning image magnification for all recorded media; as well as search for depth to back each selection of color or instrument or fade time. The moment only happens once and we never want to miss it.

Projected Logo Lighting

Pure AV continues to lead the way by offering the newest in event technology while providing outstanding solutions for the most innovative companies. Using new ideas that integrate technology and design, we not only provide a spectacle for all in attendance, but also help endorse your business. One of the best ways to add professional brand recognition is a Monogram or Gobo. This is the ultimate marketing solution for any company looking to promote their business. By providing us with your logo, we can personalize any space to make it seem like it has been “your company’s” the whole time. This is what Pure AV lighting rental department can do for you. So do not wait up!

Decor Lights Rental Options

Are looking to add some much needed warmth to the plain event venue walls? Let Pure AV provide some top notch LED uplights that are guaranteed to spice up the mood and recreate an elegant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Get your guests attention from the moment they arrive with selective wall uplighting and stylish set lighting. For a greater effect, we can light up the entire room. Coloured washes on the walls and pinspots on each table complete the transformation. As is the case with every fixture, you get to tell us which colours will be used.

These lights can be used for a wide range of purposes and our team will help you figure out exactly what their best application is, but in instance, colour is a great way to influence your audience’s mood. As our pictures demonstrate, Pure AV lighting rental techs come up with many creatives ideas, including indoor and outdoor use. In either setting, our lighting rental will make a world of a difference at your next event! Give us a call today to figure out your next decor lighting setup.

Staging Rental

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we uncover the perfect look and feel for your audience and the event venue. Once we can perfectly gauge all the requirements, our team puts together a stage layout that best suits your needs and works well with the lighting rental package. Pure AV has advanced scenic concepts that get built just for your experience. 

After walking into the event space, you and your guests become enveloped in a three dimensional environment design. Primarily feeling we create resembles the following words: “this is going to be great”. Driving up that aesthetic experience right out of the gate is where we excel. Even though staging rental is slightly different from the lighting rental at Pure AV we have no problem providing it, as long as it makes our customer’s life easier!

Booking Lighting Rental Services

We hope you find these lighting equipment rental options appealing. If so, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below. You can expect a response in 24 hours or less.

Spotlight, Feature and Impress

With The Best Lighting Gear

Click Icon For More InfoThe MAC Series is a brilliant, feature rich profile with two gobo wheels, a color wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus. Superior optics and an extremely user friendly construction make it ideal for the rigors of today's rental market. Starting at the 250W range up to the market-leading profiles in the 1200-watt range.

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At the top end, MAC Viper Profile is a new breed of high-output profile luminaire with an exceptional feature set, superior light quality and a highly efficient optical system. The Viper Profile is not only brighter, it is also a faster and more compact solution. With its 1000-watt HID source, the Viper consumes less power, making it over 50% more efficient than its 1200-watt rivals.

Click Icon For More InfoThe MAC Aura is an award-winning wash light that lighting designers have turned to the world over due to its versatility as a powerful beam and wash luminaire of the highest caliber. This light offers Single-lens wash with fully premixed color, Broad color palette, RGBW color mixing and Eye-candy effects.

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The result of out-of-the-box creative thinking, it is the first LED moving head wash light to combine multicolor beam LEDs with a backlight LED array that takes the synthetic look out of LED wash lights.

Click Icon For More InfoThe RUSH Beam is a powerful light sourcemoving head that blasts an intense and narrow long-throw beam for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. It houses a fixed gobo wheel and color wheel with a multitude of effects possible from a dimmer, strobe effect, 8-facet prism and focus.

Click Icon For More InfoA new class of fixtures from Chauvet Professional, the ROGUE collection of lights brings innovation, impressive output, and value to the front line of your design environment. Meet the Rogue lights - liberating your imagination from the tyranny of tight budgets.

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