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“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.” – Debbi Fields

When customers organized a corporate gala, a holiday party or a stage performance, audio visual lighting Toronto services from Pure AV encompass some of the most important entertainment components. As the market leader in audio visual lighting, Pure AV offers a wide range of  fixtures. We believe that our audio visual lighting department will make your event unforgettable and appealing. Therefore, our list includes LED parcans, digital gobos, programmable moving lights, lasers, followspots and much more will surely excite the senses of everyone in attendance.

Corporate Audio Visual Lighting Toronto

Pure AV understands that audio visual lighting Toronto is crucial to all important events. In addition, many presentation spaces have limited or inadequate lighting, therefore, extra lightning is extra important.We are not only capable of providing audio visual lighting equipment; we can also provides important control equipment. Such equipment is essential in ensuring that your show operates smoothly. Pure AV, will test and calibrate our gear on a regular basis, making sure it is in good and working condition. Although Pure AV is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our rate are within a reasonable budget. We are keen on offering a cost-effective audio visual lighting Toronto area solution. Feel free to talk with our customer service specialists to find out more details.

Podium/Stage Lighting

Pure AV offers audio visual lighting Toronto rental packages, which include small stage wash. Stage wash is important in order to keep the speakers lit up, especially when they are walking around the stage. If you organize a ceremony awards show, you can select follow spots, which help to pick up award winners. In addition, those lights are important to emphasizing guest speakers without distracting facial shadows. If your events are recorded live, smooth stage wash is an absolute must. This is the only way guest speakers will look great on cameras. In addition to the great equipment, Pure AV is pleased to offer a team of technicians that works hard during the events. This helps reduce the time needed to setup all rented audio visual lighting Toronto equipment.

Projected Monograms and Logos

The main goal is always to have an event that attract customers’ interest. Aligning with such goal, Pure AV is pleased to introduce Gobo or Monogram options. These products are used to add brand recognition to your events. This technology helps project your company logo, slogan and even brand name in the most appropriate locations, which will to endorse your business. By understanding your requirements, we can help personalize your company marketing. 

Pure AV is exclusively equipped with lighting designer, who helps to make event special. Introduction of this equipment helps to offer extraordinary experience to your events. LDs can bring emotion with texture, color and movement. For personnel that are not trained, this equipment is difficult to work properly and effectively. But, as the expert in audio visual lighting Toronto, we are confident that Pure AV can make your event stand out!

Introduction of LED uplights can also help with the elegance and the overall event atmosphere . We help you get positive event feedback from your guest. Colour is a great element to attract and influence the mood of your audience. Please let me know your thought about our events. We have many great and creative ideas on audio visual lighting solutions for outdoor and indoor use.

Booking  Audio Visual Lighting Packages

Pure AV believes that our lighting rental can maximize the general perspective of  your company. Our one-stop service will organize all audio visual lighting Toronto needs. This way you can focus on your event and let us handle the difficult tasks of lighting up the venue.

Spotlight, Feature and Impress

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