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“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.” – Ray Kroc

Pure AV is an top notch corporate audio visual Toronto supplier. With years of experience, we supported many business, government and private corporate needs. Customers love our services and products because Pure AV can address their needs every step of the way. During our meeting with customers, Pure AV can respond quickly and understand all requirements. In order to work perfectly with customers, we also generate backup plans for any unexpected situations. At your initial meeting with Pure AV, we can offer a variety of options to our customers, with many consideration and suggestions on sound, lighting, staging equipment and even video.

Corporate Audio Visual Toronto Services

As a trusted partner, Pure AV understands that customers have high pressure on them to host exceptional corporate events. That is why we support many functions, such as, Board Meetings, Presentations, Stockholder Conferences, Sales Meetings, Product Launches and even Training Sessions. During corporate conferences and meetings, technical support team from Pure AV is happy to work with customers on logistics, floor plans, installations and even coordination. Our commitment to the customer is to arrange a successful meeting which often leads to a great event.

Installation of sound, lighting, video among other equipment allows Pure AV to provide Corporate AV and entertainment services at conference centers, auditoriums, board rooms and even lobbies. Our Corporate Audio Visual Toronto gear selections are not easy to make. After all, you have to get a system that will match the type and size of the meeting or event discussed.

For example, if customers would like to host a speeches with around 50 participants, Pure AV encourages customers to select podium with wired microphone and specific speakers. Such arrangements helps cut the cost and it still deliverers the best sound quality. On the other hand, wireless microphones are important for many other event that require lots of interactions between participants and the host. Proper audio design can address the need for every means of communication. Therefore, customers are encouraged to select suitable types of microphones and speakers in their events. If customers are not clear about their needs, specialists from Pure AV are here to help them. In addition to audio systems, Pure AV suggests to all customers to consider manpower and reduce setup time.

Corporate Audio Visual Toronto Equipment

To have audio or video equipment on site is the only first step. In order to host proper meetings for customers, our clients are encouraged to have trained technicians on site in order to make sure the equipment is working properly. That is why Pure AV is staffed with full time and part time technicians that specialize in corporate gatherings. They can work at all times to suit the needs of customers. Their responsibility is to make sure a smooth and professional event takes place. Currently, Pure AV offers the following positions to support your gatherings:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Networking
  • Rigging
  • General Audio Visual
  • Webcasting

We take pride in training all of our technicians before they are sent out to do a high pressure job. The aim of such arrangement is to give them as much knowledge and experience as we possibly can. With rich experience, these professionals can support any function or meeting booked by our valued customers.

Booking Corporate Audio Visual Toronto

Although it is important for Pure AV to offer quality products and services to our clients, our corporate audio visual Toronto services are not outrageously priced. As a growing business partner, we maintain industry standard cost in terms of all Toronto corporate equipment services and gear rentals.

By understanding all the requirements, Pure AV can prepare events well in advance, which cuts our costs and ultimately provides savings for our clients. In addition, with our experience in the industry, we can put together these events faster than almost any other provider. In Pure AV, you get a trusted partner that offers offer corporate audio visual Toronto services. If customers have any questions regarding the quality, professionalism or delivery on promises, please contact Pure AV. We shall provide our professional advice in a timely manner. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Corporate Audio Visual Requests?

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