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“No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others.. or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.” – Calvin Coolidge

Pure AV is often the recommended choice for audio visual rental companies. Unlike other enterprises, renting from the Pure AV is a guaranteed success. Our company offers great audio visual rental options. In addition to the equipment, we have the best services and support for your events and meetings. Regardless of whether you are organizing events, meetings or personal parties, Pure AV can be a trusted partner. Our audio visual rental services include items, such as; PA systems, SD and HD projectors, lighting, LED/LCD video walls and staging, among other gear. We are here to offer a worry free services to our customers. Of course, if you have questions, our professional and friendly AV technicians shall help provide the necessary technical support.

Audio Visual Rental Company

We are experienced at managing audio visual services and equipment for all of our customers. Regardless of what you are doing – arranging a corporate meetings or conferences, Pure AV can offer state-of-the-art services to you and your guests. As you may know, main elements for audio visual rental bookings are excellent sound systems and right display equipment. Keep in mind, Pure AV will be able to advise you with suitable display options and PA systems.

On the other hand, if customers have special requirements for AV equipment, you are highly recommended to communicate with Pure AV professionals. Our services are flexible and they will always suit your special needs. With our help you shall arrange an effective and very memorable event. We are sure that your audiences will leave astounded.


Monitors are important for connecting participants with the presenters. At Pure AV, we are pleased to setup podiums, staging and lighting. We also provide gadgets. For example, with the remote handheld clicker, the presenters can control the slides easily. In addition, screens and monitors can be provided by Pure AV. With such configuration, participants can easily see the slides on the monitors, and the presenters shall will block the view of the guests. The other visual approach to attract the eyes from the participants is the use of large display.

For example, Pure AV encourages audio visual rental customers to look into large LED and LCD  video displays or high output projectors. In such cases, televisions are widely used as an important element that relays information to the audience. So TVs are commonly put at the stage side because they can display logos or promo material. Other customers love to rent large projection screens, which can show detailed content. Pure AV is competent enough to offer the necessary equipment to support your event, meetings and even exhibitions.

Stage Lighting

Normal setup for the stage lighting is to make the audience focus on the presenter or the item being discussed. Therefore, during presentation, lights in the meeting rooms shall be dimmed. If that happens, stage lighting will look extra special. In addition to the traditional stage lighting, we are pleased to offer spot lights. These lights can highlight your keynote speakers. In addition, Pure audio visual rental department offers lighting to highlight your theme. For example: if customers would like to host a company meeting, and the main color of the company logo is blue, we can set the stage lighting and uplights to blue.

Staging Speakers

Speakers are a popular audio visual rental items from Pure AV. If customers would like to host corporate functions and festivals, the requirements from the audio visual provider are high. Pure AV can offer a wide range of speakers, ranging from beginner level to professional ones. The selection of levels depends on the nature of your events.

If you are not confident in selecting the correct speakers, please leave it to Pure AV. We will help to recommend the right speakers to you. We would like to close by saying this once again…we are here to help, so do not hesitate to ask us about any audio visual rental needs.

Audio Visual Requests?

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