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“To win without risk is to triumph without glory.” – Pierre Corneille

Pure AV is a conference equipment rental Toronto provider, that offers audio visual equipment and technical support for all companies and private clients alike. We provide professional technical design and logistics management. At Pure AV, we have an extensive up-to-date AV equipment list, including wired and wireless microphones, speakers, screens, projectors and LED and LCD Video walls, TVs, among other. With our equipment, we are sure that your event will be successful. In addition, we understand that customers have specific needs and requirements. For example, customers might need specific brand of speakers. By communicating these needs to our sales department, we can better source that exact equipment for you. Why Pure AV offers conference equipment rental Toronto to professional organizations?

Conference Equipment Rental Toronto Team

It is true, as a company, you may not always sufficient equipment for your events. It might be because of the budget or it is not worth for you to purchase AV equipment for single use only. Even if companies have the budget to purchase equipment for their events, they need to spend money on storage and maintenance. Given that series of reasons, Pure AV designs rental packages for the customers in Toronto and all of North America. With the years of experience doing conferences, we are knowledgeable enough to address all customer needs. Therefore, our packages are always well thought out for customers to organize their important events.

Why is Pure AV is highly thought after in the industry? The main reason is our specialized management services and a wide range of AV gear; including but not limited to the following:

  • HD and SD Projectors
  • Projector Screens
  • LED and LCD TVs
  • LED and LCD Video Walls
  • Audio Gear
  • Switchers, Scalers and Video Accessories
  • Wired or Wireless Microphones
  • Laptops, Clickers and Other Accessories
  • Video Conferencing Gear and Webcasting
  • Staging and Stage Lighting
  • Cameras and Recording Gear
  • Pipe and Drape Decor and Accessories

We are not here to offer only equipment to customers. In addition to Conference Rentals, we also help you solve the logistical challenges. As a leader in the AV rental industry, you will always have professionals source AV to perfectly suit the needs for the upcoming events. In addition, you shall have staff who can be responsible for the arrangement and performance of the gear. Failure to have such staff can be disastrous. In order to address these need from customers, Pure AV offers assistance in every facet of entertainment. As our customers, you shall only focus on the organization of events.

 Video Equipment Rental

Video projection, recording and editing is common in the conference equipment rental Toronto department, because most companies need to focus on delivering their message to the audience. Afterwards, if they want to play it back, companies want to have the versatility to do so. Our staff knows that it is hard to take video in live situations, especially if the person doing it does not have experience and knowledge of the gear. As the trusted partner Pure AV Conference Equipment Rental Toronto department, is able to take the video for you. Customers sometimes require special effects for video taking. For example, if there is a keynote speakers, they would like to arrange a spot light to highlight them. Pure AV is excellent at adapting to the needs of customers. By noting these requirements to us, we will design the steps and procedures to handle your event perfectly.

Camera Rental Packages

Our cameras are from most well-known brands in the world, such as the Sony, Samsung, etc. We are can also offer both HD and SD solutions to all customers. Our onsite staff shall help install, tune and configure the cameras for you demand. This way we will always fulfill what we agreed on in the meetings. From the above discussion, you shall understand that our service is not just fulfilling your specified requirements. We are willing to commit to achieving the goals and objectives that you expected.

Booking Conference Equipment Rental Toronto

Call us or arrange a meetings with our sales team. During meetings, we will listen to your ideas, concepts and requirements. Since we are experienced, our staff is also able to provide a lot of options for you. We are the best at offering cost-effective solutions to conference equipment rental Toronto consumers, and we do so without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the events and meetings. We hope to hear from you soon.


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